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  1. Was a great player to have for a short time. Also, from what I've heard, a great guy. Rest in peace.
  2. I'm going out on a limb and say Scotland will lose this game.
  3. We'll end up with either neither of them, or the Saudis. Joy.
  4. So Burnley are now setting their sights on League One?
  5. Guessing a few have read it already, but he's also intensifying his claims and starting earlier. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2024/05/24/us/politics/trump-election-results-doubt.html?unlocked_article_code=1.u00.WEQS.aPaQLwcIih9H&smid=url-share
  6. If we're looking at dubious characters associated with Southampton, I'd add Matt Le Tissier.
  7. Well, now, this Lookman fella is looking good tonight.
  8. Given how he shone on his debut, I'm still kinda sad he never worked out at Everton. At his best, he's great.
  9. I'm dubbing this the Arsenal final. Granit Xhaka against Sead Kolasinac.
  10. Boehly at Chelsea hasn't made sense at any point, so expecting it to make sense now seems foolhardy. Mostly, I think they'll be a dumpster fire at an administrative level for as long as Boehly's around. That seems like the most logical conclusion. Much like us, we're clearly a dumpster fire and will remain so for quite some time.
  11. Arsenal absolutely the better team, but we did play well at times, stayed solid, worked hard and made them work for their win (well, apart from when Young gifted them the break the winner came from). So I'm pleasantly surprised today.
  12. 777 eventually taking over us has "Everton, that" written all over it.
  13. So our last hope is now ... David Moyes? Sorry to say, but City wins again.
  14. Really weird to see Son miss that. But hey - Spurs.
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