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    Episode Names

    I really like the idea of titles that cast a particular light on the events in more than one thread, so some of my ideas are based on my ideas of how story lines in different threads should be used together to create certain effects. We already know that in some cases this will be different from the POV switches in the book. If the events I describe don't end up taking place in the same episodes, oh well... I've always thought the name of the final episode should be "The Higher Mysteries"; "King of the North" is great for us, but for those who don't know the books, I think it is either spoilerish or a reference they won't know. Second to last episode should be "Only Death Can Pay For Life".(assuming it includes Mirri Maz Dur dancing with the dead, and Eddard's execution). I thought about ways to shorten this, but they all came off sounding silly, and HBO doesn't seem to have a problem with long episode titles, e.g., "Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus (No God Can Stop a Hungry Man)". I would save "Valar Morghulis" for the red wedding. Not really a spoiler since, to paraphrase the Red Viper "how can it be a spoiler to point out that men are mortal?" (but Rains of Castemere is a good idea) For Robert's Death and Jon saying his vows, I like "Protector of the Realm" (although "Now My Watch Begins" certainly has some charm.)