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  1. Ah, good, they posted the whole thing to Twitter, at least. No edits:
  2. Strange... HBO made a new behind the scenes video with GRRM, going over a map of where the Stepstones are and their strategic importance...but only loaded it to Instagram, cut up into smaller videos to fit in the "stories" feed: https://www.instagram.com/stories/houseofthedragonhbo/2921614176173329419/?hl=en They're late loading it to Youtube.
  3. If there's one man who could take out a whole army like Lancelot at a wedding...or Richard the Lionheart at Acre...it's Daemon F-ing Targaryen, the Rogue Prince! Oh I'd follow him to hell and back, I would!
  4. @Ran Hey is "Ciera Lannister" supposed to be mother of Jason & Tyland, and wife of Tymond?
  5. Was the idea of the Martells winning the First Dornish War realistic? Or the Viet Cong? Or the Ewoks? Honeyed wine doesn't even pair well with venison or pork. What was he thinking? Come now ser, it was only an idle jape. Let the tongues wag: it will not change the succession.
  6. Hey, we've been closely following filming news for two years, and had every reason to be fully confident in the new production team, and even WE were shitting ourselves when it came done to the wire on premiere night. The real X-factor for me though wasn't if it would be good, but if audiences would even come back....and yeah, I'm seeing quite a few major review channels who had vocally abandoned the franchise praising the House of the Dragon premiere and admitting they were wrong to pre-judge it: AngryJoe, Quinn's Ideas, etc.
  7. News has been kind of slow past few days, but I think that's due to 1 - Lord of the Rings dropped a day early on September 1 (Thursday), 2 - last week's episode was good character building but a bit slow, not as buzz-worthy as "Aegon prophecy revealed!" etc. Not even a weak episode - I've seen A LOT of people online say they even preferred it to the first episode, due to all the character building on the main cast. (shrug) Well...will the Stepstones battle this Sunday spark a lot of new discussion? That is the question... sorry to ramble; it's just the episode 1 was a tough act to follow: a surprisingly good premiere to a prequel of a franchise people had written off...which also included major prophecy revelations.
  8. all of that was due to direct orders from the showrunners, over the direct complaints of the cinematographer, director, and VFX team (shrug)
  9. I can’t really blame Alan Taylor for Beyond the Wall anymore than I can Sapochnik for “The Long Night”
  10. Rumors are swirling on Twitter that Miguel Sapochnik will not return for season 2.
  11. The different Phases of the World of Westeros Cinematic Universe cannot contradict each other. We must respect the Phases.
  12. Well…I hope they give clarification before too long
  13. Why do you keep really insisting “so nothing to discuss”? I even agree “some Valyrian families were just black “ could work - due to all the inbreeding they’re like different tribes that didn’t intermingle. but there is further discussion; ok, was Jaehaerys’s mother still Alyssa Velaryon in the TV version and was she black? They…seem to say she wasn’t his mother. Which is fine, that’s internally consistent.
  14. I wonder if Kit will publicly turn and say season eight was a disservice to him or something
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