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  1. Judging by the preview there are more people living than the episode would lead us to think, also I'm confident that Yara will have a whole big army to give Dany.
  2. I think it's a bit silly to suggest that Sansa should be out on a battlefield. Even book Sansa has no value with a sword, her skill is political machinations. Now you can criticize the show for having her seem pathetic while down in the crypts, she could have been keeping their spirits up (throwback to Blackwater) or thinking of a tactical way they could help. But to expect her to actually fight in any physical way is laughable.
  3. Has no one yet mentioned my new favorite theory, Melisandre is Syrio Forel
  4. I'm surprised people consider prophecies to be things that must happen. We've seen prophecies be completely avoided before, I don't think there is any indication that prophecies MUST come true, just that they are a possibility.
  5. I don't think we'll have happily ever after, but I think people give GRRM too much credit with "avoiding usual fantasy tropes." Martin, of course, had a few big moments like killing Ned and the Red Wedding, but at its core the series has been a traditional "Rightful King Returns" trope and nothing he's done so far suggests the series won't end with Jon or Dany (although I suspect Jon) sitting on a throne.
  6. I would think that if you hate it and it just makes you angry year after year, you'd save yourself that frustration. Of course people can complain, but if you despise the show and never have a good thing to say, you're just being angry for the sake of it and look like a hipster, hating what everyone else likes.
  7. Why are you still watching? Just to complain about how much you hate it?
  8. He's previously said he wouldn't do this, and I think if he's trying to it's going to be a disservice to his own writing and planning. It'd be absurd for him to change his story just because they already did the story he gave them.
  9. Yeah, I understand. Which is why I'm curious if this is something GRRM told them, or not. Three years ago they would have already had this conversation with George because three years ago they released Season 6, which goes beyond the books, and would have had to be in the writing process at least 4 years ago. The timeline they've stated is what I'm curious about.
  10. What do you have to back this up? Like I said, Martin himself said a few weeks ago that "But there may be – on certain secondary characters, there may be big differences.” Suggesting that he told them more than what you're claiming for the major characters.
  11. So what are you claiming? That they made up this ending before GRRM told them the actual ending or GRRM told them and they got the number of years wrong? Three years ago was when Season 6 aired, so they had already produced a whole season beyond the source material.
  12. I'm not sure this is something you can blame D&D for, I imagine that the general sequence of events is the same as GRRM's, he said as much three weeks ago when he said that there might be difference "with minor characters." Kiling the NK before dealing with Cersei is hardly a minor plot.
  13. I'm curious about this. We all know GRRM's "broad strokes" comment and recently he went even further and said "their ending in my ending" but in the aftershow D&D something like "we've known that Arya was going to be the one to do it for three years now." If it was GRRM's ending, shouldn't they have known since they sketched out the series before the show started?
  14. The episode was epic, there's not getting around it. There were some weird things with what Bran was doing the whole time, or why they didn't use the dragons more, and not enough people died. But still...epic!
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