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  1. Spoony

    Thanks for getting rid of the spoiler PM.

    That was downright decent of you.

  2. Here is something you can place on your bookshelf.

    Presumably next to the Fountainhead - although I keep it on my coffee table, you might be wiser to make it bathroom reading.


  3. Happy to see the Luca Blight avatar around these forums.

  4. I try not to pick up women. They scream when I drop them.

  5. Sorry Prue. Got a phone call.

    Nice talking to you too - enjoy breakfast.

  6. 'Tis true.

    And on the off-chance that you have no idea what I'm talking about in the Geeky thread, watch this...


    Its not porn, but possibly NSFW (it includes a topless Frenchman in a bowtie for starters).

  7. You pleasure hog.

    I always knew you were a selfish lover Kosciuszko.

    Which is probably 'why' you were hanging out in that thread as you were.

  8. 'Twas my pleasure.

  9. You me helped close down the abortion/rape thread. Good work Ser.

  10. The Dragon isn't mocked. Those who seem to be laughing at the Dragon, are actually laughing with the Dragon.

  11. Soon it will be the year of the dragon, bringing to a close the year of Sean. The Dragon will remember what the Sean forgets.

  12. Love is standing around without any socks. Never having to apologize for all that floating skin. Even without candy or jaundice, a man would know these things.

  13. Observation: You cannot see a thing. Conclusion: Dinosaurs.

  14. Like Samson, I get my writting prowess from my ponytail. I know Terry Goodkind's books are awful, but nevertheless, they have provided me with endless hours of entertainment. The entertainment is more in the vein of sidesplitting hilarity than the thrills, chills, and romance that Goodkind intended. He is like the Ed Wood of the epic fantasy genre.

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