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    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    So I was reading through ADwD again the other day and noticed that when Bran first met Bloodraven, he asked him if he was the Three-Eyed Crow and BR says something like, "yeah, I was a crow at one point in time." I thought this was kind of odd though, as Bloodraven doesn't really act like he knows what Bran's on about. And then there is that bit about Euron having these dreams that he could fly, and being called Crow's Eye and all that just gave me this odd sense of unease. Not implying Euron is the TEC, but that maybe the TEC is something else altogether - probably not, but eh, it still kinda creeps me out. Could just be how BR manifests himself visually to Bran - and it's like a proprietary vision of Bran's.