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  1. I've felt all along that the reason Stannis is being somewhat downplayed in the show is that, in the long run, his character is not one of the important ones for the ending of the story arc.
  2. Decent episode undone partly by the closing scene with Dany and the crowd of reasonably clean slaves.... Oh, and I am by no means a Stannis fan, but all they need to do is give him a waxed handlebar mustache to twirl in his fingers while he MUAHAHAHAHAHAs all over Dragonstone and I think the portrayal they're going for will be complete. :rolleyes:
  3. Same here- foreshadowing her being a Faceless Man.
  4. Dracarys! is one of my favorite scenes in all the books and they did it proud tonight.....Great, great scene. :thumbsup:
  5. Loved the foreshadowing in the HOTU- the throne room covered in Snow.... Bring on the R+L=J partisans. Loved Dany being very Targaryen with locking XXD and Dorreah in the empty vault. Don't piss off a Targ....even a realtively sane one. Loved the dragons sitting there anticipating Dany giving them the word....Flame On! Loved Theon and Luwin's scene. Loved Tyrion's scene with Shae. Should really pay off if they conclude Shae's storyline like the book. OTOH.... Jon and the Half-Hand's fight left some of the non-book readers I watch with lost and confused. They should have set that up better and more clearly. The three horn blasts and the attack of the Others and Walkers didn't really convey the dread it should have. The scene felt flat and the look of the Other was not what I've pictured...but it's not my show to run... The Other apparently looking right at Sam and then moving on was just dumb. Overall, an excellent episode.
  6. At this point, I almost hope that Dagmer=Ramsey....just so I can watch the internets explode with the intensity of a thousand suns.....
  7. Agree. He's been a very enthusiastic reviewer thus far....
  8. Seems the bloom is somewhat off the rose for Alan Sepinwall over at HitFix- http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/review-game-of-thrones-the-prince-of-winterfell-fear-itself
  9. I think we'll get the infamous "5 Year Gap" from the books on the show without 5 show years passing. Arya's storyline will be the better for it. Dany is already aged up on the show. I'll always maintain that the book series would have been even better if GRRM would've been able to make the gap work.
  10. I'm wondering if they'll move up Coldhands, in combination with Osha, to replace the Reeds.
  11. Totally agree and I'm at a total loss as to why they did that scene that way. Brotherhood who??? Hell, my wife, who read ACOK a few years ago, is getting confused watching the series.... Except for Roz....Everytime she comes on screen, my wife says, "OK, she's the one NOT in the books, right?" :drunk:
  12. 'Yara' has so far not exhibited one ounce of charisma that Asha has. That charsima is so important for Asha to lead Ironborn into battle and to make a play for the Seastone chair. I'm just not seeing that onscreen.
  13. Yes, indeed......this is going to be fun to watch......
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