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  1. I would just remind everyone that I open the thread to answer would comparing Dany and Jon DNA answer any confusion whether or not Aerys or Rhaegar is father of Jon, as some people in this forum theorized is possible. This started to go way off topic.
  2. I'm asking because I have a daydream in which I realized both Aerys and Rhaegar aren't available for DNA testing, if DNA testing existed in books. They bodies were burned, while Dany is only living relative. Therefore, if Dany is half sib to Jon, or if Dany is aunt to Jon, DNA testing would be inconclusive to cross these options. Now we know what we know from the show, but situation in books doesn't necessary needs to be that simple. I simply forgot incest won't significantly play role here.
  3. But before show aired with the answer, Aerys + Lyanna was relatively legit, but unpopular theory, further boosted by Theon's actor wording when he asked GRRM that question over bet.
  4. I'm suggesting possibility there would be some confusion, not necessary valid.
  5. For hypothetical question in which Westeros has access to RL DNA testing and Jon might be son of Rhaegar or Aerys - would DNA testing be able to untangle question who Jon father is?
  6. Recent artwork Westeros facebook page shared of Jon Snow reminded me how better Kit Harrington would look as Jon Snow if only they gave him wig. But in retrospective, I feel Kit was poor casting choice, IMHO. I feel his best scenes were with Rose Leslie, a woman he would eventually marry, and rest of the show he basically acted a angsty teenager - a choice that would look strange in retrospective, because they aged the Jon Snow significantly for the show, and other kids, but they didn't amend Jon Snow character in turn. I mean, if Jon Snow on the show ended up older, Kit Harrington still played a dead man's performance - he basically just sat in front of camera and looked sad, and occasionally swigged a sword. I felt most of potential of good performance was gone, because you can't make grown ass man act like a angsty teenager and feel that influence my rating of Jon Snow on the show as bad one.
  7. People are now calling cardiologists to chime in. Popular theories include arrhythmia and tachycardia, for sudden heart attack.
  8. I wish Eriksen another 100 years of life. It was shocking to see it it on screen, I think everyone is holding good wishes for his family, so he pulls through.
  9. Hey Ormond, are you doing USA top names analysis? Do you got any comments on the list? Nameberry did this: https://nameberry.com/blog/top-baby-names-2020-the-playground-analysis
  10. I never liked Stannis as character and I really hope he dies as Pink Letter suggested. I know he is beloved character, but I find him pretty much big ass. Pink Letter was written by Ramsey and it's obvious something is amiss, but I doubt he's defeated by Stannis that something. Part of me wonders why fanbase just do so much wishful thinking. Just because you want Stannis alive, doesn't mean Martin will make him alive.
  11. I would say either Val or Daenerys or some new chick. I somehow don't see him with Val, there's just some feeling that that ship won't do it. When it comes to his cousins, I would say Sansa and Arya both don't make sense. He grow with them and I just don't see Jon stop seeing them as sisters.
  12. thank you, will read it now. edit: read it, wonderfully informative, as always.
  13. does anybody have text on different site because I'm European and want to read it.
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