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  1. Rorshach

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Wages are a problem these days. Take Sandro Ramirez, who we bought for .. what, £5m? .. back in the day. He duly bombed, but since he was on the cheap, he got high wages. Who would match them? Very few, at least since he bombed both with us and on loan. Same story with several players, I believe (though we are nowhere near the utterly ridiculously paid Alexis Sanchez).
  2. Btw, thinking back a bit, I used to love Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse books, but it's been ages since I read them.
  3. Wallander is a rather gloomy guy, true. Not watched the Netflix version, so I can't comment on how it is relative to the books, but he is not very upbeat..
  4. Not sure if it will be your preference, but for Scandinavian social realism more than noir, there is Henning Mankell and his Wallander books.
  5. I did. All in all, it wasn't his best, I think - too much rebellion and not enough mystery, I thought. However, I knew nothing about the rebellion beforehand (I may have a master's degree in history, but being neither English nor medieval in my primary interests, I know very little about that period altogheter), so in isolation it was interesting - but I would perhaps prefer a monograph to learn about it I hope he'll be able to continue writing, though. The book being not his best still means it's very good.
  6. Nowadays, I read less than I used to. I still love P. D. James and C. J. Sansom, though.
  7. Rorshach

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Brighton sack Chris Hughton. It may be the right move, but I'm sceptical - Hughton has done well with what is ultimately a limited set of players. Of course, Brighton may draw the new Poch out of a hat somewhere, but I think it's more likely that the club will stagnate, struggle and get relegated. Wonder where Hughton will end up next.
  8. Rorshach

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    I've been thinking a bit about Gana. He's under contract until 2022. However, he was strongly wanted by PSG in January, and while they may now go with Herrera (?), I don't think he'll lack suitors. So should we keep him, trusting that he'll keep his tremendous skills for three years, or should we sell him - for a profit - now, and try to restructure the team accordingly? If bigger clubs (CL-clubs) come calling, he'll probably want to leave. However, I do not see us being able to replace him, and I think him leaving will impact our defense quite a lot, just when it has set. I would thus try to keep him. Really hope no-one comes for him.
  9. Rorshach

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    Well, you are surely learning. Someone on twitter the other day pointed out that David Moyes' contract would have run out this month or next, if he had seen it out.
  10. Rorshach

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    I do think Real are going to regret that, just as I think United are going to regret employing Solskjær. It's not a given, though, so time will show.
  11. Rorshach

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    I really don't know how it's not front page news, but Everton's U23 team completed their leage-and-cup double yesterday. Clearly that deserves attention - it's not like some bigger football stories have happened lately.
  12. Rorshach

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    Pool yesterday is, I think, mostly about Klopp. What he has managed to do with the team - and players - is amazing. And I hate him for it, clearly. I'll have to admit I'm envious of Spurs as well. Poch hasn't been able to buy a player for two transfer windows, has injuries all over, and had several players playing at the WC till the very end - and now Spurs (SPURS!) are in a CL final. At least Everton aren't managed by Allardici anymore..
  13. Rorshach

    Going solar, going solar, going solar

    Would love to do that, but I don't think I'd be allowed by the muncipality. Thing is, our house is old (built 1896) and registered in the national database as "interesting" or whatever the category is. So we have to apply for any and all changes which changes the apperance of the house (not if we choose to change it back to original, however, we are free to do that). I think that roof tiles also count. However, I would love to change to a solar roof, even here in rather rainy Norway.
  14. Rorshach

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    I'll have to tell you, I'm shocked that Solyent follows the UK Politics thread. I mean, just because he's British doesn't mean he belongs in the thread. What next? Will we find him in the football thread just because he supports Liverpool? The mind boggles.
  15. Rorshach

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    I may be completely wrong, of course. I tend to be.