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  1. I'm still shocked we've won three games in a row - plus two cup matches. We don't do that kind of thing. So if someone knows how to turn this hope button off, send me a note. Thanks.
  2. Side note, is there something with this name? I only know about two, but ...
  3. Can't see what United are complaining about, they lost to the second best team in the country. Happens to everyone once in a while, that.
  4. Well, on the solid basis of one whole game, I will claim vindication in my earlier claim that we don't need Høybjerg. Thankful today that he chose Spurs.
  5. I really, really hate 1-0 leads, right up to the moment they turn into 1-0 wins. My takeaways: - Spurs are bad in this setup. No creativity in midfield, relying in long balls to (the admittedly excellent) Son and Kane. Sure, they have quality and will pick up points, but they were nowhere near the quality needed for a top four challenge, never mind a top 10. - Pickford was back at his best, something we didn't see last season. Great positioning and reflexes for when he was needed. If that's who he'll be this season, all the better. - Mina and Keane look a lot better when someone like Allan patrols in front. More crosses then, as the opposition seeks the wings, and crosses they excel at. - Coleman is still a very good defender when he's fit. I don't think anyone expected Hamish to be helping too much defensively (though, he did work!), but Coleman largely kept Son quiet. Can't ask for much more. - New midfield needs time to gel, but my Lord, there's so much more quality there than last year! Better screening of the defense, more aggressive press, better handling of the ball, more creativity. They get to know each other better and this will be great! Depending a bit on how fit Hamish stays. - Richarlison misses chances sometimes. Yes he does. Still works hard, and he'll not miss them all season. I'm not worried, not yet.
  6. He is nominated - for next year's prize. Just to be clear Christian Tybring-Gjedde, one of our local parlamentary jokes, does know enough to not botch that part. But I bet you the nomination is all about publicity. Also, it may not be just publicity for his own sake. If I am to speculate (and why not?), his wife, previously a Minister for Public Security, is now peripherally catching heat owing to a trial where the spouse of one of our former Ministers of Justice is accused of fabricating threats against herself and her family.
  7. Better than Walcott, imo. That's not saying much, though. Too inconsistent. Expanding a bit: He tries a lot. Wants to create, wants to make things happen. And he's good with the ball. His desicions may be suspect at times, but the most irritating part is that his passing is extremly inconsistent. He can thread a ball through in one breath, and miss a 5-yards sideways pass the next. Also, he's not a crosser and not a finisher. First part means he's wasted on the wing. So I'd rather have him play the 10.
  8. That seems like the best solution to me, but every man and his dog tells me Ancelotti loves his 4-4-2. I also happen to think that Iwobi would be much better as a central 10 than as a wide man. Hope he gets a chance there.
  9. Might work. Coleman hasn't played an entire season for at least the last six years, though, so we know he'll go missing for a couple of stretches. Right now that means Kenny will have to fill in. He did well in Germany, by all accounts, so maybe he can take the step up this year.
  10. Well, if nothing else, we should have a better central midfiled this year than what we've had the last couple of seasons. Will be interesting to see how they should line up, and who - if any - who won't get too much game time. Gomes, Allan, Doucouré, Hamish - they all like to be central... Might push Hamish out right and let him drift in, but that puts a lot of pressure on Coleman, and he's not playing the entire season. Also, if we do that, we'll still have to play five in midfield - so that puts Richarlison out left. Also unsure about who of Gomes and Doucouré should be furthest forward. Hmm.. Lots of questions. As long as it limits Walcott to cameos off the bench, I'm happy.
  11. Hope our business this summer becomes more of a success than some of the previous years.. Allan I think is a needed buy. Hamish is more of a gamble, I think. And if we get him, do we change the way we play? Or is he intended to be sort of a false 9? Questions..
  12. Nice to get confirmation about one of my quibbles that fast
  13. Couple of quibbles - main rumour from every Everton site I see says we're after Allan from Napoli, to shore up DM, and Doucouré from Watford. Rodriguez has also been mentioned. Also, Gbamin didn't live up to exptectations, because he was injured. Yes, whole season, minus the .. what? 30 odd minutes he played.
  14. I believe you when you say he's a good writer of setting material, I haven't read that. I have read a couple of his "novels", though. I feel you're being kind to him
  15. That blog post reminded me that Ed Greenwood books exist. Now I won't sleep tonight.
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