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  1. The set decorators often make exaggerated designs in sculptures- there are many direwolf and dragon statues that do not resemble the official sigils
  2. Historically, Cornwall was a major hub for maritime activity: sailing, trading, fishing, pirating
  3. Well keep in mind that the sets we see in spy photos aren’t always prominent ones, just what we happened to see by luck. and they don’t build all of a castle in one location: individual elements of King’s Landing and Dragonstone were split between 3 countries
  4. @Ran NEWS: WB filming crews spotted in Cornwall for Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn! https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/talk-game-thrones-prequel-filming-5321986
  5. Crud I haven’t been on in a few days didn’t see that
  6. @Ran Turns out my suspicions were correct, HBO updated their landing page with brief House of the Dragon character profiles to include one for Criston Cole, which reads:
  7. I live in the New York City area, but I can't afford Broadway tickets!
  8. I don't know what's a good spot for this, but IMDB just updated that Simon Brindle, the Costume Armor Supervisor on Game of Thrones, will return to work on House of the Dragon. @Ran Here is a featurette he did back in the day about his job:
  9. We barely saw Jaime fight once on the tv show before he lost his hand
  10. Interesting that his father's mother was from a Jewish family living in Mumbai, India. The casting sheet leaks weeks ago said they were looking for a "Mediterranean" looking actor, as if to imply that being from the Dornish Marches, there's some Dornish blood in him, by way of shifting borders (entirely possible). I wonder if they'll make a stray mention in the show "his grandmother was Dornish" or something.
  11. I wrote up a brief profile: Fabien Frankel is the son of Anglo-Jewish actor Mark Frankel, and French advertising account executive Caroline Besson. Fabien's paternal grandmother was from an Indian-Jewish family in Mumbai, India. Mark Frankel was a prominent leading man in his brief career, but tragedy struck when he was killed in a car accident in 1996 at the age of 34, when Fabien was only two years old. Fabien has one sibling, brother Max, born after their father's death. Their family has a long history in the performing arts: Mark Frankel's grandmother was a concert pianist, and Mark's grandfather was a prominent violinist and conductor. Fabien attended RADA [Foundation 2013-2014] (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and is a 2017 graduate of LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) with a BA (Hons) Professional Acting course (2014-2017). According to IMDB, some of his skills include: Languages English, French bi-lingual Advanced, level 3 Single Sword Stage Combat (Examiner's Gold Star award).
  12. Also consider that they admitted they focused all their attention on this one “perfect” scene, for awards baiting,... at the expense of paying attention to the rest of the season. How in the series finale inside the episode, only released in the blu ray....they blurt out casually “we spent so much time focusing on getting that one scene perfect that we didn’t think of the political fallout after that until the last minute”
  13. Their "marketing guy" on the official Game of Thrones twitter channel proudly announced that today, day four out of a seven day tenth anniversary week, was "the fourth moon-turn of our binge-watch" (shudder)
  14. ....My theory was that they would start filming this week. Maybe all this 10th anniversary "MaraThrone" stuff will culminate in them having a "Day 1 on the spinoff" set video by this Sunday or something.
  15. HBO's 10 year anniversary marathon and the backlash it's generating has left me melancholy and with much to think about we still have a large mountain to climb before anyone in a position of power - not at HBO but throughout mainstream entertainment - actually addresses the elephant in the room: not just "what the hell was that?" as in Season 8 but "retroactively, this was a decade long 'con job' by two frauds". In short....it's like DC Comics fandom right after Whedon's Justice League came out in 2017...compared to when people are actually calling out what Whedon did, over 3 years later
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