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  1. The Mystery Knight project has been announced. I haven't signed any contracts yet, but the idea is that I draw the book. lol Thanks guys!
  2. Usually George likes one cover sketch or another, but this time he likes all of them, so I'm going to go to the fans for some direction. Go to my FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.572475486111742.153194.219513958074565&type=1 And please 'like' the ONE sketch of the three that you like best and would like to see as a cover for issue 17! Thanks, Mike
  3. If you don't believe that God could dictate a book and keep it pure for a few thousand years, how can you believe that such an incompetent God could create the universe?

  4. What I find fascinating is people who think they can have a grasp on the creation of the universe from the perspective of one planet amongst a billion billion galaxies. It's like being on a grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean trying to explain how the space shuttle works. It's laughable how hard some people hold onto these 'truths' when our ignorance of the universe outweighs our knowledge by an almost infinite factor.

  5. Any of you actually believe the Mayan calendar?

  6. Played a little hookey from parenting for the night, had a great time. :)

  7. CALL FOR HELP!! I'm posting this to my personal FB page, because I know some of my fans are on here and not on my pro pages... I have and unexpected tax bill threatening my home, and need to come up with about 5K to cover it. I'm taking commissions and offering poster-prints of my covers (or other artwork) for $50 a pop (for the prints, not the commissions... lol). I'm 1/5th of the way there since yesterday (my fans ROCK!), so hopefully I can cover this bill soon! Thanks!

  8. Romney and Obama. One knows how to make money. The other just knows how to spend it.

  9. I'm a Bible believing creationist Christian conservative, and all that entails. If you believe I'm WRONG, we can still be friends. If you believe I'm evil, stupid, or a liar, then de-friend me NOW. If you believe I'm wrong, and still want to be my friend, then you should think the same way about anyone you disagree with in this way.

  10. Anybody I know work for Apple? I needs me that fancy 25% discount...

  11. Happy Birthday to my littlest man, Josiah 'JoJo' Solomon Miller, turns 2 today!

  12. $5 off today on Zazzle shirts and mugs! code: DECDELIGHTS1 Grab one or two!

  13. Just finished installing a new thermistor in the washing machine. Pray God that does the trick, I don't have $700 for a new washer...

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