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  1. We would love to attend, working on the logistics. Hopefully we will know one way or the other fairly soon.
  2. I live about 10 miles from the great conflagration and the smoke has been vastly different on a daily. Last weekend I traveled through the Sacramento area and the smoke was absolutely terrible (less than 1 mile visibility). Yesterday at my house I would say the smoke was nearly nonexistent. Today we chose not to participate in any outside activities because we could see and smell the smoke. San Jose is in an entirely different valley/basin and is much closer to the SF Bay area wind patterns so I would guess the smoke will not be too bad.
  3. having an (un)official meet and greet at the nearest hotel bar seems more authentic than just about anything else
  4. in the interest of tidiness, Elgneb and Elgernon are the same person. I/We will be attending. Also i don't remember my wife's board name either
  5. I will certainly appreciate your work! As a somewhat local I will endeavor to be available to help with any transport issues that may arise.
  6. Hi cute boy. That is all.