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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    Madden has done a great job. Especially this season. I loved Robb's scene with Edmure Tully.
  2. Ser Farbod

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    They havent given him anything to work with. I will admit that he still could do a better job but his scenes are so short and so focused on introducing the interesting new Wildling characters that you forget Jon is there.
  3. Ser Farbod

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    Eh, West is almost 44. That seems a bit right. Maybe a tad young but I think he could pull it off. Like I was saying, the role has been changed completely. Even the reason for the unification of the wildling clans has been changed. Book: Charismatic, charming and cunning Mance unites the clans because they see him as their deserving leader. Show: Cold, reserved, and battle hardened Mance unites the clans because they are terrified of the white walkers. To me the decision to rewrite Mance looks to be a casting issue. Because show Mance is a lot less interesting than the book version. I think they wanted Mance to be a lot more of a supporting character than one that steals scenes away from Jon unless they really had a special actor for the role.
  4. Ser Farbod

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I honestly think it was a casting issue. I think they wanted Dominic West as more of the book version of Mance. When that fell through they didnt want to take a risk with someone who could really destroy those scenes with a bad performance. Book Mance is very nuanced and if played wrong could just come across as an idiot clown. So they took a safer approach and went with a reserved and battle hardened general type with Hinds. Does it make me sad? Yes, I think that Dominic West would have been a terrific book Mance. However I understand their approach. Jon is the star in that story. With limited screen time (thanks to all the boobs and filler required by HBO) they didnt want to detract from Jon. Makes sense. Hinds does a wonderful job for the job they gave him.
  5. Ser Farbod

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    Not gonna lie. When Jorah said arguably my favorite line from the books about Rhaegar, I had to pause it because I was so happy. The history of this world is one of my favorite things about this series and I am glad some of it is finally making it to the show. Another thing that really brings a smile to my face is hearing people singing some of the songs during the show. It really brings life to the culture of the people in Westeros. Just a great episode on many levels.
  6. Ser Farbod

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I thought the music was excellent way to slap you out of the shock that Jamie Lannister just had his sword hand cut off. I thought it was nicely done.
  7. Ser Farbod

    How would you rate episode 303?

    9/10 Easily the best episode so far this season! The Rhaegar quote made me smile and the end was fantastic. I loved the Blackfish as well. Fantastic job.
  8. I dont get it either. I think Oona Chaplin is gorgeous. Its probably blinded me so much that I dont mind that character change at all.
  9. Yes. Much tougher. The book lays it out as almost an even fight, slightly tilted toward Brienne, which causes Jamie to be impressed with her courage and forces him to look at her differently. The book also gives the impression that had Jamie been at 100% with full plate, he would have carved her in half. The show on the other hand sort of hides the hindrance of Jamie's hands being shackled and the fight is much more brief and ends in Brienne tossing Jamie to the side like little boy. Jamie seems more amused than he should be and shows absolutely zero reaction to her skill or determination.
  10. To me it feels like a big deviation. In the book it made it seem like all the tribes north of the wall are banding together under Mance because of his leadership, charm, strength, and ability. In the show he seems rather drab and leading them only out of a last ditch effort to survive the white walkers. It gives them a completely different feel and has ruined Mance for the television audience. Mance and Cat are the two most butchered characters on the show.
  11. I think we need to accept the fact that Cat has been completely assassinated on the show. Her entire character is a walking tragedy. Almost every scene is her having to mourn a new event. Every event in the books that actually develops her character (Riverrun) has been taken out or delayed to the point where we just get a truly miserable woman. The acting has been great. I cannot blame the actress at all. The writing however has been down right atrocious. TV Cat is an awful monotone shallow character that needed a ridiculous and completely made up story to give her any trace of intrigue. Pathetic.
  12. Dont need to be bashed over the head with it. Just seemed extremely out of place. I cringed when I heard it.
  13. It was an EXTREMELY lazy effort of incorporating Tom O' Sevens into another character. There are dozens of songs in the books, but all we get is Rains of Castamere over and over. Come on... Also I cannot wait until Shae dies. She might be a terrific actress in her native German, but her cadence and speaking pattern in English are like nails on a chalkboard and her character's completely muddled constitution drives me insane.
  14. I think the main problem with the pacing on the show is this idea of "checking up on characters." I would much rather have blocks of actual plot than just checking in on bits of people walking for a few minutes...
  15. That scene was garbage. Boring and unnecessary. We already know TV Joff is a deviant from earlier scenes. This scene didn't add anything new and slowed the pace of the episode even more. Additionally, the scene with Shae and Tyrion was arguably one of the worst and most unnecessary scenes so far. I almost threw something at my TV. Why not fill that time with more about the Reeds? Or include more of Arya's storyline that has been cut out? Its comical some of the choices they are making.
  16. I also loved the scene with Sansa. I thought her stammering and reluctant spill of emotion was perfectly done. I didnt like her acting in season 1, but shes come a long way since then...
  17. Its pretty easy to write a scene that follows the book closely. Its a good writer that can make changes and add scenes that are still faithful to the book. She doesnt do that at all. If anything they completely contradict whats in the book...
  18. I actually hated it. It made Jaimie looked completely inept and almost glossed over the fact that his hands were shackled together. This is supposed to be one of the best swordsman in Westeros and he was being tossed about like a ragdoll. If you didnt read the books you would think he were an average swordsman at best. Even putting that aside I thought it was clumsy. Brienne was armored and didnt use this to her advantage at all... Bleh. Hated it.
  19. Mance is still awful. I dont care if the actor is talented. The character is drab and forgettable. Mance lept off the page in the books.
  20. 6, One of my least favorite episodes so far. Several unnecessary scenes. The Shae/Tyrion scene and the Margery/Joffrey scene just seemed like a waste of time. I didnt mind the Cat scene as much as I thought I would. This episode just seemed more like a bunch of set up scenes. Nothing really happened.
  21. Ser Farbod

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    9/10 I actually liked the scene with Littlefinger and Varys. The back and forth was a nice break from more of the plot driven scenes that seemed to dominate this episode. I agree a bit with the Roz scene, however I think the aim was to show Maester Pycelle's subtle charade... Although that in it self is probably overkill as well. I liked the last scene. I think if we heard the eggs crack or any sign of the dragons beforehand it would take away from the very moment you see the dragon peak out from her shoulder. My main complaint is that they should have made this season 12-14 episodes so that they didnt need to rush scenes and jump from plot point to plot point, but since the budget was already so large and it probably wouldn't be possible, I am thrilled with this final episode and the season in general...
  22. Ser Farbod


    Hello everyone... I picked up A Game Of Thrones about a month ago and am now in the middle of A Storm of Swords... I'm going to try to keep my head down until I finish A Feast For Crows just so I don't stumble upon a spoiler... Just wanted to say hello and I can't wait for the HBO series!