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  1. I appologize, I totally forgot this thread exist. I have tried reading Bakker, since he is translated in these parts, but he is too much for me. I have read first Winternight book, loved it, but tried second and not read it. I'm not aware of any Seraphina past second book, but I manly quit it due to negative reviews of second were significant. Will try Broken Earth, I think some of those books got translated. I absolutely wanted to read Anne McCaffey, so I should buy English original if they have it online as ebook... Problem with Serbian is that I can't read their version of my language. Sounds way too funny or off. I have read some Pratchett although out of order and maybe it's time for me to read witches in better translation or in English. I have some English softbound of his. I got Lords and Ladies and I never open it... maybe I should. I like Penric and Desdemona names... what's are novellas about? I like titles of Daniel Abraham books, maybe I should read description of them on Amazon.
  2. Hello, I have not read books for a very long time. My primary source for books is my library, but it seems there is some major structural problems going on. They were supposed to get new library building. Building was recently finished constructing, but they are not open. They open new department at the other side of city where all new stuff went. That influenced my reading habits, because I wasn't able to find new books, because they seems to hold all the new titles for their new departments. So I decided to buy kindle books. My brother has kindle, which he's not using, and I had kindle that was not taken care of. We have one working kindle. When I got kindle I read books off smashworlds, but I don't like going there anymore, because quality was poor. I have read some translated and English titles, and I would like English titles, since I feel confident in my reading comprehension in English. Books that I have read and that I like are: A song of ice and fire Lirael (and Sabriel and Abhorsen) The Memory Sorrow Thorn Unprooted Some selected Elric stories Some selected Terry Pratchet books, but I read Small gods in English and understood nothing Seraphina Eragon (I have not read last two books) Most of books I read and enjoyed are not fantasy or not international. I don't want books that feature only romance. I would like strong female characters in books (I'm fine if strong woman characters are emotional). I would like something easy to read and very colorful in settings or events - in a way that makes novel entertaining, varied, diverse (but not diverse for sake of diversity) or and described with lot of colors. I'm fine with older recommendations, but would like something newly published.
  3. I think we might see book 6 announced completed soon. It's been little over 7 months since this Martin words. Same happened with Dance, he announced 3-5 more chapters, then we had book in 5 months.
  4. Hey Ormond, are you doing USA top names analysis? Do you got any comments on the list? Nameberry did this: https://nameberry.com/blog/top-baby-names-2020-the-playground-analysis
  5. thank you, will read it now. edit: read it, wonderfully informative, as always.
  6. does anybody have text on different site because I'm European and want to read it.
  7. Nobody answered, but I came to conclusion it was probably Kit who left the cup. The crew staff probably didn't left anything as their job was to pick up and "remove" mistake leftovers on the set and it would be pretty weird to make themselves another job on the job, while Conleth was probably just drama lying, for the sake of it, to Emilia.
  8. oh, there probably were not onions or similar in fish. thank you.
  9. I can't find are fried breadcrumbs poisonous for cats. that's why I ask.
  10. So, at the restaurant I started going, I often see one cat. Today there were three cats. I felt at unease seeing two of the cats just staring at me so I gave them piece of fried fish, and then realizing there are three cats. I felt bad at giving them fried fish, so I gave them small piece an then I see another cat, and it just brakes my heart seeing them being on street. So, did I do wrong? Should I just stop giving them food or going there? I admit last two times I gave one cat generous amounts of cooked lamb, so three cats there is definitely a sign I should stop, but I have soft spot for feeding animals. fried fish was with breadcrumbs
  11. Interesting, he pronounce his name correctly now.
  12. If we are going that far into history for claim Harrenhal scheme, there's Edmure, Brandon and Rickon, who in turn have better claims to Harrenhal... or simply, new king/queen can assign Harrenhal to new lord. Because that's much easier than chasing rabbits.
  13. Ormond, do you think parents are more likely to choose traditionally male name on girl or is it just nameberry site's things?
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