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  1. At this point, I reckon we're about as close to be dismantled as a club owing to catastrophal economic mismanagement, rather than just mismanagement on the sporting side. There is a *lot* of work to do to get us back on some sort of track. How Dyche will work out, both in the short and long term, I can't say. In a way, this is similar to when Moyes came in. He was very much a "defense first"-manager, and, I'd say, not unlike when he started to what Dyche is now. So perhaps, given time and a bit of funding, Dyche can change somewhat? He never did have funding at Burnley.
  2. We're terribly run, won't even consider trying protest that part. With a manager now in place, we have a shot at staying up. The change on the pitch has been obvious. Too late? That's the question now.
  3. If it leads to three points against them, I'm all for
  4. Honestly didn't think he had that in him. I was surprised at how easily he first glided past and then held off Koulibaly. And then he managed to get it past Kepa too. Very unexpected, but very satisfying!
  5. Regarding Bellingham .. is he someone who could replace a Partey / Jorginho at Arsenal? Mind, this is just me wondering, since Jorginho isn't young and promising, and Partey could be missing for .... a long time, should the justice system so decide.
  6. Do not start talking like that *before* we play them, please.
  7. Who's available right now? I'm thinking new managers, and I can't think of anyone survival artists waiting in the wings.
  8. That was a nice goal. ETA: Unrelated to the goal, but I find Fabio Viera to be a player I don't see the point of. Lots of nice, little touches, but generally very ineffective, and not really useful defensively. How wrong am I on a scale here?
  9. Checking the live scores, and it seems Liverpool are 1-0 down with 10 minutes to go. What they need now is Haaland.
  10. Agree that Nepo having done a WC match might help him, if he manages to stay calm. Should he start to lose, he's erratic enough that Ding will pick him apart. It will be interesting to see. For me, should I have to flee Russia, the warmth in Spain is kinda a good selling point. I'd consider that over up here.
  11. Proof if we ever needed more that being good at chess and being smart isn't the same thing. ETA: about the upcoming WC match .. who would you consider most likely to win? I feel this one's more open and reliant on form.
  12. Having seen it on the tweet above, I'd say it's a stupid way for Casemiro to go into the tackle. Don't go studs first, it doesn't give an advantage, but it leaves you open to cards against. Had it been Everton, I'd argue for a yellow, had it been against us I'd argue for a red, but he has time there. He doesn't need to give the ref the option. ETA: having seen the Leicester challenge above, I'm appalled that VAR hasn't done anything there. That's a sending off 12 times out of 5. Did I mention I hate the implementation of VAR?
  13. Could of course be true. Could be corruption. But given their nature, it's hard to accept a narrative of "honest mistakes" now, I agree.
  14. Anyway, we were struggling the entire second half, but we still managed to hold on. So even though VAR proved useless once again (I sorta thought it was introduced to reduce mistakes, not make entirely stupid new ones), we got the three points. Thank goodness.
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