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    References and Homages

    The story of Robb and Jeyne at the Crag bears a passing resemblance to that of Alexander the Great and Roxana at the Sogdian Rock.
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    References and Homages

    Tywin bears a passing resemblance to Alexander Borgia...a cunning, ruthless, lecherous hypocrite who used his sacred office to advance his family interests. He was good at making (and spending) money, too. Tyrion...well, there were a lot of Borgias, including one "unnamed" one. I don't know the history well enough, but I assume we could fit him in there somewhere. Lothor Brune (or was it someone else on the boat?) holding the torch downwards right before Dontos Hollard has a quarrel with some quarrels. The reversed torch is a Roman death symbol. Petyr offering pomegranite and pomegranite seeds to Sansa at his tower house suggests Hades and Persephone. Fortunately (perhaps)for Sansa she doesn't take any, choosing a pear instead. I suppose that Petyr Baelish resembles Hades/Plutus in several ways.
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    References and Homages

    Has the Lannister-Borgia connection been discussed on this thread (or any other) yet?
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    References and Homages

    Anybody mentioned the Reader's Tower and the library from The Name of the Rose yet? Or Maester Aemon as Jorge Luis Borges?