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  1. Heh, first excellent episode in all of season 5.

    I thought Valyrian steel was something different from dragonglass. Maybe in the next book Valyrian steel will kill a white walker too...

    Pretty sure both dragon glass and Valyrian Steel both need Dragon's fire to be created. That seems to be the key ingredient to creating something that can kill them.

  2. What pissed me off the most was how they handled Pyke. Why is Balon Still alive? And why is Asha super gung ho about sailing all the way around Westeros to save her brother? This is incredibly stupid and I hope it doesnt foreshadow horrible changes to the Iron Islands storyline. Yes its going to be condense big time for TV but its general outline needs to be kept intact.

  3. No one seems to be talking about the new Sansa/Tyrion dynamic. I personally LOVED it and their walk and conversation was my favorite scene of the entire episode. Sure, it's not like the books, but that's what I liked about it. I've always wanted them to have a friendly relationship and the fact that their conversation happened there made me really happy. I wish there would've been more on her reaction to finding out her family's death rather than her having a puffy face and him walking away.

    The Tyrion of the books would never have this dynamic. I guess it matches the Tyrion of Season 2/Season 3 on the show. Im just sad that my favorite fictional character of all time has been changed.

  4. ITS AN ADAPTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,dkljdflksdjflkdmvlkdn lbnvslhclsfhmlofhiefhiuhvkjxh akldvgheiobl

    There is good adaptation and bad adaptation. The changes they make are mostly bad. I dont mind changes that make sense. However most of the changes, especially in this episode, were horrible.

  5. The Yunkish guy can speak Westerosi. What's the idea behind that, do you think? The Masters of that city are sufficiently spoiled that one of them is highly educated in languages and/or has visited Westeros?

    First of all its not "Westerosi" its common. Common was brought over to Westeros by the Andals, who came from the Eastern Continent to begin with. Yunkai is a MAJOR port city with a ton of trade. Im sure most of the upper class can speak common, among several language, as it greatly benefits their trade. I

  6. I gave it a 7.

    I thought the Theon scene was well acted, but honestly dont like the way it fits in this season. It ruins the pacing of the episode and the overall mood. I dont really care for it and I can see why GRRM kept it off page.

    I LOVED the Thoros/Mel scene. Thoros' story was amazing and it was my favorite scene in this episode.

    Robb's scene was well done. They are doing a great job of endearing the audience to the young wolf.

    I again liked the acting between QoT and Tywin (two of the best actors in the series) however I didnt like the outcome. An opportunity there to move the plot back towards the books.

    Jon/Ygr is overdone. Seems too sentimental for my taste. Overall still not happy with how the North is being done.

    All in all it was an average episode. About the same as Ep 1 and 2 this season.

  7. I'm still in awe. That was so badass. What's really amazing is the quality of the acting. Jorah looking proud when Dany freed the unsullied was awesome.

    A fuckin' dragon is no slave!

    Ian Glen has been amazing. One of the most underrated actors on the show. He really conveys so much without even talking or with the cadence and tone in his voice alone.

  8. i watch every week with 3 non book readers. i was waiting the entire episode for sam the slayer, the reveal of ramsay (guess that wont be for A WHILE,) jamies hand and dany to reveal her understand of kraznys(sp.) when do the more seasoned readers expect these things to happen? i cant remember exactly when she revealed she could understand him, but i thought it was during the negotiating, i guess that was all one scene in the book though? anyone?

    I think they will reveal Dany's understanding of Valerian right before she destroys them. There would be little point to separate the two events.

  9. That was odd, I don't think The Bank of Braavos is mentioned till a couple of books later , is that right?

    I sure non-readers thought 'Bank of Braavoss?!".

    The Bank was discussed when Tyrion was going over how Littlefinger "cooked" the books a bit. It was a lot nuanced than the simple way the show handled it but the Bank of Braavos was definitely mentioned here. It was even discussed how the Bank would proceed if the crown were to default on the loans.

    As for non book readers I think the mention is fine. Braavos has been mentioned by Arya's sword master and they get the sense that it is a land across the sea. Thats enough really.

  10. The second article states "Thrones producers sought a strong, rugged and charismatic actor." So things may have changed over the course of production, but it seems that from the start, they had this portrayal of Mance's character in mind.

    I wouldnt describe Hinds portrayal of Mance as either rugged nor charismatic. More stoic and measured in my opinion. I think they honestly molded Mance to Hinds strengths. There is no way West plays Mance like this. Or else why would you ever cast West? We are talking about Jimmy McNulty here...

  11. It is not a casting issue. The script and character of Mance was already written before West was potentially cast and well before Hinds was cast. It would just have been a younger looking Mance, but still the same character. DnD said season 4 is already written, by the way, so similar to the Mance casting, they will just be looking to cast actors for new characters that fit the characters already written.

    Rewrites are done all the time. Even large rewrites of certain characters. Changes are made before casting, during casting, after casting, and even during shooting. Sometimes rewrites are done and then re-shot. Just because they said they completed the script doesnt mean they didnt make changes afterwards to better reflect certain actor's acting style. Hinds and West are completely different. They bring a completely different feel to the character. I highly doubt what we see is word for word what they wanted for West.