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  1. http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/pl.cgi?253323
  2. Draymond didn't destroy Jokic at all, he just had a way better team around him which won the series on the offensive end, not with defense. Jokic averaged 31 PPG on fantastic 64.3 TS% and added 13 boards and 6 assists per game and his team had an offensive rating of 113.8 for the series which is pretty damn good for a team missing their second and third best scorers whose second option was freaking Aaron Gordon, a guy who wasn't good enough to be a second option even on Orlando teams which won 25 games. But even if Jokic had been horrible in the playoffs, that's completely irrelevant for the MVP award. The voting was already done and it's not "The best player in basketball" or "Who do you think will do best in the playoffs" award.
  3. Doc Rivers again showing that he's the most overrated coach in the league by far by starting the corpse of Deandre Jordan and insisting that he'll continue to do it.
  4. I thought before the series that Memphis' only chance to win is by completely dominating on the glass and early on they were doing that, but for the whole game it was GSW which had more second chance points, the Grizzlies gave up too many long rebounds due to their guards ballwatching. And the fact that Memphis lost despite Draymond's ejection and Jaren Jackson Jr. channelling Dirk from 3 really doesn't bode well for them. Their rebounding should be better when Adams come back, but I don't know how he'll do defensively against the Warriors's guards.
  5. This is for me the funniest scene ever shot. Especially the ending, but the whole thing is just hilarious even after watching it numerous times.
  6. Valieva should have been sent home, this was totally predictable. And to make it worse, instead of supporting her, the first thing her coach did when she came off the ice after her program was “Why did you let it go? Why did you stop fighting. You let it go after that axel (she made a mistake on her triple axel attempt). Why ”? WTF.
  7. The ISU was already strongly considering raising the age limit for figure skating before this whole mess began, and it seems inevitable they will go through with it now.
  8. I thought the stuff at the Eye was almost as bad as the Nynaeve/Egwene plotline. Painfully bad dialogue and mediocre visuals.
  9. According to his notes Jordan's "dream cast" was absurdly gorgeous, BTW - Hedy Lamarr, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Jacqueline Bisset, Nicole Kidman, Isabella Rossellini, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Lucy Lawless for the main female roles. And young Val Kilmer for Perrin.
  10. And rightly so, he's the only player who I've seen plenty of times screaming "And-1" on jumpshots when the defender is half a meter away.
  11. If this rule was in place when he was in the NBA, Dion Waiters would have never been able to finish a single quarter before getting ejected.
  12. This is the dumbest complaint of them all. "They are too pretty, this makes it look like a CW show" makes no sense whatsoever when 99% of the shows on all channels and streaming platforms have gorgeous actors playing the main roles. And the WOT cast is hardly exceptionally attractive by TV standards. Maybe the appearance of Ceara Coveney in Season 2 will help those of you who feel the cast is lacking in this aspect. She certainly can make the infamous bath scene way more popular than its book version.
  13. The Bulls' defence without Caruso, Lonzo and a bunch of others was downright hilarious.
  14. Really disappointing final episode. IMO the ending of EOTW is a mess for the most part yet instead of improving on one of the weakest parts in the books the show managed to somehow be much worse. The writing was a mess, and the directing and editing weren't much better. The whole show is so bland and lacking in anything resembling an unique vision that it really seems the showrunner is over his head and there is too much interference from the Amazon execs. It has all the signs of a show with too many cooks in the kitchen and nobody with the authority and leadership to enforce a uniform vision.
  15. It's already included in two recent anthologies which have paper versions - Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2021 and The Best Horror of the Year Volume Thirteen. Also, nice to see that Luhrs's idiotic rant against GRRM didn't win. Too bad it didn't finish below "No Award" though.
  16. The best news for me is that The Coode Street Podcast finally won, it is very well deserved and well overdue. Piranesi not winning any genre awards is a shame though not surprising. Also nice to see Two Truths and a Lie win, it's an amazing story. Apparently the nomination statistics will be released tomorrow, these are much more interesting to me than the final voting stats, I am curious to know which works were close to being nominated.
  17. I thought this episode was a big improvement on the last two and overall joint-best with Episode 4. Sure, there is plenty to nitpick and complain about changes, but within the context of the show itself only it worked much, much better than the previous two episodes. About time the show focused more on its main characters and give their actors a chance to show off their skills. Josha was quite impressive in the final reveal. The opening scene was way over the top unrealistic in every aspect, but there is no actual realism in TV action scenes anyway, so I'd take a spectacular one like this one over more "realistic" and more boring ones any day.
  18. I really liked episode 4 which changed a lot of stuff from the books but did it very well for the most part, and worked really well on its own too. Episode 5 was a major disappointment. Frankly, I couldn't care less about the Stepin drama which took most of its duration. The show has so little time to spend even on the main characters yet here they wasted most of an episode on a tertiary character to established a lore point which could have been done in two minutes just as effectively. And the ending scene was just laughable to me, so over the top. Rand and Mat somehow made to Tar Valon on their own without any problems but they are staying at a supposedly expensive inn (how are they paying for it?) instead of going to the White Tower for some silly reasons. But the worst thing was the Whitecloak plotline which made no sense whatsoever. A notorious killer of Aes Sedai is hanging out with a tiny group of his buddies just outside of Tar Valon and doesn't seem to fear any reprisal from the White Tower. He captures someone he suspects of being a channeller and just dares her to blow him to pieces. Just WTF was this nonsense...And the dialogue in this scene was hilariously bad.
  19. Maybe in Sanderson's own books that's the case, but in his WoT books it certainly isn't. There is an awful lot of stuff that doesn't make sense and/or plainly contradicts already established info about the world, the plot and the characters.
  20. Actually there is nothing in the prophecies that says the Dragon will go mad and that he will "literally fracture the face of the earth". Which makes sense, since the latter never happen.
  21. So far it's been mostly what I expected, which wasn't all that much. It's reasonably entertaining and I never felt bored, which is much more than I can say about than many other attempts at being the new fantasy megahit on TV. But it has its fair share of problems and never really rises above a "good work" level. Way too much Hollywoodization. I don't mind changes, even huge ones, if they make internal sense and aren't totally against the spirit of the books, but too many of the ones here are just cliched and don't work out. Despite what Hollywood screenwriters seem to think, a character doesn't need a tragic backstory to be interesting. My main problem is how little of the books dialogue has been in the show so far. A lot of it is largely inevitable with the plot changes, but quite a few times they could have used lines from the books and chose not to. Which wouldn't have been a problem if the new lines were good, but with few exceptions they really aren't. They are mostly generic Hollywood clumsy explanations, "witty" quips and overdramatic lines. There has been some decent moments in the new dialogue, but most of the it has ranged from mediocre to laughably bad. Which is what expected, really, good dialogue in the fantasy genre is pretty much non-existent on TV. Visually it looked quite good at times, not so good at others. Actors have been fine mostly, especially given that the material they have had to work with has been largely mediocre.
  22. He's called Bathanes Damodred in the report of his casting, so yes.
  23. Still no official announcement by Amazon as to the exact release time of the first 3 episodes, is this typical for shows on streaming services?
  24. They can easily do that without any merging of countries, after all Elayne's father was not only from Cairhien, but a close relative to Laman.
  25. Elayne won't be the heir, for starters. And her House won't even be on the throne since Galad will be King of Andor.
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