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  1. Like Valentina, right? What are other names in that category, besides Abraham?
  2. Interesting. I'm all for controversial & interesting old historical stories to be investigated again. Within reason, of course.
  3. Lady Winter Rose

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    That Starkz isn't the author of this thread and I'm long time not participating in this one. EDIT: Just read your post more carefully. Dany is of age as any other person, has dragons & age difference isn't quite big.
  4. I would think Kulture as celebritiy baby name made a lot of dust this time of year
  5. Lady Winter Rose

    Viserys does not go east

    He would soon end up dead. His health situation was getting worse and worse than while he was child and Illyrio wasn't interested in anything that would threaten Aegon's situation.
  6. I can't believe it were not, especially due to Ramsey nature & some of spearwives & Mance missing at time when Jeyne & Theon escaped.
  7. Just because people root for Stannis doesn't mean the Ramsey didn't wrote it.
  8. While Bran was travelling North with Meera & Jojen, Mountain clans know about Bran&Rickon being alive because Ramsey send stupid people looking for cripple boy, baby boy with werewolves, and with entourage + simpleton, two swamp siblings... so I think, once Jon is back on his feet he might find from same sources Mountains clans have. edit: I forgot about the question: How do you think Jon will found about Bran&Rick
  9. Martin made worse mistakes than this - like Sandor carrying 10k gold pieces.
  10. Not the first time somebody missed the or in my sentences... it's annoying, but it's also human. No need for apologies.
  11. I'm so sorry. I should have had put OR clause bolded and with big caps lock. I guess I should have know better.
  12. Then Theon was executed by Stannis or Asha saved Theon somehow. I sincerly believe Stannis was defeated.
  13. Lady Winter Rose

    Cache at the Fist of Frist Men- Coldhands or Ben Stark

    I think Martin doesn't know people can't have black eyes or dark grey for that matter... Did Martin ever mentioned that cache at any interview?
  14. You're so hard to read, Ialt. I really believe Ramsey wrote the letter and that Theon, Jeyne + some other people just left the battle, maybe with entourage... maybe Asha & the Baavosi banker ended up murderer as unkown people with heads on WF walls, but Theon & Jeyne were surely sent to the Wall by Stannis.
  15. Lady Winter Rose

    Cache at the Fist of Frist Men- Coldhands or Ben Stark

    It was burried recently.