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  1. I think Cersei chapters should have been told from perspective of past time. It would be much more interesting to learn why Cersei wasn't betrothed to Rhaegar if past events weren't told in flashbacks. Reading about 9 year old Cersei would be more interesting than reading about Queen Cersei.
  2. Yeah, I always imagined party of Jeyne to be captured and then Stoneheart loosing shit when she hears about tansy tea, from Jeyne.
  3. this guys dedicated channel to write micro stories on twitter. He's limited by technical power of twitter, but his stories are cute. What do you think of them? I found his tweets by mutal followers SFera and Ubiq.
  4. What do you think sudden possible deaths of pretenders deciding into Great Council to decide of heir to the throne? Let say Cersei, Euron die, along with Ramsey, LF, Mace, Loras, and FAegon and Dany contest their claim in front of lords of the realm?
  5. Arya going to Westeros and setting her list aside just to have reasonable plot Sansa marrying Harry, and Sweetrobin dying closely before Arianne making a mess in Kings Landing and with FAegon Cersei wigglying out of her trial FAegon being good warleader, but dying fast Great council meeting with many lords about Heir to the Throne Jon being made Lord of Winterfell, after killing Ramsay, and reuniting with Rickon Melisandre being our POV to the Wall Dany setting sail towards Westeros on last pages of TWOW
  6. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/soviet-era-drone-believed-ukraine-crashes-croatia-zagreb-says-2022-03-11/ We're all surprised by this, Croatia was unaware of this drone before it crashed.
  7. does this makes sense to post on reddit or will I be downvoted there?
  8. Hey, in my country, our publishers are struggling with publishing books and I decided to buy some books off Amazon/Book Depository/other stores. I live in non-Shoengen EU and Amazon is still making problems with deliveries. I only speak mother tongue and English. Yes, I didn't read everything that could be read before, help me with that. But I need suggestion first. What can you say for me to read based on following: Books I enjoyed: Lirael (Garth Nix, really good and my favorite ever, and read in English, read two more Abhorsen books) Dreamer's Tale (Dunsany) ASOIAF (first three books, although fifth was fine) Stardust (I liked the movie better, but I have hard time remembering the book, but I also loved the book) Septimus Heap (I liked first very much, read long time ago) Eragon (I know some people here speak of plagiarism (unjustified, IMO), but I liked first book really really much) I also read selected few from Terry Pratchett, although I enjoyed it, I read mix of bad translation and English (liked translation more unironically) Dragonlance Chronicles (in English, so I know first trilogy is badly written, but I really liked the story and characters) Elric of Melnibone (I read translation by excellent SFF writer and translator, and of course, it was selected few, possibly my second favorite, but when it comes to preference I want to write something like that, I read comics and some other stories in English, translation was too good compared to those) Memory Sorrow Thorn (almost read this as kid, quit with death of exile princess Maegwyn (really hate this one, I wish he made ending less sugarysweet, but let Maegwyn live and be happy), reread whole series later on) Few notes: I love epic fantasy, but lately have concentration issues, so nothing too hard or long to read. And by long I mean books that are not only long, but too hard to read fast despite their length. So no short boring stuff either. I really dig strong female protagonist, but usually don't like newly published stuff because they make it too in-your-face obvious that it's hard to connect to ladies when they are "screaming" "Stronk" right there it's annoying. Didn't read First Law Trilogy, because I felt introduction was way too "Stronk man writing for stronk men", so I feel I wouldn't like it much. I think I liked Elric because of it's trippy nature, but epicness of storybuilding was super nice. I don't mind too dark fantasies, but something dark that makes sense in storyline would be fine by me, with Elric, grimdark was super nice, but I didn't love grimdark of Dance with Dragons because I felt some of the passages were way too dank. Lirael was extremely full of emotion and it was reason why I loved it so much. Way good characterization, way too good play with themes that matter, surprisingly, people apparently hated Lirael, maybe because audiobook didn't do it justice. I read English on battered physical book from local library. My favorite book ever. I also don't mind if writer writes bad (Dragonlance as example), but it must be good in some other way, otherwise I won't bother. I read Time for Twins and although good written, I obviously liked Dragonlance characters and themes way more (Sturm death and that rose struck me way too much) I also read stuff from Smashwords, but personally, some stuff was good, but I would not actually go shopping there, and would not return there.
  9. Recent artwork Westeros facebook page shared of Jon Snow reminded me how better Kit Harrington would look as Jon Snow if only they gave him wig. But in retrospective, I feel Kit was poor casting choice, IMHO. I feel his best scenes were with Rose Leslie, a woman he would eventually marry, and rest of the show he basically acted a angsty teenager - a choice that would look strange in retrospective, because they aged the Jon Snow significantly for the show, and other kids, but they didn't amend Jon Snow character in turn. I mean, if Jon Snow on the show ended up older, Kit Harrington still played a dead man's performance - he basically just sat in front of camera and looked sad, and occasionally swigged a sword. I felt most of potential of good performance was gone, because you can't make grown ass man act like a angsty teenager and feel that influence my rating of Jon Snow on the show as bad one.
  10. Hey Ormond, are you doing USA top names analysis? Do you got any comments on the list? Nameberry did this: https://nameberry.com/blog/top-baby-names-2020-the-playground-analysis
  11. thank you, will read it now. edit: read it, wonderfully informative, as always.
  12. does anybody have text on different site because I'm European and want to read it.
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