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  1. Wait...you stated quite confidently that the left's solution is "farcical" and now you're saying you don't know? In terms of environmental regulations, they had almost nothing to do with destruction of the coal industry. In fact, the Clean Air Act helped keep old facilities around.
  2. Suttree

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    Why? Just provide evidence backing your assertion. You do have keyboard and computer don't you?
  3. Can you please articulate what you think the "left's answer" to climate change is?
  4. Suttree

    Gun Control III: the Hedge Knight Rises.

    It did in this particular instance. Overall?
  5. Suttree

    Gun Control Discussion 2

    Indeed. A bit sad, but this post Heller interpretation we've seen over the last nine years is as Chief Justice Warren Burger famously said,"a fraud on the American public.”
  6. Suttree

    Vegas Shooting

    Why not sure? It's literally what good ol' St. Ronnie the White Washed(with the backing of the NRA) did in CA. As for the effects of gun ownership, the evidence is pretty clear “Within the United States, a wide array of empirical evidence indicates that more guns in a community leads to more homicide,” David Hemenway, the Harvard Injury Control Research Center’s director, wrote in Private Guns, Public Health.
  7. Suttree


    Anyone else given King's County Distillery a go? Trippy, nice viscosity and tastes pretty young. Wouldn't turn it down but I'm kinda waffling on it overall.
  8. Suttree

    What Are You Reading: September 2017

    At the very least you need to admire his work ethic. Dude was tip toeing the line and living in a random motel in Knoxville when he won his MacArthur Genius Award. They didn't even know how to reach him with the news. Regardless, I tend to agree with Harold Bloom that that the four major American novelists of our time are Don DeLillo, Philip Roth, Thomas Pynchon, and Cormac McCarthy. Who would you add/subtract and why?
  9. Suttree

    What Are You Reading: September 2017

    McCarthy has to be counted as on of the best authors in the Western literary canon. If you want to start at a place that is slightly more accessible I would recommend all All the Pretty Horses or No Country for Old Men. That said, some of those pieces from Blood Meridian are ace:
  10. Suttree

    What Are You Reading: September 2017

    Just started in on the The Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman.
  11. Suttree


    +1 on the McKenna 10-year bottled-in-bond. Pretty much blows everything else at that price point out of the water.
  12. Which says what about the quality of the production exactly?
  13. Suttree

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Reading and enjoying Mark Lawrence's "Emperor of Thornes". If anyone is looking for a new series this is a solid one.