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  1. I've never met any politicians, but I did hear Howard Dean campaigning for John Kerry while I was a freshman at the U of Oregon. He even did an Oregon related version of his famous cry/scream. My brother met Obama briefly and got a picture. He had helped with election efforts in NC in 08. He asked Obama if he and his coworkers could, for the picture, pick him up and have them all hold Obama horizontally. I guess Barry might have been receptive, but the SS squashed that idea
  2. Could you expand on this? Did Douglas Adams do something similar to what you described as wishing Rothfuss would do?
  3. I would be interested in reading the rules if you linked them
  4. Was just coming to post this story. It is so frustrating to just have to sit and watch this happen. The feeling of hopelessness sucks. Maybe I'm wrong and the Dems will do something about this, besides hoping for national attention/outrage to sway the decisions. So disgusted and saddened with the state I live in right now.
  5. I wonder how much of Trump's support was just the power of being the incumbent. For instance in NC the govs race was called for Cooper before midnight, and last I checked he had more votes than Trump. Obviously we've seen states that vote red for Pres and then blue for Gov and visa versa, but it makes me wonder exactly how many votes an incumbent gains just for being the incumbent.
  6. I have a friend running for the House in PAs 14th. First time for me knowing someone running for an important office. He's the underdog, but still can hope for a miracle.
  7. Geez everyone, polls closed 42 minutes ago calm down
  8. That's what the adrenochrome is for silly
  9. So to me it looks like the reason the stimulus talks went nowhere is so now Trump can claim he's gonna save the American people via executive action. What are the chances this is the reason for the failures, and that this strategy pays off?
  10. Greg! Oh man how great to see your name on the boards! I hope you are doing well, your padelephant is
  11. So I misread this and assumed there was a sci-fi book that featured your name. Curious I googled your name and this came up and gave me a good chuckle.
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