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  1. There's no democrat party, so how can they have an agenda?
  2. They'd literally just come up with a new rule that excuses only them for reasons.
  3. I'm away from my house till the weekend, but when I get a chance I'll upload a photo of what I'm talking about. It's just frustrating to order a new book and have it be so poorly put together that the back cover could easily tear away from being attached to the rest of the book.
  4. What has happened to binding books these days? Every hardback that I buy, if it's new, is essentially falling apart upon arrival. I've reached the point where I'm going to stop buying hardback because of the shoddy construction. I did pre-order the new Daniel Abraham, and the cover literally would be falling off the book but for one small bit of glue holding the backpage onto the back cardboard. Before maybe five yrs ago I had never even seen a harshly used hardback in the shape "new" ones published today are in . Does just no one else care, so publishers don't see a need to fix this?
  5. Well, probably what they've done since football became a professional sport they'll hire the white guy. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new here, but the rule isn't for the 1 in 100 case where a team has its eyes set on one particular person and will move heaven and earth to get them.
  6. I'm don't understand why you'd let a GM stay on if his intent is to retire right after the draft? Does anyone understand the rational behind this?
  7. What game are you talking about? Looks interesting
  8. Great comment to someone talking about the nostalgia of seeing everyone they grew up watching either being retired or playing in their last home game.
  9. It feels like my youth is ending tonight. I know there is a lot of genuine dislike, and rightly so, for Big Ben, but he was drafted when I was still in high school! This is a weird feeling.
  10. His first book is called Theatre of the Gods, that might be available. I love this guy's writing, and Hunters is available on Kindle for me. So if you want to like dm your email address I'll buy you a copy and gift it!
  11. Have you ever read Hunters and Collectors by M. Suddain? Might be that great style you are looking for.
  12. Quick question for the board. I have a couple hardback books where the glue in the binding can be seen if looking at the book from above. So it's not coming apart yet, and the glue kinda sticks again if the spine is pressed by hand. My question is, can I apply some small amount of heat to the outside and reattach this? Or will reheating the glue damage the book? Thanks for any advice or help!
  13. I second this recommendation, what a great book.
  14. I think it's just a shortcut way to avoid having to re-number the years as most Western historians would know them, also prevalence of Gregorian calendar, while removing the overt reference to Christianity. ETA: Looking around online it appears the first known reference to CE appears in German in the 17th century and English in the 18th. An article I found, just skimmed so sorry if there are glaring mistakes. https://www.worldhistory.org/article/1041/the-origin--history-of-the-bcece-dating-system/
  15. Back when I was in high school, someone on this board suggested I read Collen McCullough First Man in Rome. I've been hooked on Roman History since. However much like you my interests have strayed to different periods than just the end of the Republic. For me it's a similar period as you, but more focused on the split between Eastern and Western Empires and more specifically how the people that lived in either of any class viewed themselves. Gruen's book was published in the '74, I'm just reading it now for the first time, but it was at the very least one of a range of books that started challenging the accepted narratives of why and how the Republic fell. From it being almost a fait accompli, to his preferred view of how the system was never in a state of persistent decline, but remarkably stable right down to the start of the Civil War. Nothing groundbreaking now though, because it's almost 50yrs old. I asked because I've noticed you talking about Roman history before and was just curious. Interestingly I visited Rome back in 2011, and the city museums were all doing exhibits on rehabilitating Nero's image. They had even spelled his name out in huge letters in the arches of the Colosseum. Edited: I tried reading a biography on Domitian, called The Emperor Domitian by Brian W. Jones. If you're looking for rehabilitation look no further. Although it's a dry read. A lot of focus on his court, and his interaction with them, and what that signifies.
  16. This is an even older history, but have you ever read Erich Gruen's The Last Generation of the Roman Republic?
  17. I wonder if the first movie in each franchise coming out within a month of each other also helped?
  18. The beginning and ending of decades belong to Espania, tremble before our might!
  19. An obvious point for me to make, but this is a problem I hope we have people working 24/7 to figure out how to combat effectively. However, at the same time I have to believe the way this is being reported just makes the mess so much worse. Like would gas stations have run out, if every major and local media site hadn't been running coverage all day about how there was a huge gas shortage and you'd be lucky to get any gas if you waited a moment longer to go fill up? Its the same with JBS, I don't want to downplay the problem, but our reporting on it just makes the situation so much worse.
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