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  1. Unfortunately I can no longer come. So, I have an adult attending membership to sell. I paid 160Euros for it in Helsinki, so that is what I am asking. Current rates are 210Euros so there is an immediate saving to be had. Let me know if interested.
  2. I was planning to go, but the change of dates has somewhat buggered me. I'm not ruling it out entirely, but will have to catch el bosso (the manager) on a good day.
  3. This was the problem in Helsinki as well, which is why I didn't upgrade there, as I can't find my email stating how much I supported by. I'll have to do it online so it goes to Colin who does have access to the database.
  4. Well there we go. Only reason I didn't upgrade in Helsinki was because I couldn't remember how much I'd actually paid supporting wise.
  5. Will be at both. I've bought my membership for Dublin and just need to upgrade my supporting for TitanCon.....which I will probably do at TitanCon. Somebody remind me.
  6. That is a much better ending imo. Very much in keeping with his Stark upbringing. The boots bit made me lol.
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