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  1. Wow...it's jarring seeing how good the cinematography in this is. It looks like other TV shows, and not just obsessively using tight closeups on the lead actor faces. I honestly think the prophecy stuff will be in the books.
  2. they light the Hightower's flames green when they call their war banners. In book five. The TV show took that idea and said that their heraldry on their shields, i.e. when they're carrying shields in war, would therefore carry the green flame of war. Fair enough.
  3. From the video that came out today on "Noble Houses", it had a shot of an in-universe map prop that must appear at some point: I've posted multiple comparison screenshots in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/ADragonDemands/status/1561033732785569793 Game of Thrones came out in 2011 but the Lands of Ice & Fire world map was only released in 2012. Season 1 actually didn't have a world map (in fact, the simple fact that Season 1 had a map of the east coast of the Free Cities was novel at the time), but then in Season 2 they introduced the first world map....which was actually an EARLY draft GRRM gave them. It included several errors: the northern edge of the Jade Sea was now drastically north of Qarth, making Yi Ti very small it made no attempt to depict the Summer Isles Then Lands of Ice & Fire came out, putting the Jade Sea farther south (so that its northern coast is at the same latitude as Qarth), and depicting the Summer Isles. HOWEVER, Lands of Ice & Fire introduced an accidental error: when "Kingdom of Sarnor" got drawn over the middle, it erased the Sarne River's course...the source of the Sarne is not the Painted Mountains north of Valyria, but the large central lakes to the east (remnants of the ancient Silver Sea). But as chance should have it, we have the ORIGINAL version of the Sarne River's course from Martin's first draft map he gave to the TV show (thus on Wiki of Ice & Fire I already loaded up a fan-made corrected one with cities added to the TV show map of the Sarne). The new House of the Dragon world map prominently includes 3 fixes: Yi Ti & the Jade Sea updated to their Lands of Ice and Fire positions, farther south actually depicts the Summer Isles (well, the northernmost one, Walano - the others are father south off the edge of the map) restores....or retains from first TV map? (shrug)....the proper course of the Sarne River Finally we can get accurate world map merch from the TV show. Right now I'm staring at one of those three dimensional globe things that depicts the inaccurate 2012 map.
  4. An analysis video I've had on my "To Do" list for three years. Cranking it out just before the deadline of House of the Dragon starting Why Army Sizes Are So Small During the Dance of the Dragons (Fire & Blood) @Ran
  5. HBO has really good video promo editors, but the social media team is just phoning it in
  6. I'm a Daenerys fan, but I'm surprised people would call that a "tribute".
  7. Ugh, I'm desperately trying to wrap up everything I wanted to get done before the premiere launches the new House of the Dragon era. But we just got a last minute casting update in a press release from Warner Media's website: https://pressroom.warnermedia.com/us/bio/house-dragon-character-descriptions Confirms all the child actors playing Rhaenyra, Daemon, and Alicent's children in episodes 6 and 7 (except Aegon II) who we already knew about because they all appeared at the global premiere red carpet events! (and they leaked months ago). Also finally acknowledged that Elliott Grihoult is older Luke Velaryon. Also confirmed the Tittensor twins as the Cargyll twins, we knew about that months ago from leak images. And we'd already heard about casting for Joffrey Lonmouth, Grand Maester Orwyle, etc. Confirms what was rumored for months without photos: Roger Evans is Borros Baratheon. He may in fact be the knight who asks for Rhaenys's favor during the tournament in episode 1, shown in a clip that came out today. Paul Kennedy is Jasper "Ironrod" Wylde (he previously appeared as a minor Eyrie guard early in Season 5) Phil Daniels as Maester Gerardys This will probably be the last casting update before Season 1 itself. Now any new character who comes will be a surprise we didn't anticipate. For all we know they did cast a "young Cregan Stark" but if they did, they kept a very tight lid on it and we haven't heard a single word of it. Also only have three out of form Baratheon sisters and no mention of Borros's wife, though it's possible she simply wasn't cast yet with such little dialogue in season 1. ....yeah I think Gwayne Hightower is in episode 1 but we don't know who plays him. Saw what I think is Gwayne in the new Otto Hightower featurette.
  8. Well “review” - we’d still look forward to basically “lore commentary” for an hour each week
  9. https://ew.com/tv/dragons-guide-house-of-the-dragons/ According to Sapochnik, they came up with three "Breeds" or "Types" of dragons, based on skull shape: "Dinosaur-shaped" - like a T-rex, with "a big bridge of the nose" (Drogon-like?) "Wolf-like" - "convex feel to it" (Caraxes?) "Horse-like" - described as "sort of between the other two" (Syrax?) They started by designing Syrax and Caraxes, then spiraling out from there to the second and third tier dragons (as Condal said at SDCC) Problem is, they don't specify which ones correspond to each description. I'm fairly sure the "convex" wolf-like head refers to Caraxes. Drogon looks T-rex-like. Syrax has swept-back horns, and in other videos Condal said her design was inspired by an eagle - to make her look "regal". At any rate, then we get into Jack Vance territory: what are each of the three breeds meant to do? Because if they're anything like horses, you've got destriers/coursers built for strength and fighting, then palfreys built for endurance. And maybe others built for sprinting? (shrug) I like the idea they came up with for Vhagar, the oldest living dragon: They took the idea that "dragons never stop growing" and ran with it: eventually, a dragon grows so big that it simply can't biologically sustain itself at that size. Reminds me of Ligers - lion-tiger hybrids which are huge...but due to the square cube law, at a certain point you get so big that it outpaces what your internal organs can sustain. They grow too big for their own heart to pump well. So eventually a dragon dies of "old age" when it gets so big its body just can't sustain that. Mentions that they're even difficult to LAND without shattering their own leg bones (again, Square cube law). Also use the analogy of cancer: their scales are almost OVERGROWN at this point, so she's constantly shedding scales as she moves. Also mentions, as we pretty much assumed, that the three "Wild" dragons won't be in season one...but these are perhaps their most favorite designs. They look different from never getting riders; little things like the puncture points where they attach reins at a young age just aren't there, etc.
  10. You see more TV & Film actors trying out Broadway performances these days. Though Emilia Clarke’s attempt to branch out into Broadway was not well received.
  11. Ser…they abandoned the already printed books in season five. This had nothing to do with running out of finished material. Surely, you can’t be serious.
  12. (grins) Otto’s older brother is named “Hobert Hightower” - names repeat in dynasties.
  13. GRRM: "Put Jaehaerys the Second Back into TV Canon" SO SPAKE MARTIN! https://www.insider.com/house-of-the-dragon-grrm-3-book-details-in-show-2022-8
  14. Perhaps we can find new ways of motivating them. Martin is most displeased with their apparent lack of progress - they can tell him about this when he arrives.
  15. That's what I heard. She gets surprised by a boar while riding through the woods during the hunt episode but manages to slash it with a Valyrian steel dagger (which is so sharp you don't need much strength to carve someone really badly with it)
  16. Actress Alana Ramsey has been cast...as "Lynesse Hightower"
  17. That defeats the purpose of a separate pitch for Targaryen Conquest. but once season one is a hit, all prior statements are irrelevant
  18. Yeah I didn't want to "spill the tea", as it were, but why do you think I've been focusing so much on updating such wiki pages? https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?title=Gender_and_sexuality&type=revision&diff=278310&oldid=278039
  19. That's the old version. The spy reporters made a whole new infopack since then, much more detailed. But all this is broadly accurate. One or two details might be off, but we'll know when we see it.
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