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  1. If we are going that far into history for claim Harrenhal scheme, there's Edmure, Brandon and Rickon, who in turn have better claims to Harrenhal... or simply, new king/queen can assign Harrenhal to new lord. Because that's much easier than chasing rabbits.
  2. Ormond, do you think parents are more likely to choose traditionally male name on girl or is it just nameberry site's things?
  3. Thank you all. I did myself better research than before and done some scrapbooking arts and crafts list and settled on collage. After doing just three scrapbook pages I feel better than moments ago.
  4. if you can't help me, can you suggest discoussion place where I can get answers?
  5. So basically, my daily routine is to play video games, occasionally read books, write some text for fun, go for a walk, and eat and sleep and that's it. I live with my brother and mother. I tried watching my brother Netflix, cooking, sewing, doing house choirs, but I don't find interest in movies, cooking is something I can do once a fortnight, because my mum won't let me, and sewing was pretty uneventful, and when it comes to house choirs, there's not that many house choirs to be done. I done some bad painting, but I wasn't good at it... so I quit fast. I'm looking for hobby, that is "active" and can be done indoors. What can I do, to relax and break my routine, to feel less anxious. It must be done in house, in apartment. Any exercise, home or gym, is making me extra anxious. I have mental illness, and live in small EU town, don't have a pet.
  6. would they accept it, though? Is there any point in even trying? definitely
  7. My goal is to publish in less dead market, than the one I live in, so I plan to publish my work in UK, USA, would that be possible? Do I get less chance if I live and don't speak English as my first language? It's something I search over the web, but can't find. Most of them say I don't have to live in UK/USA, but does language matter? I don't have ready text, so I need to know should I write in English or my native language, so help from forum should be more helpful. I feel at ease with both languages.
  8. At what stage do you ask other for opinion? I feel I want to ask opinion after first page and first time starting draft, but when should I ask opinions from strangers?
  9. Or in other words, is there any legal body where I can ask for more advice, or legal body to handle my issue before the court? Like European Consumer Centre or something similar?
  10. So, I preordered a video game from backerkit, and if some of promised stuff wasn't delivered, like file of beta state of game over steam key of beta, or if I were to receive file of full game promised to be steam key, but not steam key, do I have a legal case and where can I ask for more info? Is there anything to do besides going to court? I live in EU, Croatia.
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