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  1. I feel this 100%, could be the same problem you're having though
  2. It literally happened in 2020, they would post pictures of current events and then say "This would happen in Biden's America"
  3. Thank you for trying. I know it's not about math, just wanted to razz him
  4. It's called math, it can be hard for some 1+1 is a difficult equation obviously. Do you need help with the answer kiddo? @mcbigski
  5. I was always taught that an only goes in front of words that start with vowels. I feel like I heard that the reason an became accepted in front of h words was because of the tendency to not pronounce the h at the time.
  6. Obviously because voting tallies were changed. Nothing could be more obvious. Like in PA, for instance, multiple Republicans won their races for Congress because the ultra sophisticated liberal vote stealing operation, run out of Philadelphia, only could figure out how to doctor ballots to make Trump lose. They couldn't figure out how to change down ballot results
  7. Yes in a way, I was watching that game and it made me think about the "joke" and if it was truly a board original
  8. Thank you everyone for responding. I had assumed it was a board joke, but wanted to make sure before I falsely started attributing it to here. @Ormond I hope my thread doesn't restart any Welsh heckling
  9. Due to long association with this forum, I often make the joke that Wales isn't real to friends and family. Recently that made me wonder, is Wales being an imaginary land just a joke that started on these boards, or is it from something in particular? Hopefully some old timers will be able to help me out with this
  10. Life is better when Dub is posting on these forums
  11. My own anecdotal evidence from being a substitute teacher at a high school in a city, the students think lockdown drills are a joke and just an excuse to fool around. At one of the drills a "shooter" would walk the halls with a fake gun and attempt to enter rooms. All the times I was there for a drill, multiple kids would open the door to get "shot" so they could joke about it with friends. The only good thing about lockdown drills that I can think of comes from the ALICE method, and that is to evacuate as soon as possible.
  12. I read it in early on in high school and it was the first time I cried reading a book. I totally agree with you, would even pay double for a novel like that from him!
  13. I know this isn't directed at me, but one of my all time favorite moments was when
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