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  1. If it really is that tight the real question is if there is a single swing vote to be found or if the GOP holds lock step.
  2. I do have a question. Where did we meet Calder's kid? I don't recall how far back to look for this.
  3. This was my thought as well. Once she made her choice she became the owl..but that may not be what it is supposed to be. Anyway, the other woman in the closed counsel (I am on my phone and horrible at names, Hugan or something like that?) is also carrying a child. I can't for the life of me remember who she has been with; any chance this is also a possible royal? It will also be interesting to see if Bayaz can rebuild his world through the North rather than Adua this time, which currently seems to be the plan.
  4. I did a big reread several years ago (the first time I had ever read them in order) and one of the things that struck me about Night Watch is that while I always took your point for granted I no longer believe it; Night Watch would be BETTER if you read other books, especially in little jokes and a few throw away cameos. But I absolutely believe it can be read solo; it is a classic cat and mouse story that diverts in interesting ways. Much of Vimes' history is irreverent(his drinking problem is now part of his history, but not front and center to the story) and the supporting Guard cast that matters is introduced within the story itself. Light Fantastic truly is the only book I think needs a lead up to be read. And man, there is a lot of Eric hate on this thread. It is actually the book I reread last, and I think it is pretty entertaining. Not deep, and not high on the Pratchett list, but a nice diversion of a story and honestly about as much Rincewind as I need these days (some of the Rincewind books are a slog).
  5. I would say all the kids and Daniel are. Even the Dr Who kid was taunting Hawk during that brawl. Johnny may be the one exception, but at best in a one step forward, two back kind of way.
  6. Ok, I am necroing this thread for selfish reasons. I just finished S2 and I am so torn on if I want to keep going. I have enjoyed it, wackiness and all. But not one character has shown any growth and it is kind of a downer. Does every character continue to just become a worse human, or is there finally some growth in season 3 for someone, anyone?
  7. I am a huge Lindsay Ellis fan and eagerly picked this one up. I found it... pretty good? But also disappointing. It has some humor, an engaging lead and a great premise. But it got bogged down in the details a bit and ultimately wasn't that memorable. I will read more from her, but it wasn't something that would make any year end lists for me.
  8. I did not know I will have to be battling friends. That will suck, I agree I may make a dummy account on my work phone. I had a Feebus ready thankfully, I have not evolved any of the crazy candy pokemon in fear of a quest like this. I am two steel/psychic away and hit a rut. Have not seen one for a few days. But I sure do like having more tasks than before, it has made it less annoying to see nothing but lilipups.
  9. I am so tired of getting Eevee as the research reward, it used to always be a legendary. I don't do large raids, I don't see myself ever getting past this stage of the Jump Start Research quest.
  10. Lots of Lillipups so far. No Blitzles. Still, my kid is excited, because these are the Pokemon that match his gameboy game.
  11. Welp, glad I never evolved my Feebus. That takes one long ass step of the new quest away. That said, I need 3 new friends. Anyone here I am not friends with yet? My screen name is SkynJay over there too, 9258 4806 8975.
  12. I have caught four shinies EVER, a swablu, a Castform, a Murkrow, and a Natu. I have never caught one of the event ones. I am also used to trying to get multiple event Pikachus so I can evolve one but I just realized the straw hat can't evolve. That sucks. Finally beat a couple of Team Rocket grunts, I do okay if they have rats and bats. But Ivysaur and Snorlax are unbeatable for me, yikes!
  13. These Team Rocket battles are kicking my ass. This game has not really ever focused on a challenge before, it is a welcome addition. But barely beating a Snorlax before being wiped by a Charizard was not something I was expecting today.
  14. I also really like Tana French. She is dark, really dark. But not crazy bloody or gore obsessed, just bleak as hell and not afraid to mess with the head. Brilliant, but I can only read these one at a time rather than binge them as cozy mysteries often are. Something I am afraid to do is go back to old mysteries I used to like to see if they are any good at all. At one point I was in love with Tony Hillerman's books, but I have no idea how they would hold up.
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