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  1. Look up Constantinople's chain :) It's a real thing from Earth history, no less ridiculous but totally awesome!
  2. Loved this EP, tied with EP3 for the best of the season IMO. To crosspost something I put in the TWOP thread: The list o' awesome: -Jon/Ygritte are hilarious. And wow Ygritte is attractive. Some credit to Jon for his awkward self control. -Cersei/Tyrion made me tear up a little. I enjoy show Cersei a lot better than book Cersei at this point. The almost moment with Tyrion was powerful stuff. -Theon, Theon, Theon. It feels like after killing Rodrik he just went off the rails into "no more fucks given" mode. Then when he turned around and saw those bodies and realized what he'd ordered...god. Stomach punch. Also, Dagmar? In the running for the most evil fuck in Westeros. I didn't see it coming after he was so amiable and 'nice' to Theon in EP5. -I think I can get behind the Qarth changes now. XXD's coup was shocking, and the image of the 11 warlock clones stepping forward and slitting the throats of the former rulers was chilling. -Quaithe, bamf. "Draw your sword. See what your steel is worth." The way she said it... definitely do not fuck with mask lady. -Tywin and Arya continue to be great. Loved the dodge Arya tried to pull with proper/properly and Tywin's reaction. Also glad they're finally telling non-readers what the hell the Brotherhood without Banners is. -Jaime is such a fascinating character. His interaction with his cousin, and then just coldly killing him...the switch he can pull from easy talk to sociopathic arrogance and disregard never ceases to amaze. He did it with Bran, he did it with Jory, and now poor Alton. -Can't get enough Jaime/Cat. I loled pretty hard at his comments to Brienne too. I CANNOT WAIT for more on this.
  3. For some reason the first comment that comes to mind is that I didn't like Quaithe's mask. Don't get me wrong, it was a cool mask...but I always imagined hers as a smooth hard shell, and that you could not see any part of her face move, just a disembodied voice from an unreadable figure. So this interpretation was a little odd.
  4. So much awesome little stuff in the episode and it flowed together pretty well too. So many actors knocking it out of the park. It's funny talking about how Ros is wasting our time again, but it occurs to me that the Dany section was just as much a waste of time (and I'm not a Dany hater). Though I guess if Rakharo's actor had to leave the show they did have to give him a sendoff.
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