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  1. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    Bloodline (Netflix)

    Season 1 of Bloodlines is, for my money, one of the best things that Netflix has produced. Season 2 is terrible. I'm about six episodes in and I'm not even sure I can finish the season.
  2. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    Pretty sure that The Beast had a very unconvincing extra pinky finger attached to his hands.
  3. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    I have not read the books, but my understanding from reading the Wiki is that the loops works basically the same way. SOMEONE is learning something from the loops - it's just not the main characters. Specifically, Jane Chatwin is fiddling with the group to see whether any of the changes put them in a better position to stop The Beast. As I understand it, both the books and the show have picked up this theme of deconstructing the "chosen one" narrative, which is part of why Quentin comes to realize this episode that he is actually not the person in a best position to kill The Beast. The revelation that Quentin and his friends have much less agency than we thought, and are in fact pawns in a larger game, actually works on the same level of subversion.
  4. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    From my recollection, Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow operates exactly like Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day - which is to say, they each remember everything that happened in their prior days, but everyone else "reset" with no knowledge. The only way that Emily Blunt's character learned anything about what happened is because Tom Cruise's character told her. I don't think there's any indication that Julia or Quentin or any of the Brakebills kids have any recollection or retained anything they learned from the prior loops. Basically, they're pawns in a giant puzzle the only thing that's really changing is Jane Chatwin rearranging them at the beginning to try to prod them in different directions.
  5. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    FB, You must be an... interesting person to watch television shows with. Quentin, Julia, Penny Alice, Margot and Eliot don't remember their 39 previous deaths. They know OF the time loop because Quentin informed them, after he truth serumed it out of the Dean, but they don't have any personal memory of it. The comments made by the Brakebills students about it being unpleasant to die were the result of them experiencing their own deaths via the "probability magic" they cast - not because they were remembering their prior time loops. Based on what we've seen in the show, only beings of great magical power can actually remember the past time loops - The Beast seems to remember the prior loops, as does Ember. The Dean seems to have some remembrance of the prior loops as well, judging by his reference to the number of times that Quentin has slipped him truth serum (you'd think he would be a little more cautious at this point). In the prior timelines, Julia got into Brakebills. There's no reason to believe that she joined the hedges in summoning Reynard in the prior timelines, because her not getting into Brakebills was the whole reason she went down the hedge path and tried to summon a goddess. To the best of the information we have, she never had a mind block put into place on her, because she never summoned Reynard in the prior timelines because she had always gotten into Brakebills. There is no indication that any of the Brakebills students or Julia have any retained memories of the prior time loops. In fact, there's plenty of evidence otherwise - Quentin and Julia end up having to re-learn magic all over again each time, and they start out as total beginners. I admit - nobody knows exactly why Ember said that usually Quentin had killed Julia by this point. He might mean that he personally killed her. He might mean that he had gotten Julia killed. I admit that it's a mystery. But other than that one concession, I think you are misreading the show pretty significantly.
  6. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    Orange is the New Black

    I honestly found this season kind of exhausting to watch. It was just... relentlessly depressing. Some people had entire plot lines comprised entirely of misery and being shit on (hello Brook and Poussay! I hope next season is much better for you both!). And then the traumatic stuff. I almost stopped watching after Tiffany was raped twice in a ten minute span. It fits with the character they've created, and it's not like it's terribly unrealistic. But... it still sucks. And I actually have a real problem with how they chose to portray the violence against Sophia. I really, really disliked that they made the decision to have Sophia's attackers be three random extras that we've barely ever seen before. And not only that, but even though the violence was ultimately rooted in the conflict between Gloria and Sophia, none of Sophia's attackers were even from Gloria's "family" - they were two random white girls and a black girl. I feel as if the show went out of its way to absolve Gloria specifically, and Aleida by extension who was much more actively culpable in stirring up the transphobic hate against Sophia, from direct responsibility for the attack. And now Sophia's "struggle" is a moral conflict about her sin of omission - her failure to actively stop Aleida (easily one of the WORST characters on the show by any measure) from stirring up hate against Sophia. So Sophia has to own the fact that she actually hurt Gloria (even if the injury was unintended), while Gloria only has to own that she didn't do enough to stop the attack against Sophia. And I think that actually makes the violence... exploitative. None of the main characters has to really own it, but they still get to exploit it for dramatic purposes, and of course to further punish Sophia by torturing her with extended solitary - well that's just the dramatic cherry on top. And of course, for all we know, the next season is going to start ten seconds after this season ended, and maybe Sophia will be out in a day or two in tv-time. But even so, in real time, in the year until the next season comes out, every time I think of Sophia, I'm going to be thinking of that last shot of the door closing on her and her breaking down in solitary. And that's pretty shitty.
  7. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Just finished episode 10. Super minor spoiler ahead...
  8. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Geez, done already? I'm three episodes in. It's okay. There are some individual plot threads that I enjoy, and others that I enjoy less. It's not really pulling together for me yet, but I'm interested enough to continue. Some of the cinematography and big landscape shots are amazing. Despite the fact that I'm not digging all of the individual stories equally, I love that they have an incredibly diverse, global cast.
  9. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    I'm curious to start watching it this weekend. There's value and pleasure to be found in an interesting failure - sometimes more so than a middling success. I'd often rather see something strive and fail to do something great or unusual than succeed at something pedestrian.
  10. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    This actually looks pretty good. Hopefully it won't be a complete disaster.
  11. NestorMakhnosLovechild

    THE X-FILES returns, in HD and widescreen

    This baffles me. The X-Files was very much a product of its time, and while there are episodes which STILL stand up as quality pieces of television, as a whole, its attempt at long-storm storytelling was a muddled mess even at the time. The concept underlying the X-Files definitely has some juice left in it, but the idea that we need to go back, over 10 years later, to wrap up the long-form narrative that long since spiraled out of control and into absurdity, makes no sense to me.
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