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  1. I will not see the good Samuele referred to in that fashion!
  2. I think as some have mentioned earlier that an important part of why you're not clicking has to do with the pressing game being gone. I was struck yesterday seeing that Burnley - that tiki-taka outfit, you know - being able to play up on completely unmarked midfielders and then turn the ball out to the wing. When Liverpool were pressing as a unit, there was no time for defenders to hit passes, and no free midfielders to hit. Sure, it's a problem that the players seem vaccinated against scoring, but I think that's a knock-on effect of the game plan not working as normal.
  3. On the first one, I'll pass. I tried watching it, but I found that #Seashantytiktok on twitter was time much better spent.
  4. Pity. Would give Solyent another target to rant about during games.
  5. Chiming in before today's inevitable disappointment: I know they're both these heavily respected Italians, but it's much more fun having a team managed by Carlo Ancelotti than by Samuele Allardici.
  6. Yes, sorry, was what I meant. Bad wording on my part.
  7. "Whilst Everton will always have public safety uppermost, we will be requesting full disclosure of all the information that Manchester City provided to the Premier League so the Club can be clear on why this decision was taken." Seems Everton wants to know, too, as the board was just informed of the PL board's desicion.
  8. Was looking forward to us getting a hiding, but this will just help with longer rest time and getting players back. Approve.
  9. Yeah, four in a row. And Richarlison, Hamish and Allan (and Digne and Coleman) out means little creativity. But still, three points. City tomorrow will be worse.
  10. All this discussion, and not a word on our very strong 1-0 win away to the bottom side? In a dreadfully boring match, weather not helping anyone, and if you weren't invested in a team, you'd fall asleep? Shocked. I am schoked.
  11. Quite dull, and I really don't like us dropping back whenever we take the lead. One day that's going to backfire badly. But .. three points on a very average day. Arsenal really don't look good. And like Consigliere, I have no idea why they let Pepe mark - well, "mark" - Yerry Mina.
  12. West Brom making a ..... bold .... yes, indeed, bold, has to be the word here ... desicion.
  13. I wanted Arteta to replace Silva a year ago. Sorta happy I wasn't deciding anything.
  14. Seems he has. But he's always been a bit hot and cold wrt goals, so ... here's hoping he finds his shooting boots when DCL at some point stops being dangerous. It will happen.
  15. Can't say I've noticed at all, no.
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