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  1. Lord Godric

    This is almost confirmation that...

    There is no Night King in the books, so of course not.
  2. Lord Godric

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Judging by the preview there are more people living than the episode would lead us to think, also I'm confident that Yara will have a whole big army to give Dany.
  3. As someone said in another thread, yeah how many medieval battles against zombies do you know didn't have a battlefield commander?!
  4. Lord Godric


    I can't.
  5. Lord Godric


    I agree, but to just give into the most basic trope also isn't good writing, it's lazy.
  6. Lord Godric


    This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Tropes=good writing?
  7. Lord Godric


    And people complain about there being too many fantasy tropes in the show. Yes let's have the two painfully obvious plot-armored destined to rule characters do it all themselves.
  8. Lord Godric


    I know how to read, you can stop quoting the same thing. My point is that GRRM didn't tell D&D that Jon would be the hero who single handedly kills the NK and they just decided to change it on a whim to Arya. There is no NK, and Jon is not going to destroy the Others all on his own.
  9. Lord Godric


    You're reading into these things what you wanted them to say. You want Jon to be the hero that Martin has planned to save things, so that's what you think they said.
  10. Lord Godric


    hell if I know LOL
  11. Lord Godric


    You're ignoring the point that there is no Night King in the books. Therefore no one in the books is going to be the one to kill the Night King.
  12. Lord Godric

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I think it's a bit silly to suggest that Sansa should be out on a battlefield. Even book Sansa has no value with a sword, her skill is political machinations. Now you can criticize the show for having her seem pathetic while down in the crypts, she could have been keeping their spirits up (throwback to Blackwater) or thinking of a tactical way they could help. But to expect her to actually fight in any physical way is laughable.
  13. Lord Godric


    As GRRM himself has said, "Prophecies are, you know, a double edge sword." He never makes them as straightforward as they seem, for good reason. He intentionally plays with reader expectations and what readers are accustomed to due to fantasy tropes. If you expect Azor Ahai to save the entire world single handledly, I think Martin will subvert your expectations. "Prophecies come true in unexpected ways" - GRRM
  14. Lord Godric

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Has no one yet mentioned my new favorite theory, Melisandre is Syrio Forel
  15. Lord Godric

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I'm surprised people consider prophecies to be things that must happen. We've seen prophecies be completely avoided before, I don't think there is any indication that prophecies MUST come true, just that they are a possibility.