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  1. Well, the spoiler-free reviews said "Jace AND Baela get a lot of screentime" in the first half of the season....but I've seen no leaks on specifically what that means.
  2. I guess the real question is when it could premiere. They haven't even started filming yet. Presumably the same pattern of film in early spring through fall, in 2025...Season 2 may have needed reshoots due to the WGA strike....so Season 3 MIGHT be released by Spring 2026 instead of Summer 2026? This matters because the all-important cutoff date for Emmy nominations is late May, so this affects which Emmys cycle they compete in. Of course we're looking at Dunk & Egg season 1 in Fall 2025. We've gone two months short of 2 years between new TV seasons of the Westeros franchise - we'll probably never face such a gap again. We're now facing a roughly 12 month gap between the end of HotD 2 and AKOT7K season 1. ...thinking on it...Assuming D&E comes in September...it's only six episodes...let's round to that it "ends in late October" just for the sake of argument, so that's two months left in 2025... ...if HotD 3 premieres last week of March, as is usual for HBO Spring releases, we're looking at a 5 month gap. Five to six months, roughly. Most of Game of Thrones, meanwhile (seasons 1 to 6) had a turnaround time off-season of 9 months between the finale of one season and premiere of the next. So it will be the most new content we've had in that short a timespan...well, 12 episodes across about 8 months September to late April....but of those, the D&E's are an entirely new show and setting/era so it has bigger impact. IF HotD 3 comes back in Spring not Summer of 2026...we'd have a "Double Event" - when two shows in a franchise air back to back...well "back to back" in the three TV schedule slots (Spring/Summer/Fall) - even Star Wars was never literally back to back this past year, rather Obi-Wan/Andor/Mandalorian 3/Ahsoka were all around 4 months apart. The turnaround between Dunk & Egg 1 and HotD 3 might be a month or two longer due to how short D&E is with only six episodes.....but hey, close enough I'll call it a "double event" (by the time chatter about D&E tapers off around a month post-finale around late Thanksgiving, we'll already be getting the first teaser trailer for HotD 3 as they usually come about 5 months before it airs). Long story short: Wow, a Fall show...followed by a Spring show? It might really happen!
  3. Really just a formality, but Deadline reports that HBO just officially greenlit House of the Dragon for Season 3: https://deadline.com/2024/06/house-of-the-dragon-renewed-season-3-hbo-1235972590/
  4. Fabien Frankel has a complex background, actually: he's got some Italian and some Indian. well, his father was Jewish living in England (famous actor, died in a car accident when he was a boy) - paternal grandfather was Russian Jew, but maternal grandmother was actually from the historic Jewish community of Mumbai, India. Meanwhile his mother was French-Italian. She raised him and his brother in London but they spoke French at home. That's why he handled the recent Paris premiere interviews pretty well in French. (shrug) Raised by Wolves filmed in South Africa, and Jeyne Arryn /Amanda Collin is from Denmark. I don't think being from South Africa rules her out, particularly as she's expanded to international projects like Underground Railroad and The Woman King.
  5. Ack! Sorry, I wrote it up as I was heading off to work and forgot.
  6. Someone managed to sneak a spy camera into one of the premiere screenings and record the "In Weeks to Come" trailer at the end of the screening. It didn't really contain much we hadn't already heard from other spy reports:
  7. Since I posted this video day before yesterday...I've received unconfirmed reports that Thuso Mbedu was actually spotted at Leavesden Studios around the same time as House of the Dragon filming. This proves nothing: they were filming from April to September and it's a big studio that covers many different unrelated projects. But keep an eye on her...who ELSE could she be, but Nettles?
  8. I'm on some of the private Discords that the spy reporters are on and...well the reason we haven't had as much clarification about the first four screened episodes as one might think, like "how much is Cregan Stark actually in this season?".....is that these Discord channels just degenerated into a torrent of fandom meltdowns over Alicent: "Alicent is a hypocritical slut!" "How dare you say Alicent is a slut for expressing her bodily autonomy!" etc. Another common one is the Rhaenicents vs the Daemyras, as the Rhaenicents feel slighted that Alicent engaging in heterosexuality is "erasing her"....as if a 20 year marriage to King Viserys and birth of three-to-four children had no impact and the actors/writers themselves say it's at most an ambiguous subtext, and...this is a finished story, they know how it ends and it ain't with Alicent and Rhaenyra together... ....so a lot of other baggage got dragged into it. Deep, personal, cutting insults, nothing held back. It's becoming acrimonious. Well on the Discords, Tumblrs, TikToks, whathaveyou. Most of the general YouTube channels have had a generally muted reaction so far (like me, Preston Jacobs summed it up as "okay I see you're trying to show Alicent is feeling overwhelmed but also trying to feel out her freedom now in a time of stress, but it's not a serious romantic relationship, I get that on paper at least, this isn't a huge controversy to me")
  9. Indeed. Perhaps a lot of “reacting” to things at war council
  10. So our updated Season 2 outline looks more like this (condensed the list for space) : Episode 1: Prologue: Jace and Cregan at Wall, interrupted with message Luke is dead. Rhaenyra searches Shipbreaker Bay eventually finds what's left of Luke and Arrax in fishermen's nets. Rhaenys patrols the skies on her dragon; Daemon blames everyone around him in frustration. Luke returns having won support of the North and Vale, big sobbing scene with Rhaenyra. Corlys settles in to fixing his damaged ship at the docks with the young soldier who saved his life, Alyn of Hull. Much time with Aegon II and his family. Hears petitions in throne room about the blockade. Big Green Council war planning scene. Alicent is having sex with Criston Cole, experimenting now that she's free and so powerless no one really cares what she does; she doesn't ultimately enjoy it. Rhaenyra enters Blacks' war council and speaks for first time, "Bring me Aemond Targaryen" Mysaria snuck out of KL on a ship to Dragonstone, found by Ser Erryk who vouches for her, Daemon angry but releases her from dungeon in exchange for setting up Blood & Cheese; Daemon personally sneaks into the city to hire them. Blood & Cheese can't find Aemond so they settle for Aegon's son. Episode ends with Helaena fleeing from the room and bursting in on Alicent and Criston in bed. Episode 2: Aftermath of Blood & Cheese, reactions from both sides. Aegon insists on immediate counter-attack, Otto pleads that the Great Houses will side against Rhaenyra when they hear of this but reconsider if he makes his own assassination attempt in response. Spy footage of Aemond overseeing the beheading of Black prisoners is apparently from this episode, matching how Aegon ordered these hostages executed in the book after B&C. LARGE invented sequence filmed in the streets of Caceres, of the Greens holding a funeral procession throughout the city, presenting Jaehaerys's corpse as the work of "Rhaenyra the Cruel". The slums of Flea Bottom don't care they're annoyed at the blockade, boo such much the procession hurries out. We suspect "Uncle Gwayne" Hightower, having just arrived from Oldtown, attends the funeral - and that one of his first pieces of dialogue will be Aemond asking "hey, how's Daeron doing?" (a similar exchange with Otto was cut from episode 1.7) Rhaenyra and Daemon get into a huge fight over Blood & Cheese, he storms out. Using his dragon Caraxes he captures Harrenhal without a fight during a thunderstorm. Seasmoke starts following Addam of Hull around. Final scene is Cargyll-bowl: Aegon sends Arryk to kill Rhaenyra but is stopped in her chamber by his twin Erryk; no one can tell which is which and they end up killing each other. Episode 3: Opening scene is the Blackwood vs Bracken conflict escalating into the Battle of the Burning Mill. Confirmed from multiple screener reviews (though it might not literally have a "burning mill" in it). Daemon swoops in at the end on Caraxes to cut off their retreat: "Our terms are simple: denounce the usurper and declare for the rightful queen, or your House burns". It's possible that Alys Rivers is only introduced in this episode, after Daemon takes a minor wound (as he wouldn't have been wounded when he took Harrenhal). Rhaena "goes to the Eyrie", along with Joff (who rides Tyraxes), Aegon III, large retinue of knights and dragonkeepers as well as eggs. They already promised one dragon to Jeyne and now they fear further Green assassination attempts on Dragonstone. Unclear if Rhaena "arrives" at the Eyrie in this episode or when Jeyne Arryn is fully introduced. Point being, before we thought Rhaena arrived at the Eyrie in episode 7 and thus Jeyne Arryn would be in literally one episode - now it appears she's in at least two maybe more. At some indeterminate point in episode 2 or 3, Rhaenys may confront Corlys that Alyn and Addam may be his bastard sons. In episode 2 or 3 but more probably 2, Aegon will fire Otto and replace him as Hand with Criston: "Good, to war then!" -- Episode 3 is more likely given that in the book, Aegon did this in reaction to losing the Riverlands after the Blacks' victories at Harrenhal and Burning Mill - and we now confirmed he Blackwood/Bracken battle is the start of episode 3. Episode 4: The Battle of Rook's Rest. The episode begins with the Sack of Duskendale, and Criston behading Lord Darklyn (as seen in trailers Baela riding Moondancer is present at the battle, though how much she participates is unclear (to explain how she'd even survive on such a small dragon when Vhagar and Sunfyre were on the field). As seen in trailers, after the other three dragons gang-tackle each other to the ground in the forest near the castle, Criston on horse and Baela on dragonback race to get to the crash site first. Episode 5: Reactions to Rook's Rest by both sides. Meleys's severed head is paraded through the streets (as seen from prominent Caceres spy photos) Episode 6: We know almost nothing about what happens in this episode. Up to now we'd assumed expanded Winterfell material was in this episode, but if indeed Cregan's only scenes were the season premiere prologue, we don't know. One thing we do know from casting credits is that this episode will feature a big scene of the Lannisters leading the combined armies of all the Westerlands through Golden Tooth, meeting House Lefford's contingent, then advancing east to begin their major campaign to invade the Riverlands. Episode 7: Daemon at Harrenhal surveys the gathering armies of the Riverlords. Banners of Blackwood, Bracken (now that they bent the knee), Strong, Mallister, also for the first time Mooton, Piper, Darry, and even Vance. Oscar Tully (now the eldest grandson and heir to Riverrun, not Kermit) rides into Harrenhal with a delegation of Tully knights. The green young boy meets with Daemon to reluctantly explain to him that Riverrun's armies have to remain neutral until old Lord Grover dies. Sowing of the Dragonseeds (major spy photos from Llanddwyn Beach, Wales) Large-scale food riot in King's Landing, perhaps instigated by Mysaria? There was some confusion but we think there are TWO distinct streets scenes, because the funeral procession was riding a carriage in episode 2, but trailer shots of the food riots show Alicent AND Helaena caught on foot. Mysterious scene of Alicent at a meadow near a body of water are from this episode based on filming location schedule. Rhaena and her entourage are leaving the Eyrie for somewhere else in the Vale, but she rides away from the main group. She tracks a "wild dragon" by following its droppings, ultimately finds it eating a flock of sheep (spy sources admitted that nothing they saw ever refer to it as "Sheepstealer" by name, and for all we know, it's "wild" in the sense that Morning hatched but broke loose in episode 4 or 5, and grew fast eating flocks of sheep). At some indeterminate point we will see Green envoys (presumably Otto) physically arriving in Tyrosh to treat with the Triarchy's ruling council. "Sharako Lohar" (apparently merged with Racallio Ryndoon) has been cast. Episode 8 : We can't confirm much of what happens in the finale. Based on casting info, it seems the Battle of Red Fork is in it - though not the main focus for all the lead characters, of course. The Lannister army forces a crossing of the Red Fork, setting the River lord armies to retreat, and beginning their full invasion of the Riverlands driving east to Harrenhal. Rumors strongly indicate that at some point (possibly before this) Rhaenyra sneaks into KL disguised as a Septa to try to treat with Alicent. Later pretty much confirmed that in episode 8, Alicent will meet with Rhaenyra again on Dragonstone.....I don't think as a prisoner, but a last desperate peace negotiation that goes nowhere (mostly just to have the actors interacting directly again) -- taking the brief point from the book that Alicent suggests just Partitioning Westeros between north and south of the Blackwater but Rhaenyra refuses. Rhaenyra flies to Harrenhal to oversea her gathered army. VERY unconfirmed reports that the Blacks launch their attack on KL by the end....very different from books, in which it was largely bloodless because they lured the Greens' army out then hit them with dragons and the gold cloaks mutinied en masse. But that might just be conjecture. I can't say with certainty what the "end point" is now.....could they have moved the Battle of the Gullet to the Season 3 premiere? SOME "large battle" was. How could they do it out of order with the fall of KL? They did cast Sharako/Racallio but that might just be to set up next season.
  11. As for the structure of the season overall, a few things were confirmed by critics who published advance no-spoilers reviews but let broad things slip: 1 - Apparently, ALL of Cregan Stark's scenes are only in the long first episode prologue (well, first four episodes that were screened, possibly the other half as well) which only briefly shows Winterfell then shifts to Jace and Cregan at the Wall, then interrupted with news Luke is dead. This has a knock-on ripple effect for the reason of the season outline, as I *assumed* that an expanded North storyline might be in the episodes we know little about (particularly 3, 5, and especially 6 ). We can no longer assume any of that Sara Hess's attempts to warn us in advance not to get too hyped on the Starks this year....may have been genuine. 2 - As was rumored, Cargyll-bowl is now confirmed as the ending to episode 2. 3 - As was rumored, the Battle of the Burning Mill (Blackwoods vs Brackens) is in episode 3 - in fact, it's the big opening sequence of episode 3. 4 - Other rumors have...reached me, from reliable sources, that Rhaena "goes to the Eyrie" in episode 3 (along with Joff and Aegon III) - because A - they already promised Jeyne Arryn they'd position a dragon there for defense / show of trust, B - they now send Rhaena and the other children along with Joff because after Cargylll-bowl they fear further Green assassination attempts on Dragonstone (relatively close to KL) compared to the relatively isolated mountain castle of the Eyrie. From how this was phrased to me I'm not sure if Rhaena "arrives" at the Eyrie in episode 3, or reaches it but only briefly; I don't know when Jeyne Arryn's big introduction is. The point is that in my original outline I thought Rhaena went to the Vale in episode 7, due to a leaked filming sheet I saw....turns out that wasn't Rhaena "arriving" at the Eyrie but her entourage "leaving"....I would assume going to the Bloody Gate now that winter is coming? Or to assemble the Vale lords? Doesn't matter. Point is we SHOULD spend more time with Jeyne Arryn than I thought, which is good. The writers said they want the story to focus on the Targaryen family - I'd hoped that meant using Jace as a POV with Cregan, guess not. Rhaena's the POV for the Vale though, and maybe they thought there's a stronger "connection" with Jeyne Arryn given that she IS "family" in that she's Rhaenyra's maternal cousin? Well if we can't have a lot of Cregan we can at least hope for Jeyne. 5 - Daemon doesn't take Harrenhal in episode 1. It seems more like the end of episode 2: which is good, he's not zipping back and forth by air. Apparently he gets into a big fight with Rhaenyra over Blood & Cheese in episode 2, then I guess he storms out and leaves and captures Harrenhal without a fight using Caraxes (then episode 2 ends with Cargyllbowl - which WOULD explain how it turns into a drawn out fight in Rhaenyra's bedchamber when she's alone.....well, if Daemon WERE there he'd have just shot them both
  12. Okay....this is the outline for episode 1, as best I was able to piece it together from things that the first round of advanced reviewers let slip in publications...combined with descriptions posted to Reddit by people who claim they were at the screenings and which I think sound "plausible" because they line up with other information we did confirm:
  13. Another leak mentioned that they’ll show in episode 1 that TV Jaehaera is like Book Jaehaera…that is, like TV Helaena. a couple more leaked descriptions online for first episode which I believe because they’re just slightly more detailed versions of previously confirmed leaks. Will type up longer outline when I’m home from work.
  14. I am somewhat concerned that Eboni Booth, despite being an award-winning playwright, has no production experience in the TV and Film industry -- and on what will assuredly be a big expensive "creature feature"; Martin himself notes we'll see the Battle of Volantis, 300 dragons, giant turtles, dinosaurs... Will she pair with a director as co-showrunner like Sapochnik did on HotD Season 1?
  15. GRRM's wording is vague: did they ORDER the pilot to production? Or did it just advance from the "pitch" phase to the "we ordered a pilot SCRIPT" phase? As it proceeds through the corsus honorum?
  16. Yikes….the actor who plays Gormonn Massey is posting very anti-trans things on Twitter
  17. Oh the leakers got annoyed at the backlash to the initial real leaks so they've been sarcastically releasing fake ones.
  18. Ok going through reviews by people who see screeners of HotD 2’s first 4 episodes we can refine our outline: Ep 1 - Blood & Cheese attack is the very last scene, not start of ep 2. Jace at Wall. Ep 2 - ends with Cargyllbowl Ep 3 - definitely has Burning Mill, possibly Eyrie One review confirmed that Jace gets letter that Luke is dead …while atop the Wall in episode ONE. Now we’re concerned how much the Starks are in Season 2 at all. They DID build physical sets for Winterfell & the Wall - that implies that enough scenes are there to build them
  19. Rolling Stone just published the first spoiler-free advanced review. The review is incredibly lazy and surface level, mostly fixating on "I am confused by characters with similar names like Rhaenyra and Rhaenys" - the whole article is just repeating this in variable ways over and over again. Even goes on to say that HotD's "weakness" compared to GoT is that GoT came out over 12 months...so you could remember what happened...again turning it back to "I don't remember these character names". THIS IS A REVIEW IN A MAJOR ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA OUTLET - and he didn't thing to binge-watch season one on a STREAMING platform?! This isn't 2012 anymore. It's worth a skim if only for a laugh: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-reviews/house-of-the-dragon-season-2-review-1235033109/ HOWEVER, it did reveal one new thing: Season 2 has a new opening credits sequence. This sounds great. I didn't really like the Season 1 animation: yeah I got the point that it's Viserys's Valyria models and it's showing the literal Targaryen bloodline....but it was A - too dark to see at times B - not informative whatsoever. At best it was "easter eggs"....but consider EVEN WE, the hardcore fans of the show, had to RESEARCH what it was showing: "oh that sigil must represent that character" without their name on it. I sort of hoped they'd go back to doing some variation on the map animation, which helped orient viewers on the geography of where the story is in a given week. But "stylized Bayeaux-style tapestry representing events" is a big step up; it also helps emphasize that this is...you know, a prequel. That tacitly, these were big historical events looked back on by later generations.
  20. By having Racallio take the place of Sharako as commander of the fleet that attacks the Gullet Good points there.
  21. I honestly don't really have a problem with these Alicent leaks from the actors and I'm surprised people thought it would break the internet. I don't even like Alicent, but
  22. We're reasonably sure that when Uncle Gwayne (Alicent's brother) comes back from Oldtown in Season 2, he'll start mentioning "how Daeron's doing" in dialogue. I'm unconcerned about Daeron - but he won't be cast until Season 3.
  23. Quick show of hands here: what are feelings on Abigail Thorn as Sharako/Racallio? Literally my only complaint is "if you wanted to give Racallio more to do by merging him with minor character Sharako, the resulting merger should have been called 'Racallio'"
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