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  1. The present High Septon would do it if she is still intact because he doesn't seem to like Cersei anyway and he's a wheeler and dealer. But he's probably going to get killed by a Sand Snake after she realized he's not a typical dude who can be manipulated by a pretty lady.
  2. Sansa has always had an openness, think of the number of times that got her in trouble with the Lannisters or she feared what she had said. That was early pre KL with Joffrey and later in King's Landing. Now, she has less fear, that's the only change as far as I can tell, which may have it's own issue. She hasn't really changed her personality very much, she's matured, is slightly wiser into the evils of men but otherwise plays the Lord's daughter perfectly, because she is, and more or less acts like Sansa, looks like Sansa, and the only difference is hair dye. And while the story is a fantasy, that shit would have to reapplied like once per week to keep any red from showing. We never spent much time with Sansa before KL, this is likely who she was.
  3. But the Tears are a slow poison, the only reason even a super old dude died was because his Maester was replaced by a Lannister Toady. I mean, I guess he might have died later, but it was implied that he might have lived had Pycelle not taken over.
  4. I want to reply to your post in the Two Books thread that is now closed.

    I agree with you. It would have required a chapter or two from Feast moved to Storm, like Arya arriving in Braavos, and Bran getting to the Cave (it was only two chapters really). My only problem with the 5 year gap is having the White Walkers just milling about as no significant action of that sort should happen off screen.

    But a a few paragraphs for each character to remember how hard training had been or whatever for Arya, how much vision gained for Bran and how much preparation each side had done for Jon, along with the weather getting continuously worse, and maybe the first hints of winter. The Boltons could have claimed Winterfell but faced continual insurrections and found the expense of maintaining both castles ruionous (the number one killer of businesses is expansion without sufficient planning).

    Ah well, the path not taken, now I don't think we'll ever see a written form of the end of this series.

  5. I was just looking at the Which Realm/Castle thread over in the World of Ice and Fire sub forum, and realized what this chapter means for the Reach. Garlen will retake everything and Highgarden will be just as safe as anywhere else in the realm (I mean, Euron wants to burn everything, including the Reach), but Garlan and co are fine.
  6. The White Woman is probably Cat, heh, I will be right sooner or later and be able to laugh because ya, I thought of that.
  7. Arys was character development for Arianne. If one of Quentyn's companions becomes a meaningful POV I will revise my opinion, but neither of his surviving two were prominent in the way Arianne was in Arys' chapters, so I don't think it's likely or natural to do so.
  8. You don't need Quentyn to have Dorne v. Dany, you just need Arianne's unbridled wish to ascend a throne, she's the one in charge of Dorne's reaction right now, if she married Aegon, it would be Dorne v. Dany, just like that. You also didn't need him to release the Dragons, anyone of a number of people already in the story want them dead. Yes, he is the most useless character in fiction at this point.
  9. Didn't Oldtown surrender to the Targs because of a prophecy that if they fought the Targs their city would be burned to the ground or something? So, yep, I foresee Euron offering them Highgarden (which they have always though they should have received), and they will jump at the chance, and end up fighting Dany with Oldtown being burned to the ground by Drogon. Note, I am not in favour of this, I love the Reach.
  10. There's what? 40 ships, probably built specifically for fighting up North on the East coast for the Manderly's? Also, Braavos doesn't want this ass nugget in charge as he's less likely than anyone save Cersei to actually pay back the Iron Bank.
  11. Alayne's champion will kill or cripple Harry, breaking alliances LF has carefully cultivated in the Vale. He put something in her control, or rather its something he didn't think to control himself, and it will bite him hard in the ass, leading to split between him and Sansa.
  12. He doesn't like or trust LF, but Sansa is playing him masterfully.
  13. LF could die several way that would please me, but the main two are either Sansa manipulating someone to kill him that he didn't expect, ie. Lothor Brune, or someone like Lynn Corbray who he thinks is in his pocket just cuts his head off instead.
  14. I won't ask you to look at all my posts, suffice to say, I am not a Sansa fan...I have enjoyed her chapters since the Purple Wedding, but Sansa has not been clear on what she desires yet, and don't forget, she is mirroring Arya's chapters and Arya also doesn't know what she wants, we have had fun speculating on when she might find something that prompts her to move, and Alayne is in the same situation.
  15. Boy, people are being critical, Sansa doesn't know what she wants right now, so she's following LF's plan, which on paper puts her as Lady of the Vale, Queen of the North and probably the Riverlands as well.   What makes you think Sansa doesn't want that? I've read the same chapters you have, she doesn't want Robert to die, but in any case, it seems likely to happen, that's the only contrary thought she has.
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