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  1. You would say that, yeah. I do tend to agree, though.
  2. What? Nobody has mentioned how Solyent singlehandedly drove Wijnaldum from Liverpool? Shame on you guys!
  3. I need to learn to spell Demarai Gray, it seems. Also, Bernard has left the building. So ... one part-time squad player out. Good.
  4. So. Demari Gray too. Good thing about the three signings so far is that they cost very little. And, I guess, any contribution they make will be a net plus.
  5. So we've signed Andros Townsend and Asmir Begovic. I'll admit it doesn't make me giddy with excitement.
  6. May be Iwobi's chance to get into the 10 role.. Good riddance as long as he's found guilty. He's suspended for now.
  7. So we seem to be bringing in a backup keeper. Exciting times! ..also, we're linked with wingers all around. Townsend (seems more or less done), Gray, McNeill, Leon Bailey. I do think we may be in the market for a winger. Yes, indeed. Which suggests Benitez is going for the simple plan regarding next season - when you have a tall and athletic CF, give him crosses. (Sure, I would wager he has more plans than that. But ... seems an okay bet.)
  8. Very late to log on, but we gracefully accept your congratulations for the result. We all knew it was coming, of course. Viva Italia!
  9. Somewhere I read that Ancelotti wants Richarlison at Real, and now I'm having nightmares. Don't care how realistic it is, we remove him and we have a huuuuuuge problem wrt creativity-
  10. We have moved ourselves to our holiday reprieve, and we were unable to comment on yesterday's battle before. That our legions would conquer Iberia was never in doubt, though. We may have lured them in, like Muhammed Ali, but such is the might of Italy we were never in danger. Again, we will, for formailties, wait until the next match is played before we are crowned. Formalities are important.
  11. Mormont switching to England will be hard, I think, I have this feeling he's not feeling all that English.
  12. Road is paved to Londonium. We will take it in stages.
  13. Mostly since it involves the keeper. Which is to say not at all. I did mention we didn't buy the ref?
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