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  1. In terms of the tours mentioned elsewhere, we do have Olympus 2012, with GRRM. It's the UK's biggest SF&F lit-con, sharing a cachet alongside Worldcon and NASFIC, so I'd be hoping he'll have something for us there.
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    Morning/Afternoon/Evening all Misha aka The Multi-Class-Geek aka Ser Eloisa here. I've been observing the board for a while; Thanks to Z, I've even met a few of you at London meetups. It's her who's to blame for me reading the books... Unlike her, I cannot forgive Jaime for what he did to Brandon Stark, but otherwise, we're on the same wavelength (right down to the Jon/Dany Impending Unknown Incest Ship) Right, intro done. Back to the Ashes thread....