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  1. OMG! Jaqen, even if he didn't have half red and half white hair. I was almost sure Sansa was going to push Joffrey off the bridge, too bad she didn't, but that wouldn't be true to the booksl Shivers and tears when Danerys walked into the flames. Thank you, HBO.
  2. Ned's death was perfectly done. I was nearly as shocked as the first time I read it. Westeros will never be the same.
  3. Just saw the profile comment you left me. Guess I missed it many times. Glad you liked my first timers take. I enjoyed doing it.

  4. Hi, Isgrimnr. I'm really enjoying your thoughts while reading the books. I hope you will continue. You have a mind like a mousetrap to notice so many things about the characters.

  5. Suggestions for Dothraki--easily understandable in context, can be used often so that viewers can pick them up as well as us nerdy fans. Give us a general word of approval or admiration for a good feast, a good fight, or a good horse. Need a general word of scorn and contempt for sissies, dishonorable behavior, or a substandard weapon. Now to the "it is known" phrase: From the dictionary "hash yer ray nesi" did you know? If "nesi" corresponds to know, then "nesat" is probably to know. So, might be "ath-nesat-ar" or maybe even "Zhey ath-nesat". I like that one.
  6. Hi! Are you the same Brude that rides herd on the GoT discussion on IMDB? If so, thanks!

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