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  1. Curses! Ah, well, Dinklage is already a major coup, another one was too much to hope for...
  2. Great news. IMO the only way they could top it is if they got Tricia Helfer for Cersei.
  3. I can't see Theon ever becoming king of the iron islands, at least not as anything else than a puppet for someone else. Oh, and I think the service Ramsay wants of him is to state loud and clear that the girl he'll be marrying is indeed Arya Stark.
  4. Incredible chapter. Talk about showing the pack who's the alpha male! And if Jon indeed becomes "greyer," the people who'd disliked him for being the closest thing to a typical fantasy hero might warm up to him. Oh, and it looks like Jon successfully stared down Thorne. Maybe that and Slynt's execution will just make Thorne become more covert in his opposition to Jon, but I wouldn't be surprised if some members of the Watch who'd previously backed the Slynt/Thorne duo or just disliked Jon were now more well-disposed toward the new LC.
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