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  1. I never liked Stannis as character and I really hope he dies as Pink Letter suggested. I know he is beloved character, but I find him pretty much big ass. Pink Letter was written by Ramsey and it's obvious something is amiss, but I doubt he's defeated by Stannis that something. Part of me wonders why fanbase just do so much wishful thinking. Just because you want Stannis alive, doesn't mean Martin will make him alive.
  2. I would say either Val or Daenerys or some new chick. I somehow don't see him with Val, there's just some feeling that that ship won't do it. When it comes to his cousins, I would say Sansa and Arya both don't make sense. He grow with them and I just don't see Jon stop seeing them as sisters.
  3. thank you, will read it now. edit: read it, wonderfully informative, as always.
  4. does anybody have text on different site because I'm European and want to read it.
  5. Nobody answered, but I came to conclusion it was probably Kit who left the cup. The crew staff probably didn't left anything as their job was to pick up and "remove" mistake leftovers on the set and it would be pretty weird to make themselves another job on the job, while Conleth was probably just drama lying, for the sake of it, to Emilia.
  6. oh, there probably were not onions or similar in fish. thank you.
  7. I can't find are fried breadcrumbs poisonous for cats. that's why I ask.
  8. So, at the restaurant I started going, I often see one cat. Today there were three cats. I felt at unease seeing two of the cats just staring at me so I gave them piece of fried fish, and then realizing there are three cats. I felt bad at giving them fried fish, so I gave them small piece an then I see another cat, and it just brakes my heart seeing them being on street. So, did I do wrong? Should I just stop giving them food or going there? I admit last two times I gave one cat generous amounts of cooked lamb, so three cats there is definitely a sign I should stop, but I have soft spot for feeding animals. fried fish was with breadcrumbs
  9. sorry, there's already a thread, I forgot to do search.
  10. and what does this has to do with the topic? You're effectively trolling, because you can go past the tv show. We all get it, the end is shambles, move over. Also, at this point anyone random won't be an option.
  11. Interesting, he pronounce his name correctly now.
  12. Think of it. Instead of part 1 and part 2 where both parts of Dance with Dragons should have been second part of feast for crows, maybe GRRM and agents should consider renaming both Dance with Dragons into something like Northern struggles or Dragon over broken chains. I'm not talking about delay of any kind, just that Dance with dragons should have been published like two seperate books, once both parts have finished, instead of part 1 and part 2 of dance with dragons, which in turn is part 2 of feast with crows.
  13. When you think of it, it probably isn't an unique thought. Ned Stark was killed in Book One, but his noble spirit has lived on. Despite being dead into death, Davos Seaworth is very much low key replacement for Ned Stark role in the books: when you think more closely, both are individual characters, with noble soul, strong connection to the Baratheon kings as friendly advisor or more indept friend, humble to the bones, and truth loving men. Of course, I don't think they are same man, just that they fullfill practically same slot into the book
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