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  1. Quite interesting, Ormond.
  2. Lady Winter Rose

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    He still has his own people in positions, and Cersei is incompetent.
  3. Lady Winter Rose

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    Martin somehow forgotten that 40000 gold weight as a small elephant, yet Sandor took that money with him - I wouldn't be surprised if he made a mistake while writing LF money schemes - and there certainly are few of them.
  4. Lady Winter Rose

    Healthy delicious vegan Nutella alternative

    Ad, ad, advertisement everywhere.
  5. Lady Winter Rose

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    You guys forget something. Cersei doesn't even consider FM. Why would she? It's not like Tyrion has friends, influence or money at the time of his escape. He survived by pure luck. Giving lordship is enough to motivate a whole kingdom to look for him.
  6. Lady Winter Rose

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    Jon think of Arya as his sister. I could see Jon marrying his cousin, whoever that may be (Allyria Dayne?), but not girl he saw only as sister.
  7. Lady Winter Rose

    King's Landing's riot

    Is it possible Tyrekk Lannister or whatever his name was, the one disappeared in riot, was just a victim of regular riot or Varys really had it's fingers in that riot? As far as we know, Varys was just absent from entourage, busy in some other scheme, no?
  8. Lady Winter Rose

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

  9. Lady Winter Rose

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    Anyone noticed Lysa wanted Sansa and Sweetrobin to marry? They are cousins and I never heard a single objection based on that potential union, at leasts not in the books.
  10. I was bullied by many students in primary school and I really have hard time forgetting that and I would held them against it even today, since main reason why I was bullied was my mental illness. During the school I hoped for some of them to be more friendly towards me, but now I realized I was being stupid ass and that I would like to ignore them as they did me. In high school one of my colleges said that she would be really offended if what she and her boyfriend had (I don't know if she still dating that guy) had the same name as what gays have/had - that was during Croatian marriage equality refferendum. I saw her later and I couldn't stop thinking about what she said (the line above). Hope gay is OK term for saying, I always thought gay is OK, but above post may point otherwise. I'm OK with homosexuality and think it's equal to hetersexuality. Point I was trying to made - it depends on case from case.... you really can't force people to do full apology just to show they are not thinking it anymore - you'll never ever know. I was real stupid when I was kid and teenager, and as time gone pass I beecome more lucid and smarter (I was liberal before 18 birthday). I'm 24 now....
  11. Oh, I love Wesley and have read Princess Bride - lovely book... I feel like rereading is in order. .......
  12. Lady Winter Rose

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    Execution of Janos Slynt is harsh punishment, but I don't think it isn't fair. TBH, Jon didn't have to say Janos to think twice. The moment Janos insulted Jon, he's dead meat, to Jon, to any Lord he may insulted instead.
  13. Lady Winter Rose

    Why SweetROBIN?

    In books Robert Arryn is nicknamed as SweetRobin, but his coat of arms shows eagle and the moons, isn't that not? Maybe that's because Littlefinger created his own coat of arms - with it's own bird - was it a ROBIN?
  14. I'm only interested about what name is in question? Is it Roman?
  15. Nice, I have been waiting for it.