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  1. Drowned Princess

    References and Homages

    Haha, the spoiler tag was for the bit from the Dany chapter in aDwD, not the myth itself! I then couldn't seem to find a suitable place to come back out the spoiler again, and so just ended up putting the whole thing in there...
  2. Drowned Princess

    References and Homages

    I would like to echo the others who brought up Ragnarok (and all Norse myth, just generally, definitely for names anyway)... Read it enough and with the right eyes and you'll start to think everything in aSoIaF references it! For the uninitiated check the Wikipedia entry here and pick out the familiars. I am definitely reading too much into it though. You start to use the myths to predict what will happen in the books, and then you start to go crazy. :bang: