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  1. We'll be talking with him about this. Thanks for the link.
  2. This is dothraki.conlang.org (which has a prominently linked RSS feed). Everything else is secondary to that as a news source, and used more for social interaction, discussion, etc. We can't answer the rest for now, though the tor.com interview addresses some of your questions re. the creation process. The LCS, as a non-profit educational organization, definitely has an interest in helping our Dothraki audience learn about conlanging and how to get into it themselves. We hope to have regular posts on the blog in the future that discuss the creation process in more detail, etc. But for now, we have to hold off until the production team decides what's happening on publicity. Of course, that only applies to our work on Dothraki, not to our independent non-profit work. We still have a podcast (http://podcast.conlang.org), conference (http://conference.conlang.org), online "library", (http://library.conlang.org), and other resources for anyone interested in learning how to make a language. And we can point you to many more - very active fora, books, tutorials, etc. It'll take a while before you get to pro level skill ;), but it's a very enjoyable hobby that's not really that hard to start, and the community is generally very supportive of newbies.
  3. FWIW: We can't respond to any translation requests for a while. Feel free to keep adding them - hopefully we'll get to do them sooner than later - but ideas for how to engage HBO & fans would be more useful in the near term.
  4. To make it easy for us to track... just post a response here if you have any requests or suggestions for stuff that the LCS or HBO should do w/ Dothraki. Thanks!
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