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  1. This talk of theory pages reminded me of something, so I just wrote up a theory page for "The Harpy" - the secret leader of the Sons of the Harpy: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/The_Harpy/Theories It's just a rough draft. To get the ball rolling.
  2. Oh...that's the term the RPG's and the Citadel use? It just sounds archaic to my ear (merely personally).
  3. I was working on some of the calendar dates given in the Princess and the Queen (for once, we actually get internal dating within a year): http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Maiden's_Day Someone probably asked before, but I'm confused: Caraxes fought Vhagar above Gods Eye on "the twenty-second day of the fifth moon of 130 AC". ...and Rhaenyra died "on the twenty-second day of the tenth moon of 130 AC" ...meaning that a full five months passed between the Battle Above the Gods Eye, and Rhaenyra's death on Dragonstone? Second Tumbleton happens, two bastard-born dragonriders betray Rhaenyra. While the Green army dithers about at Tumbleton divided on how to proceed, Rhaenyra grows distrustful of bastards and tries to arrest the other dragonseeds - but Addam Velaryon escapes King's Landing on his dragon, causing her to arrest Coryls Velaryon, causing the Velaryon fleet to abandon the city, leading to panic and the eventual storming of the Dragonpit and riots that oust Rhaenyra from the city. Around the same time Rhaenyra tried to arrest Addam Velaryon, she sent a letter to Maidenpool demanding Nettles's head, which makes even Daemon abandon her, instead seeking death fighting Aemond on Vhagar. It took some time for the letter to reach Maidenpool, and Daemon waited at Harrenhal for two weeks before Aemond arrived. Rhaenyra flees King's Landing due to riots, goes overland - albeit slowly - from KL to Rosby to Stokeworth to Duskendale, then takes a ship to Dragonstone. I don't see how that adds up to five months of time.
  4. Yeah, I made that right after I read "The Forsaken" and was really excited by it, but it was kind of premature...
  5. Login hasn't worked for the past few days. EDIT: Working fine now.
  6. It mentions "Maegor and Alys married in a Valyrian ceremony", it's Visenya officiating. Might be useful for the page on "Marriage" subsection "Valyrian". In tangential wiki-news: another one mentions "Maester Yandel" by name, which means Yandel "exists" in the TV continuity as well, so I wrote up an article on him for the TV show wiki: check it out: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Yandel
  7. May be some new useful screenshots from the animated Histories & Lore featurettes this year, for stuff we don't have any images for already. I loaded up a screenshot of the Maegor/Alys Harroway marriage - though there's already artwork for things like Alys Harroway or Ellyn Reyne. (shrug) probably more useful stuff in "Conquest and Rebellion" animated videos about the Targaryen Conquest.
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