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    This is my third post (I think), so still pretty much a noobie. My name is Porcupine Tree and my addiction is ASOIAF.... :D Started off with SF and Fantasy reading 'The Weirdstone of Brisengamen' and 'The Dark is Rising' series when I was about 7, Tolkien at 11. Got all read out in the 90s, but Terry Pratchett rescued me... DS introduced me to GRRM last year, and I read the first 2 books on holiday. I have never been so captivated and immersed in an alternative reality by any other author (including JRRT, heresy!). On my second re-read, up to AFFC. Impressed DS by working out R+L=J and Loras+R on second read. I started lurking after my first read-through, mostly on WiC because I like the blog style. But need more ASOIAF to feed my habit, so hello Westeros! Potted history: Geography degree (Landform Science) at Kingston University. DH is in IT, DS graduated this summer and is now underfoot again, DD is at Bristol Uni. Work in a secondary school for peanuts. Love fantasy and SF (duh) and historical fiction, and keeping up with my professional field. Holidays in Switzerland, France, Italy, and other parts of UK. Love bodyboarding in Cornwall. If you are intrigued by my handle, google it. And no, it's not polite to ask a lady her age...