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  1. hope your sudying... no clue what to write on her :P FB, and general mobile txt is easier :P.....

  2. stalking that ref again hey :P i was quite disappointed he didn't ref us.

  3. Post on the Aussie thread and bag out Paxter. We need more dirt on him!

  4. only 45 profile vies :P

  5. bahahahahahaha noob

  6. are you online?

  7. hey mal. how are you?

  8. hey, it won't let me use the personal conversation thingy ?

  9. can i go to the 20/20 western warriors match on the 30th of Dec? ps how's the trip going?

  10. You n00b! You're supposed to post the comment on my profile page not yours! Otherwise I don't receive an e-mail alert.

  11. true true! bring me some food, then i'll consider posting ;)

  12. Clicking on my profile hey? Only a matter of time before you finally post...

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