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  1. SkynJay

    US Politics: Mail and Managers for Mitch

    Yang was my highest at 12. Biden next at 9. Bloom, Warren, Sanders at 8. Warren remains my favorite, though I guess I need to pay more attention to Yang.
  2. SkynJay

    NFL Playoffs 2020

    Did Vrabel think he was up by 8 there? As funny as running down the click was, 5 minutes to get a FG isn't exactly impossible. He may find himself down with 40 seconds left? Or, the Pats may punt while im typing this. Wow.
  3. The problem is, as I see it, that the new conservatives replacing the dying boomers are even more extreme. Growing up idolizing alt-right idols, loving it when Trump pwns those feminists and PC libtards, and living on reddit/4chan. This group is living in the cities. I don't know their numbers, but they are both young and very vocal. And they are not your old Reagan uncle, who might vote for a Dem if said Dem has always been good for the district. The thought that the political tilt is going to go more liberal as it gets younger really hasn't proven true yet, and I am not sure it takes politics of hate into account.
  4. SkynJay

    Essence of socialism from Otto von Bismarck

    I thought Bismark said 'oh baby you got what i need.' Am I misremembering my history?
  5. SkynJay

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    I am not an expert, but I do wonder how if they take down the electronic infrastructure in 'liberal minded cities' it would affect the ability for all these 65 year old bikers to communicate with each other. Wouldn't shutting down the wifi over a large area stop their ability to coordinate over 4chan?
  6. SkynJay

    Why cueing (MSV) is a poor way to teach children to read

    I think it already is. My 8 year old in public school was taught a combo of sight words and phonics. I have not heard anything about context clues. Math is going the same way, multiplication facts are being quizzed while unit work is still based around addition/subtraction.
  7. SkynJay

    Pokémon Go: It’s a Shiny World Out There!

    I did not know I will have to be battling friends. That will suck, I agree I may make a dummy account on my work phone. I had a Feebus ready thankfully, I have not evolved any of the crazy candy pokemon in fear of a quest like this. I am two steel/psychic away and hit a rut. Have not seen one for a few days. But I sure do like having more tasks than before, it has made it less annoying to see nothing but lilipups.
  8. SkynJay

    Pokémon Go: It’s a Shiny World Out There!

    I am so tired of getting Eevee as the research reward, it used to always be a legendary. I don't do large raids, I don't see myself ever getting past this stage of the Jump Start Research quest.
  9. Here I am all excited to watch Denver-Portland. And it is a great back and forth game. But Jesus, I have never seen so many offensive foul calls in my life. The refs are swallowing the whistle on shots but calling every little push they can. And it isn't going one way, both teams can't get into an offensive rhythm with all these damn whistles.
  10. SkynJay

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    I have seen that wall, the kids all play on it after soccer practice. Not one kid has yet tunneled under it while waiting for their parents to pick up so it must be legit.
  11. Because I am very West centric!! And honestly I forgot about them, knock the Pistons off my list.
  12. First game tonight, so I guess I will toss out my season predictions. West Rockets, Clippers, Nuggets, Blazers, Jazz, Lakers, Warriors, Spurs East Sixers, Bucks, Celtics, Nets, Pacers, Raptors, Magic, Pistons WCF- Clippers over Nuggets ECT - Bucks over Celtics Clippers take it all (damn it). MVP - I take my hometown pick in Joker mostly because Paul George and Kawhi cannibalize each other's votes. On the West picks, I still think Hardin dominates the regular season and I assume George gets healthy. The Nuggets are really damn good and I see they are a trendy pick to win the West but I have to calm my own expectations. I am low on the Lakers in regular season because I don't see their depth but they will suck to face in the playoffs. I am fairly sure of my top 8 but maybe the Mavs take the Spurs out of one spot. In the East I only really care about the top 3 and I have serious doubts about Embiid staying healthy. I also need more than one 3 point shot in a pre season game to be sold on Simmons having any playoff value so I take Bucks and Celtics as the only real contenders. The Net are the only team I can see surprising me if Kyrie gets really going.
  13. Finally finished and dove into this spoiler thread. Seems to have taken me almost as long as the book. I will start with the week old question above. I am 80% certain Jezal dies because Savene has learned of her parentage and Bayaz doesn't need a hint of a succession fight. When she confronts Gloka at the parade about the revelation she sees Bayaz take notice. I think Bayaz covered his bases by putting Orso on the throne; it will be harder to dethrone him with a bastard if he already wears the crown. Also, add me to the weaver is not Bayaz side. I don't think it will be that simple One question for now, more after I do a reread. Am I supposed to remember Vic or was she new?
  14. SkynJay

    Kate Elliott's Black Wolves series cancelled by publisher.

    That is said. This one got a pretty heavy push too, i am a bit surprised.
  15. For real, how does it hold up? I only played classic, but it has been 12 years since I played a mmorpg, but this has called to me a bit.