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  1. I think United should seriously look into signing Rondon if they want an ageing striker. And then maybe we'd get a decent cover for DCL.
  2. Congratulations to England for winning the second most important match yesterday! Unfortunately for me (and the world, I'd imagine), Bryne FK lost the more important match (well, it was a match with Bryne FK after all!) to the team leading the Norwegian second division. Though, to be fair, Brann hasn't lost all season, so it would have been a miracle had we beaten them.
  3. Three goals was ok, I think but this was the moment of last night's training match.
  4. Too much of this these days. Seems fame has kept a lid on these accusations for a while, and we're getting a belated #metoo-moment. Hope it keeps up.
  5. ...and now I'm reading that Barkley is back on our radar... Didn't we learn anything from bringing Wayne back??
  6. I've seen rumours saying PSG have "offered" us Gana. Would be great if we could get him, but can't pay too much. Though, he's the very kind of midfielder we lack, as Allan hasn't been able to cover the defense as completely as we need, and the rest there (Doucoure, Davies, Gomes) all aren't suited for a holding role.
  7. I've been hoping we'd look at him if we were to look at Burnley players. I have a weakness for his kind of slick technique. Dunno if he can hold a stable, high level, but this is a signing I welcome.
  8. I sort of love that the thread has gone from UK politics to "best and worst of British and international cuisine" and as a result has improved vastly in quality.
  9. Not sure we can say it, tbh. But that's cause we're with you in a race for the bottom. ETA: was in reply to BFC.
  10. Wasn't a big surprise, I think, but that may be for us Norwegians? Always felt it was more probable than not that Carlsen would stand by his hinted-at desicion.
  11. Our away kit for next season is our most pink effort yet. I somehow think it would have been better without all the details, honestly.
  12. At least Crouch could dance like a robot. Plus, he's funny.
  13. There has been little talk from me about Bryne FK for a while. Mainly that's down to us steadying the ship (we lost their first six this season, the first five with a 1-2 scoreline) and now sit above relegation (though by no means safe, mind), which is more or less where we will end up. Hopefully. Today's match showed again that we're entirely relinat on set pieces if we're to score. We can't create chances from open play to save our lives. And no, no victory today. 0-2 loss.
  14. Well, if it's done and the benefits are off the charts, just imagine how those benefits will be if you redo the whole thing!
  15. That's what happens when your manager is a weak copy of Roberto Martinez. Or, that's not really entirely fair. To Martinez.
  16. So it seems Sjögren still organizes defenses worse than Roberto Martinez. He's been doing good, based on a good attack. But setting up a defense that plays like this ... Nah. He's gotta go. Screwed up completely last Euros, and this was so embarrsingly bad he should resign himself rather than let someone fire him.
  17. Ah, Andriy Voronin! Now there was a gem. Free transfer, IIRC?
  18. Well, I'm Norwegian, not really a Tory (by a long shot) and really not interested in being a political leader. However, that last guy seemed to think the job was mostly about getting his ego stroked. Which seemed a good deal. So I can offer my services as the new PM.
  19. Ah, Fantasy Football! Where I learn every year that I suck at Fantasy Football. Can't wait to do so again.
  20. Norway looks a mixed bag based on warm-up games and the game vs NI. We have an attack that on its day can score at will (Reiten, Hegerberg, Graham Hansen are all excellent players), and we have a solid if maybe unspectacular midfield. There seems to be work to be done at the back, though. Can't say much about the GK, she's very fresh at this level. But both CBs have been better before (Thorirsdottir has regressed, I feel, while Mjelde has been injured quite a bit) and our backs are all brand new and untested. So we control the game today, but we let in a goal because of communication problems and passive defending. That we can do vs NI, but not for the rest of the tournament.
  21. If your two supporters are JRM and Nadine, you're so screwed it wouldn't make it into fiction. What an epitah to carry.
  22. I think he mostly has confidence in himself. All others seem to have lost it (well, barring Nadine Dorries).
  23. I'm not quite getting the point here ... As someone living in a constitutional monarchy, I think the problem you're spelling out here isn't about the monarchy, but a written vs an unwritten constitution?
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