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  1. They weren’t TRYING to make it medieval-accurate. That’s the issue. They were trying to pander the lead actors for awards.
  2. I wonder when elio and Linda will start making their own videos again. Things seem directionless. i imagine we’ll have more activity resting g apart the commentaries from the season 8 box set
  3. The Dragon Demands

    Game of Thrones Complete Collection Announced

    Yikes, are they trying to compare Daenerys to Aerys II and Maegor the Cruel? i don’t know if “the South” refers to Westeros....or, small chance, they mean “the south of the WORLD”: Naath, Summer Isles, Sothoryos. But probably not. they already covered the Blackfyres LAST year in the Golden Company video. They’re not setting up a Blackfyre Rebellion prequel, are they?
  4. The Dragon Demands

    Game of Thrones Complete Collection Announced

    @Ran The Season 8 Histories and Lore list has been revealed by the ratings website: https://bbfc.co.uk/releases/game-thrones-s8-ec-video 00:02:55:00 (KING'S LANDING) 00:05:30:00 (THE GREYJOY REBELLION) 00:05:14:00 (THE BLACKFYRES) 00:02:28:00 (THE SOUTH) 00:05:15:00 (THE DEFIANCE OF DUSKENDALE) 00:05:17:00 (MAEGOR THE CRUEL) they sound lackluster and redundant. Only 27 minutes, not the full hour we normally get - small chance that there might be a larger animated special not listed here (last like in season 7’s set)
  5. Yes. We need more reporting on this. Book fan sites stopped reporting on them out of disgust...all that did was let D&D’s apologists control the narrative.
  6. Well...we’ll just have to smash it all down and rebuild it again in our own image, won’t we? Quislings. they doubled down on the Long Night prequel just as they doubled down on season 8. They built a house on sand. It’s why I champion the other prequel. Now, as the old saying goes, it’s time to pay the price.
  7. Why aren’t people publicly disagreeing with them more? It took until season 8 got so bad to break the hype?
  8. I made this: the post-Emmys Q&A: when asked direct questions, Benioff and Weiss keep turning around and waiting for the cast to answer them. It’s very uncomfortable to watch:
  9. I'm looking for an old interview Benioff gave, possibly more than one but I think this was text, which I remembered reading around the beginning of Season 7. For the life of me, I thought it was in Time.com, but it is not. In this interview, he expands on his comments about how he got most of his writing done in last minute bursts from midnight to dawn - which he's talked about a lot, actually, including his dvd commentaries. But in this he went so far as to say, that this kept up his wife and children so much that he had an outdoor shed of his house converted into a (furnished) writer's room. I was all set to make a video on this, but A - I can't find it, and B- on paper, out of context, it doesn't sound that weird; who wouldn't want a private study or workspace? what bugs me about it is the "I get bursts of energy at night" part....evidencing just how little..."group discussion" there was on his writing. How reckless he was. But the dvd quotes will have to do. I'll reconcile this by saying I "cut it for time" (so my video on his writing doesn't drag for a full hour) Nonetheless, can anyone find some old interview (or interviews) in which a reporter is actually at Benioff's home in Beverly Hills, and is describing his work environment? I'm not sure.
  10. The Dragon Demands

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Separate issue: aging up the younger characters while there are no sex scenes comparable to Daenerys's wedding night in the premiere of Game of Thrones, which unavoidably required her to be aged up, there's the more general pressure of aging up child actors to get a better performance. A 16 year old can give a better performance than a 14 year old. A six year old Rickon was preferable to a three year old Rickon. ….BUT, this depends on how big their roles will ultimately be - how much screentime would Aegon III, Viserys II, and Aegon III's children ultimately get? should they be expanded or reduced? Expansion would require older actors. Ages of younger characters at the outbreak of the Dance of the Dragons: Blacks: Jace Velaryon - 15 Luke Velaryon - 14 Joff Velaryon - 12 Aegon III - 9 Viserys II - 7 Baela & Rhaena (twins) - 17 Nettles - 16 Greens: Aemond One-Eye - 19 Daeron the Daring - 15 Jaehaerys & Jaehaera (twins) - 6 Maelor - 3 A separate issue are the Lads, who would show up later in the TV show's run. Benjicot Blackwood was 11 when the war broke out. And the green Lord Kermit Tully was of an age with Baela & Rhaena, 17. To be honest, aging up 14 year olds to be 16 in order to get better actors doesn't concern me much or even change the story that much (aging up Robb Stark didn't change him that much in the TV show) The question is....thinking of Rickon…..how prominent should or will the child characters be? At least at the start? Rhaenyra's two youngest sons both grow up to be kings and are important characters...eventually. And Aegon II's three small children? Because while not consummated, the war technically ends with two 11 year olds getting married.
  11. The Dragon Demands

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Basically, my mental image of major "stopping points" in the Dance of the Dragons which would serve well as season finales, are these major battles. Unless they want "season 1" to be about the reign of Viserys ending with his death...let's call this "season zero" for the sake of argument....but adapting with the idea that it starts with Viserys I's death, I think the natural stopping point for season 1 is the battle of rook's rest. Moving along in that fashion..... one season needs to end with Rhaenyra capturing King's Landing. I'll get back to that. They might want to show some major battles out of sequence; i.e. the Butcher's Ball wasn't much of a set piece so much as a slaughter; do you lump that in at the end of a season or at the beginning? probably a good eye-catching season premiere followup to the fall of King's Landing.... So we'd have a Season that begins with Butcher's Ball, Rhaenyra triumphant, but gradually across that season things fall apart - ending either with First Tumbleton or the Storming of the Dragonpit and Rhaenyra's death...which would be a LOT to pack into one season. I could see them ending on any one of those three events....and that's not even getting into Caraxes vs Vhagar. The final season is pretty clear: picking up after Rhaenyra dies through the Muddy Mess and Aegon II's death. But "Season 2" of this would be too big: search for Dragonseeds through capture of King's Landing and the Fishfeed. Might it be better as two seasons? split up just as book 3 o AsoIAF was split into two seasons? the war itself lasted 2 years, and I had a mental picture of roughly half a year per season, for a time: 1 - through Rook's Rest, 2 - through Rhaenyra capturing KL, 3 - fall of Rhaenyra, 4 - fall of Aegon II. a TV adaptation might need to expanded this to one year per season and saying the war lasted four years (I don't have a problem with that). But "Season 2" in there...that's basically ALL of the major land warfare, Honeywine, entire Riverlands campaign through the Fishfeed. You can DO that as one season, but it would be stuffed compared to other seasons. So I see four...preferably five seasons out of this (and directly leading into a Regency show).
  12. The Dragon Demands

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders