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  1. The Dragon Demands

    Tolkien 3.0

    The first and third of the Edain tribes were sort of Germanic, the second were sort of Celtic. Loosely. Linguistically, at least.
  2. The Dragon Demands

    DUBLIN 2019: An Irish Worldcon August 15-19 2019

    I've met Charlie Jane Anders a few times at local bookstore events in New York City. I gave her a 30 page printout infopack on the Valyria prequel (if it comes up in conversation: "this crazy guy tried to hand me this leak dossier") (Shrug) it was worth a try. It's the same one I already shared with Werthead and others. But the end of Game of Thrones is easy to explain: 'We reconceived the role to make it worthy of the actor's talents: to show off these performances and these faces". Once you...unfocus your mind and think down to Benioff's level, of pure moment to moment impulse, you see the pattern (sort of like how book-Cersei's actions don't make sense until you read her POV chapters and realize she isn't thinking long-term like a normal person).
  3. The Dragon Demands

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    This will be a disaster, from what I was told.
  4. Thanks. It was just bitter irony....the Sunday night replacement for HBO's schedule.....was a show about "the cost of lies". Collective belief in a system "too big to fail". About Denial. And it's made by Craig Mazin! When the first pilot failed, they realized it was bad when they showed it to three screenwriters...Mazin was one of them! And he was the lead one, who wrote the only note of the event: "MASSIVE PROBLEM". He's the one who told them the pilot was incoherent! Thank you. Have you heard that we're building a fan army? Check out my YouTube channel.
  5. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch & the Last Word I made a mini-documentary / "highlight reel" of the 2 hour "Last Watch" documentary....a documentary on the documentary...highlighting the more ridiculous things that happened. YouTube took it down at first because of all the HBO content, but I filed a counter-claim that as Satire & Review it is "Fair Use". Those of you who haven't been able to see "The Last Watch" at all may therefore be interested in the....selected 20-30 minutes of clips from it in my "review / documentary" on "The Last Watch"....which I call "The Last Word". I'm interested in all of your thoughts on it. ….you might want to get some snacks and settle in before you start it. Everyone I know who did view "the Last Watch" in its entirety said that (like me) they had to pause every 10 to 15 minutes after something painfully stupid or offensive happened.
  6. He didn't say what Bran becomes king OF - I'm not even sure if this is true. But even if vaguely true - what if he becomes King OF THE NORTH, not King of Westeros?
  7. …..Isaac Hempstead-Wright just gave an interview saying that Benioff and Weiss told him that two things are from the books: - The Hodor reveal - That "Bran will become king" http://www.makinggameofthrones.com/production-diary/season-8-episode-6-finale-isaac-hempstead-wright-bran-interview
  8. You think that was an accident? It reminds me of documentaries I saw about Jonestown - carving out cabins from the South American rainforest. Interviewees saying how they were worked so ragged, kept so busy, that they didn't have time to think. And they suspect that was at least partially on purpose: if you burden people with work, 1 - It keeps them too exhausted to think, 2 - Sunk Cost Fallacy sets in, where they don't WANT to admit all this work went to waste.
  9. The Dragon Demands

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Well a cardinal direction icon and a magnetic compass are two separate things.
  10. The Dragon Demands

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Question: Does the magnetic compass exist in Westeros? The final episode of the TV series showed a ship captain's table, prominently displaying a far-eyes (telescope) and a star chart (I don't know how they did that, given that attempts to make an image of the fictional constellations in the world of Westeros was abandoned). I need to cross-reference the star chart with real life ones. At any rate, the edge of the star chart says the word "compass" on it, though on re-watch I don't think we saw an actual compass on-screen. The issue is that I e-searched using ASearchOfIceAndFire, and the word "compass" indeed comes up exactly once, in the Prologue to A Clash of Kings: "Lord Stannis Baratheon's refuge was a great round room with walls of bare black stone and four tall narrow windows that looked out to the four points of the compass" Is this a one-off mistake? Or does the magnetic compass actually exist in Westeros? Apparently, the compass evolved through several stages but basically first appeared in China some 2,000 years ago. It was picked up in the Islamic and Medieval European regions around circa 1200 onwards. People in War of the Roses England would have a compass. I do think it would be interesting if say, a future book mentions that Yi Ti sailors have the compass but Westeros does not. I'm not sure.
  11. Conleth Hill table read reaction to Varys death (Last Watch video clip) More videos soon. I'm doing panels at a local convention this weekend.
  12. Conleth Hill table read reaction to Varys death (Last Watch video clip)
  13. They read the wiki, yet they come up with "Gendry Rivers"?!
  14. My current mental state is the climactic scene from "Der Untergang" where Hitler Is Informed that Steiner was unable to make his last-ditch counter-attack, thus Berlin - and the war - truly are lost.
  15. Naath has Butterfly Fever! Where the hell is Nymeria! (oh cool we saw a telescope for the first time) …..a constellation map? Did they use a real life one? Or did Elio's fever dream of an in-universe constellation chart finally bear fruit?