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  1. Mr Fixit

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    I'm kinda getting worried for the state of this planet in the near future. For all the endless problems around us, from climate change to rising political instability, the US really takes the cake these last several years. Are you guys that eager to destroy yourselves politically, culturally, morally? I am not sure who's worse: Trump in his endless narcissistic go-to-hell-y'll 24/7 reality TV, Democrats feat. MC Maddow with their even-more-endless (endlesser?) Russia hysteria and Vladimir Vladimirovich Bond movie scripts, far-right incessant conspiracy peddling or leftist identity politics crowd who lovingly hopped on the special snowflake bandwagon to shame and shiv anyone who dares preach common sense. It's like a train wreck in slow motion. And yes, you do it to yourselves. The sooner you realize it, instead of always blaming someone else, within or without, the better for you and this effing planet.
  2. Mr Fixit

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    What would you say those problems are, narratively speaking? Meereenese Knot gets mentioned a lot, but I can't imagine that it's the only thing giving George serious headaches.
  3. Mr Fixit

    US Politics: Free Trade, Freer Trade, and Nuclear War

    I forget, where did that last chemical attack take place? Tonkin something... nah, that's not it.
  4. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Well... actually they didn't. (Don't construe this as me saying Russia isn't behind the Skripal murder attempt as they may well have been.)
  5. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Indeed. I vote for immediate sanctions on the United States.
  6. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Of course it is. When used by a prominent politician, talking about a serious political matter, especially given the current geopolitical climate, it absolutely is. Say Hitler, and Auschwitz, extermination policies, and genocidal total war instantly pop up as primary associations in public consciousness. I am really not clear on why you pretend otherwise. He's really not. There have been many, many dictators, autocrats and totalitarian leaders that we have to be careful to compare to Hitler as some kind of shorthand. Even going back to WW2 era, was Mussolini like Hitler? How about Franco? Petain or Quisling? Shall we talk about Saddam Hitler, Assad Hitler, and countless other little Hitlers (maybe current Saudi leadership wrt Yemen)? Pinochet Hitler, Salazar Hitler, Calero Hitler and Chamorro Hitler, and on and on and on. It's silly, counterproductive and ultimately meaningless.
  7. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Of course it does. You know it, I know it, little Joe in the corner knows it. Johnson (and he's far from the first) wants to liken Putin to Hitler, and not only because of the whatever sport event we're talking about. That's not only hyperbolic in the extreme -- thankfully, Putin hasn't opened concentration camps and instituted racial policies yet -- but also very disrespectful toward real Nazi victims. I'm not talking just about 25+ millions Soviet citizens killed, but also about everyone else. How do you think Jewish survivors of the Holocaust feel every time some moron compares the current World Threat Number One(TM) to Hitler? I can think of at least four Hitlers in the last 15-20 years gracing the lurid self-congratulatory headlines of certain media outlets.
  8. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    You really want to go there? Interesting choice of arguing technique...
  9. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Sure, and of all the possible things to say the guy chose to use Hitler. But not because he wants to compare Putin to Hitler, mind you. It's just handy to use that particular example, ya know. No ulterior motive, I swear.
  10. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Has Corbyn killed your cat? In fact, has Corbyn killed all the cats of all the "liberal" lefties?
  11. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Doesn't surprise me in the least. For all the gasping about Putin's RT, British and US mainstream media peddle the exact same kind of vomitable propaganda day in and day out. Not only where geopolitics is concerned, mind you, but on economic issues, inequality, and a whole bunch of related socio-economic topics. Imagine how low we've fallen when there's a massive frontal attack from all corners against an opposition leader whose main fault is his insistence on caution and evidence before committing to a course of action. McCarthyism indeed.
  12. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Can't they be both?
  13. Mr Fixit

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    You must not have been here very long then. Everyone with an ounce of unorthodox thought is a Russian troll around here, didn't you know?
  14. so Mormont, how long do you intend to erase all my posts? I understand the ones that got involved in bickering. But what was wrong with my quote of that article or my question about Romney and Gore?

    Why the censorship, man? Ban me outright if you don't want dissenting opinions.

  15. Hey, sorry about shutting you down like that. I got frustrated because I thought we were going in circles and I apologize for that. 

    Let's just say we both want all the countries in Europe to be free to declare for whoever they want and pursue policies free of foreign meddling and unwanted pressure, be it from East or West. 

    I appreciate your patience in discussing the matters with me with a level head and a willing ear! 


    1. OldGimletEye


      No problem.

      I think we are pretty much in agreement.