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  1. It's basically been Wert and Kalbear giving impressions, detailing narrative events, answering questions about things appearing or not appearing, and now discussion of the one and a half preview chapters, Rhom. EDIT: And now redeagl, as he won one of the two giveaway ARCs from mrganondorf at SA.
  2. mrganondorf is running a giveaway at SA again for two TUC ARCs!
  3. Sorry, mine auto-updated to .ca. EDIT: Weird. I get no date on .com and the 24th on .co.uk. Also, at that second link you can read Bakker's introductory essay in the preview. (I think Hello World might've tipped me off to that in the first place).
  4. The Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology by Grimdark Magazine (earlier e-book) has been released. This includes the new Atrocity Tale by Bakker, The Carathayan, and an introductory essay titled The Goodness of Evil. E-books have been sent to kickstarter backers. EDIT: I guess, the amazon date updated to May 24, 2017.
  5. I'll not repeat my distaste for ARC-pocalypse but at least they fixed the "Lord-and-Profit" error in the synopsis.
  6. bakkerfans reviews TUC! profgrape thinks there are even less spoilers than Wert's (if that's possible, as Wert's seemed uber-clean ).
  7. Given the information available, I'd have to suppose that Penguin was previously sending out the majority of the ARCs to the aforementioned "Big List" of online SFF venues who received ARCs excepting TGO. A noteworthy discrepancy is Publishers Weekly, who only review pre-release, weren't sent an ARC for TGO, and who favorably reviewed every novel preceding it. The only upside to ARC-pocalypse last year was that those fans who happened upon ARCs, like yourself and those at SA, shared them with other fans, and the majority of that sample still bought the book on release.
  8. Right, they make them to send out to private resellers, given last year's ARC-pocalypse. This is probably the "telephone effect" at work: someone mentioned to me in Quorum at SA that DR claimed to know the end of TUC. I haven't been checking in here for a minute so I'll chalk it up to hearsay. Yeah, as I wrote, I'd have never believed that any of those mediums sold their ARCs. I know Andy and Rob personally and you and Pat are two of the longest standing online SFF bloggers in human history. EDIT: [Grimdark Magazine is the only wildcard and they've garnered some serious respect since their advent - and no single leak would account for 13+ eBay ARCs of TGO sold.] By the way, is that accurate regarding Orbit not sending out galleys?
  9. I'm not sure who or how or why. I'm sure that bakkerfans, Wert, Pat, Grimdark Magazine, and Grim Tidings podcast didn't sell their ARCs. There's a huge list of online SFF venues that were previously sent ARCs up to and including WLW by Penguin/Overlook/Orbit but not TGO. And at SA we heard about a number of random ARCs that ended up in the hands of bookstores across the US and family or friends of people in the industry. A certain number of those were auctioned off on eBay while some other individuals actually approached me directly in order to share them around with active members of the forum, who inevitably populated the hidden ARC subforum I created. Very strange situation. This year looks even worse since the only actual ARC I've heard about is the one sent to mrganondorf (bakkerfans) and the copies he'll be able to giveaway on SA and it doesn't look like they repeated their deal with SpiralHorizon for promotional images either. (Wert and Pat received their ebook proofs direct from Bakker and @Werthead mentioned that Orbit isn't sending out ARCs this year, I believe?)
  10. Last year Wilshire, (#2 at SA and the smarter and human version of myself), found and posted thirteen ARCs sold on eBay in the two months preceding TGO's release. Two of them sold for $150+, obviously no proceeds going to Bakker et al.. I'm hoping that Bakker, redeagl, and I have mediated that this year by supplying Overlook with a huge list of online reviewers whom Penguin/Overlook/Orbit sent ARCs to up to and including WLW.
  11. Lol - I'll leave Wilshire to the task of disparaging Overlook. I mean, you apparently already read the end but I really hope ARC-pocalypse doesn't happen this year and they actually get into the hands of reviewers.
  12. July 4th to the 11th. So far, UK date is stable so this year the Fantasy Fatherland gets the new release first - despite Orbit's complete lack of promotion (but blessed boon Orbit's e-book is available same day as their TUC paperback - they're going to rack up e-sales that Overlook/Orbit missed out on last year). EDIT: UK is the 6th and Canada is the 18th. EDIT: Because July, not June... Dates.