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  1. With Kurtzman at the helm, don't hold your breath.
  2. Maybe have one of the megacorps build a perfect android replica of Klaes Ashford to keep them company.
  3. I will always have a soft spot for Up the Long Ladder because of the Klingon tea ceremony scene with Worf and Pulaski. Only a single short scene but better than much of early TNG drivel. If you haven't already, I recommend you watch the scene on YouTube with original Ron Jones score restored, as the originally aired episode lacks that particular cue (because Berman...)
  4. Can anyone knowledgeable in these things tell me: would three 10-15 meter asteroids do damage on the level of environmental collapse?
  5. Kurtzman is one of those Hollywood types that I'm always amazed they have so many jobs lined up. I am no math wizard, but from what I can tell, the guy has around 15 movies and shows in production, pre-production or announced and he is involved in some sort of writing capacity with at least 5 of those. He must be Einstein-level genius to pull it all off. I am baffled by how he manages to produce and secure funding to all the things on his resume, considering the vast majority of it is utter mediocrity. I don't think Trek is going to change for the better with him at the helm. Looking at Discovery, it's not only that scripts leave much to be desired, everything about production is subpar, to say the least. Direction and editing are too chaotic and, to put it mildly, inelegant. Set design is underwhelming considering the amount of money that presumably went into it, with everything looking uniformly sterile, metallic, and bluish. People often say that the visual effects at least are outstanding, but are they really? They certainly poured a lot of money into CGI, but just like sets it's very artificial-looking, with no sense of underlying reality or heft. The music just drones on and on and on and on from one exclamation mark to the next. And the costumes! Almost everyone is in a variation of black leather, be they Ni'Varans, Book, Michael in protocol-breaking mode, Osyraa and her thugs, or Georgiou. Frankly, when compared to The Expanse and The Mandalorian, it's astonishing how... not exactly the right word... how cheap this show looks!
  6. Yeah, incoherent is the right word. At the end of the day, I'm sad that this is what Trek has come down to. Discovery reminds me of some kind of cross between Marvel and CW stuff like Vampire Diaries or 100. I mean, that's cool, not trying to diss those shows, once upon a time I even enjoyed the early seasons of Vampire Diaries for what they were. But after true sci-fi landmarks like The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine that have had lasting real-world relevance, we now have... this... as Star Trek. It is just sad.
  7. Has there been any true-sounding non-PR explanation as to why Amazon dropped The Expanse after Season 6? Bad viewing figures? Low subscription numbers attributed to the show? Too expensive to renegotiate actors' contracts? (Isn't there something about 6 seasons re: actors' contracts in US law?) I must admit I'm a bit miffed that this phenomenal show has to end after only one more season (while, for example, Supernatural, which I really liked during Kripke years, went on and on and on and became a walking corpse after 15 seasons).
  8. Distraction from what? Again YMMV, but I thought it was an interesting peek into the daily functioning of Martian society, the way Bobbie adapted -- or didn't -- to civilian life, and the underlying feeling of things falling apart not only because of the ring gates but also because the regular people themselves lost faith in the dream of Mars. I thought it was a compelling storyline to follow and is even more important as a prologue to political upheavals yet to come. Sure, it's not what one would expect after the first three seasons. Typical TV conventions prime us to expect the ever-continuing escalation from season to season and they also very rarely allow for changing subgenres and storytelling approaches between seasons, which is something The Expanse does all the time, and even more so the books where this narrative shift is clearer due to how the show didn't adapt the books in a 1-for-1 fashion. I am in no way insinuating that my interpretation is the only valid one or that people shouldn't have legitimate criticisms of Season 4, but I still do think that at least a part of those criticisms were the result of The Expanse not meeting narrative expectations or not going along expected narrative lines.
  9. To each his own, but I found the low-key nature of Season 4 very compelling to watch. It was almost a throwback to a kind of mystery-based worldbuilding of Season 1 where it takes a while to get going. I enjoyed Ilus storyline as a cool slice of some solid old school sci-fi, not to mention that cinematography was spectacular and was worth the price of admission all by itself. Bobbie's storyline is a critical component going forward, showing us the changing sociopolitical climate on Mars. Avasarala's election is probably the weakest of the threads, but by no means bad and also has relevance in depicting just how far reaching the discovery of the ring gates is. And of course, Drummer and Ashford are Drummer and Ashford: always a joy to watch. If accepted for what it is, Season 4 is some damn fine TV.
  10. After thinking long and hard, I am very close to concluding that The Expanse is my favorite SF show of all time. Not quite there yet because the competition is very stiff, and of course a lot hinges on how this season and the next turn out, but damn is this thing awesome.
  11. Hmm, makes sense though I don't remember if it was ever confirmed either way.
  12. Concerning the Burn, they never addressed what happened to planets. I imagine that matter/antimatter reactions power not only ships but all sorts of planetary infrastructure as well. It'd be interesting if half the planets got blown up during the Burn. Not to mention the disastrous energy scarcity and the resulting product scarcity that would follow. Sadly I don't think Discovery writers are even remotely interested in any of this. Kurtzman gotta Kurtzman, after all.
  13. In the process of buying a new PC after which I definitely intend to play it. I am a big RPG fan and have been for over 20 years. Unfortunately my piece of trash from 2010 is so bad that it can't even run Witcher 3 so... Yeah...
  14. Judging by Ran's and Wert's comments, seems 2077 is well worth playing. Apart from obvious glitch galore and other assorted issues, would you say that there's a certain bandwagoning when it comes to trashing the game? By reading and listening to quite a few people and outlets, one could be forgiven for thinking that the gane is an abysmal disappointment on multiple fronts.
  15. so Mormont, how long do you intend to erase all my posts? I understand the ones that got involved in bickering. But what was wrong with my quote of that article or my question about Romney and Gore?

    Why the censorship, man? Ban me outright if you don't want dissenting opinions.

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