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  1. Well, actually, yes. I've never seen him not ramble on. And I do believe he'd do that here too if not for his lawyers.
  2. Not entirely sure about why, myself, but could be that 1) negotiations were so far advanced it would feel weird to do an about-face on them and 2) Coady himself really wanted playing time (as he aims to be in Qatar). Wolves could of course have shut the door on that if they wanted.
  3. As for Everton ... all in all, it has been a slow window, and I wouldn't have minded having more speed on the transfers, but I reckon economic reasons has been the limitation. Still, Tarkowski seems good business (he's a different player than Keane, for sure), and while we still keep believing Mina will somehow stay uninjured for more than 5 seconds, we have depth at CB. Coady now filling in too will be a positive, as I reckon he's way ahead of both Holgate (improving) and Keane in quality. Paterson looking decent on the right means all we now need to hope for is him not getting injured. Midfield .. Gana is ageing, but I think he can still do a job for us in the holding role. We sorely lack quality there. Doucouré, Gray, Gordon and actually Iwobi (if played right) can still do a good job, but none of them are holding. Allan I'm uncertain of, while Gomes, Davies and Gbamin need to improve drastically if they are to play. Dele too. McNeill as an addition I like, Onana I don't know enough of. But we need a backup striker not named Solomon Rondon, and preferably by last Saturday.
  4. I think United should seriously look into signing Rondon if they want an ageing striker. And then maybe we'd get a decent cover for DCL.
  5. Congratulations to England for winning the second most important match yesterday! Unfortunately for me (and the world, I'd imagine), Bryne FK lost the more important match (well, it was a match with Bryne FK after all!) to the team leading the Norwegian second division. Though, to be fair, Brann hasn't lost all season, so it would have been a miracle had we beaten them.
  6. Three goals was ok, I think but this was the moment of last night's training match.
  7. Too much of this these days. Seems fame has kept a lid on these accusations for a while, and we're getting a belated #metoo-moment. Hope it keeps up.
  8. ...and now I'm reading that Barkley is back on our radar... Didn't we learn anything from bringing Wayne back??
  9. I've seen rumours saying PSG have "offered" us Gana. Would be great if we could get him, but can't pay too much. Though, he's the very kind of midfielder we lack, as Allan hasn't been able to cover the defense as completely as we need, and the rest there (Doucoure, Davies, Gomes) all aren't suited for a holding role.
  10. I've been hoping we'd look at him if we were to look at Burnley players. I have a weakness for his kind of slick technique. Dunno if he can hold a stable, high level, but this is a signing I welcome.
  11. I sort of love that the thread has gone from UK politics to "best and worst of British and international cuisine" and as a result has improved vastly in quality.
  12. Not sure we can say it, tbh. But that's cause we're with you in a race for the bottom. ETA: was in reply to BFC.
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