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  1. i believe the freys tossed it with everything else after they were done. Robb starks body shall never rest in winterfells crypt.
  2. Just some thoughts. 1.) i remember reading that this season would have a battle that put the blackwater to shame, and that D&D were looking for a larger budget to fund it. I guess that never happened then? the Red wedding while awesome was hardly a "battle" it was just a few jump cuts of individuals getting killed, nothing near the scope of the blackwater 2.)did that guy release the transcript of Talisa's letter? 3.) Maisie absolutely killed it. Her hand shaking while holding the coin after doing the deed, just incredible. how she went from anger, to "please sir im cold and hungry" face, to Murderous rage. Just incredible. Although i would have liked a "A Wolf enjoys the taste of frey" or something along those lines after she said "But im hungry, i have money!" I will say that this season felt shorter than the others, and i think there is a very real chance that the show passes the books.
  3. You mean Mel, someone notorious for fucking people with kings blood in order to have their power inside of her, wouldn't take the opportunity to "top off the tank" prior to leaching gendry? You might not think it "fits" but you might also not understand it all either. Stop focusing on the nudity because you are missing story elements.
  4. I think we have heard at least half a dozen couples say "I am your and you are mine" kinda getting annoying.
  5. yep which is why Jon should be named the heir next episode, since he is Ned's "second son" with bran and rickon out of the picture.
  6. to everyone complaining about talisa writing a letter shortly after sex, When was the last time any of you actually wrote a handwritten letter, using a quill and inkwell? Also Its not like she had a bevy of other things to do. hmm its night time, my husband is gonna do some war planning, i think ill play some bejewled or check facebook.
  7. lets introduce 10 northern lords, all of which are about to get killed off.
  8. Ned and Cat were married for 15-20 years depending on if we are talking books or show. Renly and loras were a thing for how long? Cat is in at least her late 40's in the show, she's essentially done with romance. Loras is in his prime. Basically i'm saying your comparison is garbage.
  9. ITT molehills that look like mountains.
  10. I can't believe the season is already half done. Not enough Episodes
  11. I wonder if they are going to keep in the plot about Varys sending barristan to her, and if so that means he knows that varys knows who received that letter, and may have asked him and selmy is just playing coy for now
  12. What about when Ned tells Varys to stop the assassination in front of Selmny just after robert died. was it mentioned then?
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