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  1. I really enjoyed the Winterfell and Castle Black scenes. Everything else... not so much
  2. 8/10 I thought it was good for the most part. I got chills from the shots of Melisandre and Jon staring through the funeral pyre at one another. On the negative side, I don't really get why they left out Jaime's explanation of what really happened with Tysha, the fireball-shooting children of the forest were a bit much, and personally I didn't really buy Brienne defeating The Hound.
  3. Or you could stop acting like children and accept the fact that some people have differing opinions from your own.
  4. On the positive side the giants and mammoths were great, the fight choreography seemed better, and some of the shots were really cool. On the negative side I thought the romance scenes were corny, I don't like that they seem to have killed off three characters that yet live in the books, and that ending was way too abrupt. Also the episode started at 9:04 and ended at 9:52. Stupid.
  5. I thought it was rather uneventful save for Darth Maul showing up at the end, which was... weird. I figured that's what they were doing with the boys, but it felt a bit odd for them to show it. I'm interested to see what they're going to do with Bran and co with Jon headed in their direction.
  6. Thought the last scene was the cheesiest thing they've ever done. Nearly ruined the entire episode for me.
  7. I'm wondering if they've cut out the bit about Robb's will.
  8. Really just don't understand why they've handled the Jon stuff they way they have. Looking like they cut out another major part of his storyline as they did with the Qhorin stuff in season 2. Don't know how they can raid castle black with 3 raiders.
  9. I felt like, despite the departures from the books, it was solid TV. Except for the Jon storyline which was completely mishandled this season imo. The other departures I didn't feel altered character development quite as much. Regardless, I enjoyed the episode. As for the House of the Undying: Does the snow on the throne represent Jon? Was Dany then shunning the throne to go beyond the wall and find her family in death? Did they just spoil the entire series?
  10. Given the title of the 10th episode, I think its fair to say that we haven't seen the last of Jaqen.
  11. So Talisa really is Talisa. Ugh. Pointless. The stalling for the House of the Undying is also frustrating.
  12. Mostly enjoyed it, but I don't like how they essentially skipped the sequence where Jon gets his scar and finds Mance's camp. It reeked of budget issues.
  13. Gave it my first 10. I feel like you'd have to be extremely nitpicky to give it anything below an 8. Just my opinion.
  14. Very strong episode. Wasn't a big fan of the last Dany scene, but otherwise really liked the episode.
  15. 8/10 I loved parts, but some parts also felt very awkward. I'm not one who is bothered by Ros, but the Pycelle stretches afterward seemed like they were just there for filler. Personally I love the Littlefinger/Varys dialogue. I wasn't a big fan of the actress portraying Mirri Maz Duur, something about her acting just put me off. The dragon CGI was fantastic, that's about as good as it gets for a television show, I really don't understand how anybody could complain about the aesthetic aspects of them. Unless the complaint is that they put too much money into the dragons and too little into the rest of the show.
  16. I didn't give the episode a 10, but you're really being unfair to other posters here. It was a pretty damn good episode, and if people liked it that is their opinion. It IS subjective. How can their opinion on how much they liked the episode, which is what this generally boils down to, NOT be subjective? How was Tywin's scene poorly done? Why did you think Drogo's scene was bad? It seems you essentially threw out a bunch of opinions after saying it isn't something that can be subjective.
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