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  1. Yes, I blamed you, Kalibuster, for Russia's need to invade Ukraine. Seems about right.
  2. Well, truth be told a vomiting emoji would be nice. That said, this forum is a shining microcosm of how we've found ourselves in this situation. The inability to listen to anyone who doesn't unquestioningly share every single policy point is... Well, quite something to behold.
  3. Sure. Cause there were plenty invaders in history. Not so plenty concentration campers. So when one self-righteously invokes Godwin, it'd be best to show some discernment.
  4. Has there ever been a US opponent who HASN'T sought American destruction? Those villains always seem so melodramatic in their motives. It's always "they hate us because of our way of life". I admit, it's a solid 101 villain motivation, but sometimes I'm itching for something a bit more complex in my entertainment. To stimulate discussion, maybe see things from different angles. Know thy enemy and all that. But yeah, I agree, can't really fit in 280 characters so nah.
  5. Until we see an Auschwitz spring up, I'd temper my righteous excitement.
  6. Isn't it a little early in this thread for Godwin?
  7. Well, I have to admit that Russia is willing to play a more high-stakes game than I believed. I also still believe that this is unfortunately a culmination of 30 years of geopolitical blunders on all sides.
  8. Here I am Scot. Sorry you waited for me. I was just getting my marching orders from Kremlin. Or you could show a modicum of intellectual honesty and allow me to have a genuine opinion even if you consider it ill-advised
  9. Don't worry. Soon it'll be China or some other poor sod in the Middle East or an alien invasion. We must always be vigilant; threats are everywhere and should be dealt with swiftly lest they destroy our way of life.
  10. What a surprise, right? Jul 30, 2014: Russia Has 15,000 Crack Troops on the Ukrainian Border - And Putin’s itching for a fight.- Foreign PolicyMar 19, 2015: Russia Expands Military Exercises To 80,000 Troops- Defense NewsSep 1, 2016: Russia is massing thousands of troops on Ukraine’s border. Here’s why we shouldn’t panic.- VoxSep 13, 2017: What’s Putin up to? The Russian military buildup in Europe raises tension.- Military TimesDec 15, 2018: Ukraine Asserts Major Russian Military Buildup on Eastern Border- New York TimesJun 12, 2019: EXCLUSIVE: US Intelligence Officials and Satellite Photos Detail Russian Military Buildup on Crimea- Defense OneJul 17, 2020: Russia orders 'surprise' military drill in Caspian, Black seas- UPIApr 2, 2021: Russian 'troop build-up' near Ukraine alarms Nato- BBCJan 27, 2022: How Russia Has Increased Its Military Buildup Around Ukraine- New York Times Gotta keep the public on their toes. And we can't forget about that 2% GDP target for defense too! Better make it three!
  11. Now this is honest. What do you think should be the long-term goal vis-a-vis Russia? Is there a path to a lasting and relatively friendly relationship?
  12. I dunno, it seems we find Saudi excuses (backed with lots of petrodollars) rational. Look, I am all for debating international politics, but can we at least leave "dictators" out of it, at least not while quite a few of those dictators we happily endorse for geostrategic reasons. Sure, wanna contain Russia or whatever, go for it, but let's be frank about it and not hide behind "democracy" and "human rights". I am sure Saudi dissidents, Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, and many many others believe the rhetoric something fierce.
  13. Among the usual consensus, this post stands out to me as rather relevant to the wider picture. It's easy to simply dismiss Russian concerns and accuse them of duplicity and aggression. Modern society loves these kinds of simple one-sided interpretations and echo chambers. And it's not like this anti-Russian stance is without merit. I don't think Russia's really above-board in this situation. I do think they love their Soviet playbook a bit too much. However, what Clueless Northman said is worth considering. The West *does* have a tendency to break their promises and/or treaties when those don't suit them anymore. Just three examples with very far-reaching consequences: 1. The (in)famous verbal promise to Gorbachev that NATO won't expand east, that has since been confirmed by declassified files. NATO broke it not even ten years later. 2. The bombing campaign in Yugoslavia over Kosovo crisis in 1999 was concluded with UNSC Resolution 1244. That Resolution with its annexes stipulated the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo but provided for the return of under 1.000 soldiers and police officers in order to perform various roles, for example to establish presence at the border crossings. The Resolution also on several occasions mentioned that any later final settlement re: Kosovo status should respect Yugoslav territorial integrity and sovereignty with "substantial autonomy" afforded to Kosovo. Needless to mention, even after Milosevic fell and democratic pro-Western government took power a year later, no Yugoslav police or army was allowed back and the final settlement most definitely did not respect sovereignty of Yugoslavia. 3. Iran deal. Even after IAEA reports on multiple occasions confirmed that Iran was basically upholding its part of the deal, US unilaterally withdrew from it, jeopardizing everything that was previously accomplished in regards to nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East. These and other things are grounds for serious concern for any country that finds itself in precarious position where US interests are involved. Again, I don't endorse in the slightest Russian saber-rattling (or their 2014 actions in Crimea and Donbass), I'm simply pointing out that the world is a complex place where all kinds of players are looking after what they perceive as their national interests. We all should carefully consider how and why those interests intersect and what's the best way to show modicum of respect to reasonable concerns other players may have before we sanctimoniously decide that WE=LAWFUL GOOD, THEY= CHAOTIC EVIL. It won't help us understand the world. Not really.
  14. In the process of buying a new PC after which I definitely intend to play it. I am a big RPG fan and have been for over 20 years. Unfortunately my piece of trash from 2010 is so bad that it can't even run Witcher 3 so... Yeah...
  15. Judging by Ran's and Wert's comments, seems 2077 is well worth playing. Apart from obvious glitch galore and other assorted issues, would you say that there's a certain bandwagoning when it comes to trashing the game? By reading and listening to quite a few people and outlets, one could be forgiven for thinking that the gane is an abysmal disappointment on multiple fronts.
  16. so Mormont, how long do you intend to erase all my posts? I understand the ones that got involved in bickering. But what was wrong with my quote of that article or my question about Romney and Gore?

    Why the censorship, man? Ban me outright if you don't want dissenting opinions.

  17. Hey, sorry about shutting you down like that. I got frustrated because I thought we were going in circles and I apologize for that. 

    Let's just say we both want all the countries in Europe to be free to declare for whoever they want and pursue policies free of foreign meddling and unwanted pressure, be it from East or West. 

    I appreciate your patience in discussing the matters with me with a level head and a willing ear! 


    1. OldGimletEye


      No problem.

      I think we are pretty much in agreement.

  18. Once upon a time, yeah. Nowadays, unlikely. And even if they do, what would D&D hope to get out of that endeavour except to read posts by people who wish plague on both their houses? And an especially virulent strain of ebola as well, if and when applicable.
  19. Indeed? What is generic Hollywood fantasy exactly?
  20. Nah. They are Quran with some Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi liberally sprinkled on top. I also heard there are some sutras in there, but I can't really vouch for that last piece of info.
  21. Come on, man, I'm talking to you in good faith. No reason for this. My entire previous post was about how STID and WoK didn't have common plot points and story elements. Someone who's read the books but hasn't seen the show will be able to guess almost all the major beats and plot points of Season 4. Okay, no Tysha, Craster's, Yara, etc., but still. Someone who's watched WOK won't have a clue about any single thing happening in STID. Let's stop here. I have no further interest in this topic.
  22. No, I don't see the similarities.. WoK and STID have absolutely nothing in common except little bits here and there and of course the name of the antagonist. The plot is completely different, and I really mean competely. Name me one plot point that is covered in both movies except the silly "sacrifice" at the end. Characters are in utterly different stages of their lives and/or mental places where their motives and characterisations are concerned. Wrath of Khan is a movie about age finally catching up to Kirk and company; they aren't the dashing heroes of yesteryear anymore, able to find a way out of any bad situation. His best friend, not some redshirt loser, has to die to save the ship. Kobayashi Maru no-win scenarios indeed do happen in real life and Kirk simply wasn't ready for them. This was an occasion where he couldn't cheat death. His roguish womanising is also shown as having real consequences - he got a son he doesn't know what to do with. Wrath of Khan is a total opposite of Into Darkness on nearly every front. The former is a movie about aging and coming to terms with your life and your limitations. The latter... I don't know what it stands for. It desperately wants to say something, true, and it wants to be relevant and topical, but it pays only lip service to these notions, all the while wrapped up in Abrams' glossy, lens-flarey package.
  23. I can't agree with that assessment. For all the deviations, GoT still hits all the major, and many minor, beats of the books. Into Darkness and Wrath of Khan have absolutely nothing in common except the most superficial of homages: Khan himself (though he's nothing like Montalban's version) and... nothing else really. Maybe the inversion of sacrifices to save the Enterprise? A sequence so bad and completely undone 10 minutes later by Khan's magical blood.
  24. Is there a point to this verbosity of yours? I'd say it's severely misplaced and, dare I say, wasted.
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