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  1. Hi! I saw that you quoted my post in a recent thread about the A+J=J&C theory and I just wanted to say that I'm not offended at all :) I'm flattered that you thought it was good enough to quote and glad that you found it interesting even though you don't care for the theory yourself. And FWIW, I don't think that quoting something from a different thread counts as re-posting or that you need anyone's permission to do it on the same board. I think re-posting is when...

    1. Nausicaä


      (cont.)I think re-posting is when someone takes a post from the forums and posts it on another site, like Tumblr or LJ. So don't worry about it. And thanks!

    2. nirolo


      So you saw...

      Yep, I was amazed by the the quantity as well as the quality of the quotes you gathered to support A+J=C+J. It is regrettable that I don't see you on this forum more often.

      And you're welcome, though it is I who should be thanking you for writing such a wonderful post :)


  2. Your new icon is lovely <3

  3. I suppose you're right, but if someone wanted to get a look at the family trees or something else from the bottom of the page, they would have to scroll past the spoilers. And I think another problem is that the wiki is indexed/crawled by Google (and probably other search systems), so some of the spoiler info from it might show up on the results page when you look up characters from the spoiler chapter. For example, But maybe I worry too much.
  4. I noticed that the information from the spoiler TWOW chapter that was released recently was added on several pages* and I'm curious, should it be there? I don't think it's really considerate to the fans who are trying to stay spoiler-free (I already read the chapter, so I wasn't spoiled myself) and I don't recall seeing information from the spoiler chapters of ADWD on the wiki before the book's release. I'm not a regular contributor (or well, any contributor :blushing:) and couldn't find the rule on this, so I figured it's best to ask here. *
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