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  1. Lady Winter Rose

    Dutch man sues to change his legal age

    Was that guy a homophobe transphobe before in his speeches?
  2. Lady Winter Rose

    Why didn’t Hoster Tully warn Jon about Littlefinger?

    Lysa probably wanted to marry LF, but probably no one told Jon Arryn it's LF's baby Lysa was carrying. She surely didn't have any reason to say who the father is, since she helped LF rise so high. Imagine if your wife want one man on high position because he's a family friend. Now imagine your wife want guy who banged her close to her. I'm sure Jon would never accept LF in Small council no matter his merits if he knew who Lysa's baby' father was.
  3. Lady Winter Rose

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    I'm in team Jon's a Targaryen and his parents are not wed or their marriage isn't recognized. do you think Jon be Dany's heir when she founds about Lyanna & Rhaegar
  4. Lady Winter Rose

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    Sorry on my confusing post. It was over midnight, I am half crazy often during the night time and I might mix some posts.
  5. Lady Winter Rose

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    OK, it's late here... almost midnight....
  6. Lady Winter Rose

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    I really don't think Native Americans are those who are most vocal. It's usually your closes neighbourgh who hates your guts and use it to hate you like gentlemen. Native Americans would rather oil and no fake Native Americans claiming oil. Child dressing in NA is not claiming oil. Fake NA are claiming riches based on fraud. Which no child committed - children aren't interested in oil after all.
  7. Lady Winter Rose

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    It's real all right. But it's used as rules of forbiddance. Here we have CA of this kind - cultural appropriation is to follow your own culture and never look at other cultures. As I said, forbiddance.
  8. Lady Winter Rose

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    Hope I didn't ruin your mood with my little story. Basically on nameberry it was your heritage - your playground, and not your heritage - not your playground
  9. Lady Winter Rose

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    It's Halloween costume. Not an oppression. I think Cultural Appropriation is just "don't wear this", "don't use this" kind of thing. Just set of meaningless rules. First time I heard about cultural appropriation is on nameberry. Basically. gals there deem that afro-ameri can't use celtic names since that isn't their heritage, same with nordic or whatever. Or that christian boy can't be named Cohen as first name since that surname sacred to Jews. Or white child should have white name. Ended with bunch of users faking multi-cultural heritage. I believe you can respect other cultures by well, being respectful and being more informed about said culture...
  10. It has Lady in it, so I believe you predicted right...
  11. Lady Winter Rose

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    He still has his own people in positions, and Cersei is incompetent.
  12. Lady Winter Rose

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    Martin somehow forgotten that 40000 gold weight as a small elephant, yet Sandor took that money with him - I wouldn't be surprised if he made a mistake while writing LF money schemes - and there certainly are few of them.
  13. Lady Winter Rose

    Healthy delicious vegan Nutella alternative

    Ad, ad, advertisement everywhere.
  14. Lady Winter Rose

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    You guys forget something. Cersei doesn't even consider FM. Why would she? It's not like Tyrion has friends, influence or money at the time of his escape. He survived by pure luck. Giving lordship is enough to motivate a whole kingdom to look for him.