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  1. If the story is true, she was being really naive. It's not the first time Martin made mistakes in timeline, but I still think something is very off.
  2. I wasn't the one making that assumption. When I was back here very long time ago, I seen pretty much hate towards Dany in books and reasoning was that she was too perfect, while Tyrion was getting great praise.
  3. I'm personally in boat for Stannis or Selmy There were lot of controversy surrounding that season, from dead Stannis to Theon and Sansa fate, but wasn't actor who got Selmy role booted due to plot leaks? Which may be the reason why show producers kill him off, while Martin had plans for him. Hiring another actor for privacy clause might be issue for some reason here.
  4. Try telling that to community. Apparently, girls can't be sexist (even though they can), and apparently much hate came from women. I haven't been here for a while, but I remember some of that hate gone towards Emilia Clarke.
  5. this was more funny than it should be
  6. If you think Dany isn't suitable for throne of Westeros: 1) why does Martin write her chapters? 2) who would be better choice for the throne? Also, want to point few things... if you think Daenerys is too much Mary Sue, isn't Martin to blame for that characterization? Would you still love Martin as writer if he booted Dany out of story?
  7. only thing it's giving me doubts it's Lady Stork rips her dress, but everything else fits more Sansa than Shae... Shae was literary nobody and was just funny little character on trial, there's nothing about Shae to be written about in plays. the fact that she was murdered in play makes sense - for Jaime Sansa's dead meat because he believes there's nowhere safe for Sansa and many might share that belief.
  8. I read few short stories, but loved them greatly
  9. Few replies: Translated into my own language... can't say I find it interesting, seems to focus on "girl power" too much, but adding to the list Own translation of Circe, will read it after Red Orm Have some of his books. Including CoEaS Who? I still have good memories of Mists of Avalon, but I can't force myself to reread... too much associations now. Interesting. Will check it out Maybe... BTW: new info about book I read currently in main post.
  10. I didn't want to sound so aggressive in my previous comments... but yes, basically this. I'm not denying it can't be enjoyed by women, but !action.
  11. Sooooooo..... I'm horribly out of loup. I mostly read my country fiction (Croatian fantasy, small EU country), but I'm not impressed anymore... there's some good stuff there, but I think I need to shift focus on American fiction/EU/UK Last English thing I read is Naomi Novik Uprooted and I found it very, very good. Other things I read in past years is Terry Pratchets older work, Bear and the Nightingale (Winter Night novel, liked that one) and The Witcher. I really like Elric of Melnibonea short works, Memory Sorrow Thorn, Song of Ice and Fire series I wish to read: fantasy, not urban fantasy one and not SF, not dystopian and not alternative something tasteful, and not too cringy, something that's not pretentious, so, basically this mean is something between cringworthy and pretentious (based on my reading bookshelf, it's astonishing how EU can be so ridiculously pretentious and irrelevant, and go on two sides of this spectrum) something that passed publishers quality selection (I know, I know...) something I can easily find in printed form and find a way to ship it to EU, or digital, but digital is last resort option, I got non working kindle not overly manly fiction (i.e. first pages of the book I deemed manly: man in his prime is fighting for its life, and it succeed to live to to sheer effort and skill, but not before readers are informed with every move he took, then author shifted focus to elderly rich and corrupted banker man) not young adult, or not romance young adult at least I'm open to new titles, but I'm open to reading old stuff only if you recommend new stuff also, by new slightly new can also pass you're welcome to break any rule, but I'm horribly picky and hard to please Some of my lifestyle in past years: I read mostly my own country novels and try hard to like them, some of them are OK, good for reals, but some of them I try to forget I actually wish to read... In my spare time I only videogame, have no actual friends (I'm complicated, kind of ill in wrong way and live in small closed minded town). I was fan of Song of Ice and Fire before the series... Currently reading Red Orm - historical fiction and I'm really digging it.
  12. I see you reacted confused to my post. If you have nothing else to say, I don't wish to leave this discussion unresolved. Can you tell me what's so confusing in my post?
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