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  1. I think they would do Arlan and the Vulture King as flashbacks, given that the "cold open" on Dunk burying him is so iconic. Burying him right after Arlan knighted him.
  2. Getting back on topic, I wouldn't be opposed to them ..."rounding out" Dunk & Egg things that happened "off screen", which Martin never intended to give a novella treatment. Case in point, that between the first and second novella, they sort of ride out the plague because they were in Dorne at the time, serving the mad Lady Vaith, and then visited young Master Aemon in Oldtown. I mean "a plague on the scale of the Black Death" is something they could devote another TV movie to, so they'd have four instead of three ready to go
  3. Three Body Problem is on hold due to one of the Chinese executives on it literally murdering his superior.
  4. My attempt at a news video on this: Please feel free to ruthlessly point out any errors in it.
  5. I still wonder if it's more than just these two pitches, given that Entertainment Weekly is comparing it to the burst of 5 pitches we got in Summer 2018
  6. @Ran Will you make a video reaction to this news? I'm stunned by the sudden and senseless death of Breeze. This is a bad comparison, but the way I started my own YouTube channel back in 2016 was my cat of 18 years had died, and I was so stunned I was walking around in a haze like I'd lost an arm, them absent-mindedly I noticed that Linda had missed an episode review of episode 6.8 so I just turned my microphone on and recorded my own clumsy, amateur review (in which I sound like a husk, because I was an empty shell at the time) ...for the next couple of months, making amateur youtube reviews was the only thing that got me out of bed in the morning. It got me "moving forward" to throw myself into a project. It kept me going. So my weak suggestion....through painful self-experience....is that throwing myself into video reporting helped a lot, I hope it might help in your situation too. It doesn't need to be perfect, we all understand.
  7. I agree with Entertainment Weekly's suspicion: is this HBO having another pitch competition for "Phase 3"? I can see them just doing the first three Dunk & Egg shows as made for TV movies, then going ON BREAK for a couple of years, waiting for the later ones, when the characters have aged so much they'd need to be recast anyway. Robert's Rebellion only surprises me in that Martin was so dead set against it. I think it could work...as a one-shot TV miniseries. There isn't more than one year's worth of material in it. If this is indeed part of a "Phase 3" pitch-fest to respond to Star Wars, I hope this means the Valyria prequel gets reconsidered. ....and what the heck was the fifth pitch? The fourth was Targaryen Conquest.
  8. Production from February to May seems unusually short; it took Game of Thrones about five to six months, not three.,...in its later seasons. Closer to four around Season 3. Usually from July to November. The actual episodes would then premiere - usually - about four months after filming wrapped. Then again the story of Rogue Prince is fairly "contained" and interior dramas at King's Landing and Dragonstone. ....and this is just filming in England. It's possible that Spain filming will extend longer. Also most of these calls are for set CONSTRUCTION, not necessarily "filming". Yeah...even before the pandemic, HBO's execs said they were hoping for a "2022" release, not 2021. But this isn't going to be a summer release, I think we're back on an "early spring" April premiere date like we usually had for most GoT seasons. ...could they push it to January? I guess that depends on their schedule.
  9. Production News: The old and reliable on-site reporter for BloodMoon, "BloodMoonIRL", has rebranded as just "Set Locations IRL", and he found some new behind the scenes info - read this whole twitter thread: https://twitter.com/LocationsI/status/1352195406915100672 The official name of House of the Dragon's production company is "Cross Plains Productions". Just as Game of Thrones' was "Fire & Blood Productions" and BloodMoon was "Endless Winter Productions". It even has the same street address and legal staff as the first two. I'm not sure if they're "the same company" or just registered at the same place. As it turns out, it was technically registered in 2017 as "Uncle Bob Productions" and was the production company on HBO's "Chernobyl". They renamed it this month to "Cross Plains Productions". Set construction seems imminent: there are online job postings on LinkedIn and Production-Hive for stage crew like drivers, stonemasons, COVID advisors, and production coordinators. Some of the job listings specify "February 8 through May" There's been some activity at the old King's Landing sets in Belfast, though whether they're using the sets or packing them up for transport is difficult to determine. But there are suddenly white production tents being set up there.
  10. As Redanian said, people usually only publicly post auction tapes for projects they were already rejected from - probably.
  11. Yeah stuff from audition tapes rarely is ( unless it’s a direct book quote). It’s just a placeholder.
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