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  1. Suttree

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    Not sure why this needs to be repeated ad nauseam but you understand due process doesn't apply here? It's SCOTUS seat not a criminal trial. If anything his hyper partisan tantrum yesterday(along with previous lies) clearly show him to be unfit for the seat. Additionally it seems like most reasonable people can say there should be a further investigation. That notably doesn't include Bart himself.
  2. Suttree

    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    Whataboutism? Excellent choice when unable to offer a cogent defense. Well played Comrade.
  3. Suttree

    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    Given the assholes on the committee that appointed her, it could have been much much worse. Again, almost every thing I've read says she is well respected(and yes I understand it's frickin Maricopa county).
  4. Suttree

    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    Dude...come on. All the background that has come out shows she is competent and well respected on both sides of the aisle.
  5. Suttree

    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    Anecdotal fallacy? Funny how that works.
  6. Suttree

    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    Buckle up.
  7. Suttree

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    Sigh. Once again. Obama is a secret mooslim from Kenya = not credible. Democrats are running a pedophile ring out of pizza parlors = not credible. An incident which Ford told her therapist and husband about years ago with a potential witness identified by name. Combined with all the info concerning drinking/the school's culture and other potential victims speaking up = credible. Either way, there clearly needs to be a full investigation. We know this isn't a he said/she said story so Judge, Ford's husband, her therapist, their classmates...they all need to testify so that we can clear his good name right? The problem for Kavanaugh is he's already proven to be at best a dissembler and at worst a liar across a variety of topics. Dude has major credibility problems and that's going to come back to bite him.
  8. Suttree

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    This. Making such an unequivocal statement seems like a major blunder.
  9. Suttree

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    Seriously mate, super sad when upstanding individuals like Roy Moore can't even cruise the mall any more. Edit: And seeing as how your so concerned about credibility I assume you support a full investigation? We know this isn't a two person story so Mark Judge clearly needs to testify, in addition to all other corroborating witnesses. This would include Ford's and Kavanaugh's classmates, Ford's therapist, etc. By all means...let's get to the bottom of the situation for everyone involved.
  10. It's cute that all the Sweet Pea types pretend to care about "due process" as it relates to people like Kavanaugh and Roy Moore. It's not that they excuse sexual violence see, they just want to wait for a full trial that they know will never take place so that they can conveniently ignore these claims. Look dude, the point being if someone is running for public office or up for this type of nomination they are held to a higher standard. People can look at the veracity of the accusations, how the individual responds/what their history is with lying and then decide if if the claims are disqualifying. Once again this isn't some criminal case where due process would apply.
  11. What in the living f**k? This isn't some criminal case where the state is attempting to deprive him of “life, liberty, or property.” He is being considered for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court and as such should be held to a higher standard. Due process does not apply.
  12. Indeed. Nike has made gains in recent years, but it certainly is a case of them "leveraging" this type of thing to boost sales. Contrast that with a brand like Levi's whose values truly sit at the core of their business.
  13. Nope +31% and stock prices are hitting record highs. We see this time and again with companies leveraging sustainability and corporate responsibility to boost sales.
  14. Suttree

    U.S. Politics: A Song Of Mimes And Musicians

    From earlier... More so, other GOP voter suppression efforts have been clearly detailed. It just seems odd that you continue to traffic in this false equivalence of "both sides".