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  1. Drat, I should have got mine signed the last time you were both here, haha.
  2. Hey @Peadar, did they stop doing the odd check on the trains, then?
  3. Glad I saw this on the board, gives me some time to prepare.
  4. I wish you didn't have your "private messages" disabled, @Casablanca Birdie.
  5. Oh, I dunno, I guess perhaps something like... no preparation for two years, with the end result being 40 people in a room talking about the weather, before getting torn apart by midges on the coach tour at sunset on Sunday, and spending Monday in A&E. It's that, or someone putting a pin in Bouncy Castle Black.
  6. Oh, but everyone would look great walking around that part of Belfast in their orange lanyards and badges.
  7. Orange if you intend to go to NI? INTERESTING CHOICE OF COLOUR.
  8. Having attended neither Worldcons nor Eurocons (not really a convention person, I suppose), I'm wondering should I attend Worldcon just to give people a familiar face for when they arrive at Eurocon? Failing that, I suppose there's a perk in that it's an opportunity to ask Steve Jackson why his company treats people like unpersons for preferring OGRE to that card game. Hmm.