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  1. Tywin coming into the throne room and announcing victory was legendary.

    Stannis was particularly impressive in this episode (though it is clearly stated that neither he or Tywin lead from the front during battles in the books). But that's why I love these GRRM penned episodes; it allows him to update the occurrences of the novels. Stannis getting right in the thick of things, at least to me, seems more like what I would expect from him.

  2. After more reading and hints of this and that on other threads..,,

    Asha is not done in her bid for the Seastone Chair. She left the Kings Moot for this reason. She has to aquire Theon to lay claim to the chair. The Dampair will support this to get rid of Euron.

    Therefore, Theon must be released from captivity and out in the open so Asha can rescue him.

    Roose Bolton knows that Arya/Jeyne is not Arya Stark. Jamie told Brienne "they" didn't care.

    But Ramsay might. He is his father's son. While Roose is cunning and intelligent, so is Ramsay. He has Theon, the strutting prince of a few books ago, eating rats and calling himself Reek. Ramsay may think something is hinky in all this. Why does he get the heiress of Winterfell? It may trouble him that his father married a mere Frey, when he could have had "Arya." He might want proof the bride is Arya.

    Perhaps Fat Walda will "die" in childbirth and Ramsay will have a fatal hunting accident. Or maybe there will be a Pink Wedding.

    Or I could be completely full of hops.

    Well, in the sample chapter, Ramsay tells Theon he wants him there when he takes hold of fake Arya. I assume he wants this because he needs someone to confirm her identity. Unclear at this point.

    I still think Theon has it in him to stab Ramsay in the back, but we'll see. Rereading the sample, there's still a little dickhead Theon in there.

  3. I like this. It would also make Aeron's POV more relevant, and it is very poetic in a way. I think George has a lot in mind for Theon, not just in terms of plot, but thematically aswell. Theon's an excellent character.

    I agree. He's got a weak will, but this experience might have steeled him a bit. I realize he's scared poopless at this point, but I would assume that, if given the chance to make a move, he'll take it. I also assume Bolton is holding him because he can then take not only the North, but potentially the Iron Islands as well - otherwise, Theon would be dead. The politics of the North right now are very intriguing to me.

  4. He'll announce the publication soon. He knows we want the book, I'm sure he wants the book completed and published, and HBO is launching a series on the saga. I'm no marketing pro, but it sure sounds like a good idea to launch the fifth book in the series around the time, say, the first season ends or shortly thereafter? Then make sure to tune into the second season, of course. ;)

  5. Varys, the guy who hates magic, believes in prophecy...

    What Varys and Illryios game is in plainly laid out in one of the Tyrion spoiler chapters where Illryio pretty much tells him. Its not about Prophecy is about Money and Power and for Varys being able to pull it off. Varys is a fat, bald, ballless Locke Lamora.

    Only one Stark can pull off a comeback anytime soon and thats Jon and is too busy thinking with his honour(no I don't mean dick) and not his brain.

    Very true. If I were Jon Snow, I would have become Jon Stark, took back my seat, let Stannis do whatever except break down the Wall, march south with him, own with a stone dragon, (possibly pulling a Roose Bolton if I had to), take a dornish hottie as my bride, and then retire in the north. Maybe let Bran do the work, or Rickon, if he becomes less annoying.

    Of course, this would probably spell doom for Westeros, since JS obviously has something to do with defeating the Others.

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