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  1. Jehane

    How would you rate episode 601?

    Gave it a 3 because I was either bored or enraged most of the time - bored with the story at Castle Black, enraged at what they had done to Dorne. There were some nice scenes, though - Cersei realising that her only daughter is dead (well done by Lena - even a friend of mine who hates Cersei pitied her there for a Moment); the Dothraki conversation that strongly reminded me of Conan; Sansa and Brienne (yes!); Roose telling Ramsay that he won't get anything if Walda gives birth to a boy unless Ramsay can produce an heir of his own (in your face, Ramsay!); Jon Snow still being dead for now (I really hope he stays that way). But other than that I thought it was pretty dull resp. underwhelming and come to think of it, I have more criticism than praise. For instance, Davos, who must know by now that his king is dead and that his beloved king murdered his own daughter doesn't grieve at all? Seriously? He just sits in his chambers and only leaves them because Ghost is whining? Argh. I thought there would be more grief and despair since Davos loved both Stannis and Shireen - it just wasn't there which was a great disappointment. Instead, Davos guards Jon's dead body with a couple of men. Yawn. And all of a sudden, he seems to think very highly of Melisandre. Totally didn't buy that because he's always been on his guard around her. And now she's his only hope? Seriously? She who urged his king into burning his only child? That seemed so out of character. Dany being on the road again. Yawn. I'm growing tired of watching her to reach Westeros and failing. Maybe it's not her destiny to go there after all? Has she ever considered that? Now that her fleet has been burnt down, she cannot go to Westeros anyway unless she's mounting a dragon and flying there - which still leaves the problem of transportation for what's left of the Unsullied. Oh, and speaking of Dany resp. the Dothraki: They have heard of Khal Drogo but not of his silverhaired Khaleesi from Westeros? Are you kidding me? Dorne. Arghargharghargh. Just when I thought they couldn't mess it up any more, they did. But maybe killing off Doran and Trystane actually means they'll kill of the atrocious Dornish storyline for good. I don't want to see those stupid Sand Snakes any more, and I'm disgusted by what they did to Ellaria. Where the hell is Bronn? Did he jump ship or what? CSI Jorah - I knew he'd find that ring but when he did, it felt so... cheap. I almost expected him to remove sunglasses. Also, by now the audience should know that he has greyscale; no need to have him look at his arm every five minutes. And since when does he get on so well with Daario? Jaime and Cersei. So now they're back to normal, eh? "Normal" meaning that there are no hard feelings between them any longer. Didn't buy it. I expected Cersei to blame Jaime for Myrcella's death since she's been pushing him around all the time and sent him off to Dorne last season. Also, she blamed him for being a captive and not returning to her earlier. Granted, the Walk of Shame may have changed her but that much? I don't believe it. Also, why didn't Jaime ask what had happened to Cersei resp. her hair? He must have noticed that yet he didn't say a word. Just the old "Us against the world"-shit. I really hope the season gets better and that this was just a weak opening.
  2. Jehane

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    The movie with Sean Bean and the actress playing Melisandre is called "Black Death" - actually not so bad once you've gotten used to the ever-swaying camera Saw NCW in a pilot for a series called "Virtuality" - the show was never picked up so there's only the pilot. That proved to be very interesting, though. It's just very frustrating that by the end of not even 90 minutes you are left with lots and lots of questions that will never be answered *hmpf* Lena Headey is also in "Brothers Grimm", as the daughter of a huntsman. Ciaran Hinds was Julius Caesar on HBO's "Rome"; also saw him in a horror movie starring Daniel Radcliffe called "The Woman in Black".
  3. Gave it a 9 - have just finished watching it a couple of minutes ago and am still a bit shaken so my vote is subject to emotions. I think this episode has some very strong moments; I liked seeing more of Doran and I wonder what Ellaria is up to. The final scene with Dany riding on Drogon was just... epic. I was speechless, probably because I was still dealing with Shireen's death and the emotions this scene set loose (damn you, Stannis - I liked you!). But, hey, finally - we get to see Dany take flight! It might have not been executed perfectly CGI-wise, but it was nevertheless an awesome moment and one I've been waiting for since season 1. Also, brilliant acting in this episode - the eye contact between Dany and Jorah while he was in the fighting pit was heartbreaking, I wanted Arya to kill stupid Meryn Trant, and I'm very happy that Jaime's still alive.
  4. Jehane

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I have a soft spot for trashy movies in my heart, but this was just too ridiculous :) I know movies of this sort aren't Logical but what the heck were dinosaur skeletons doing in a museum dedicated to native Americans? Just awful. I'd rather watch Sharknado because that one's so over the top that it's quite entertaining :)
  5. Jehane

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I spotted Emilia Clarke in a movie called "Triassic Attack". It was so bad I had to switch it off after about 30 minutes - not her fault, the script was just awful. Rewatched "The headsman" yesterday with my husband, starring NCW. It does have some plotholes but overall, it's a decent movie and quite entertaining.
  6. Jehane

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I used to be in a pen and paper-roleplaying group; a friend of mine took over as gamemaster and introduced us to Westeros, letting us meet a lot of characters - our party in fact dragged along Tyrion because we liked him so much. We got to battle the Others, met the White Walkers, Ned (whom my character kept calling "Lord Horseface"), Sansa... so basically all the characters based in the North. It was real fun to play so I asked my friend where she had gotten the idea for the setting and the characters. She pointed me to ASoIaF, I picked up the first two books and was hooked :) That was *uhm* I think in 2009; I read the first four books as quickly as I could, borrowed ADWD from said friend after she had finished it (because I don't buy hardcover books when the rest of the series is in paperback) and am now in line with those waiting for the sixth book :)
  7. Jehane

    What do you Collect?

    My collection is pretty small - got the five books, obviously, the first three seasons on DVD (with the fourth being added as soon as it's available). I also owe a House Lannister beer mug, a House Lannister notebook with matching bookmark (front: Tyrion, back: Lannister sigil), a Lannister shirt (red, golden lion and, of course, the House's words), a House Martell shirt and a calendar that I bought after season 1. It still adornes my Office, being stuck to September 2012 :) That's about it. Oh, and a roleplaying game for PC which is quite nice even though the combat System isn't very well done.
  8. Same here. It's bad enough already, they don't have to show it. I really hope they don't, this was such a gruesome scene in the book.