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  1. Pels may be screwed. Davis went out with what looks like a shoulder injury. Not seeing an update on twitter yet.
  2. I don't feel that way. I see Gloka and Ninefingers in a similar light here (if I may tie in multiple conversations from this page). Both know they are evil, and their actions regularly show them as such. Both have moments in which they try to tell themselves different, and more importantly tries to fool the reader into thinking they might be different. Logan thinks he is going to find a better man if he tries but never (until Red Country) is willing to stay out of the situations that bring out B9. Gloka always asks himself 'why' he does the things he does, as if questioning his actions in anyway changes the morality of what he does. Logan is more likeable, Gloka more despicable and self-pitying, but both are quite regularly perfectly willing to do horrible things for not real great reasons. We will see this later when Bethod lays out just how Logan often forced his hand during the uniting of the north, and how Gloka ran strait to the inquisition once he decided to leave home. Both are a joy to read. Both flat out get stuff done. But upon reread I found no sympathy for either of them or their relative situations.
  3. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    I gotta say it tickles me to see the Nuggets get a bit of respect. And I agree they seem to have the Kings figured out. But as hyped as I am I have no idea what to expect come playoff time; Milsap is the only one with any real playoff experience on the whole team (unless Isiah Thomas actually gets healthy at some point). Your money would be safer getting Denver than GS. That said, I would give Denver a good chance vs anyone but GS and Houston right now; not seeing a whole lot more playoff experience across the whole conference.
  4. The spirits were the ones actually holding the 'seed' for safe keeping.
  5. SkynJay

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

  6. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    I am thrilled. Not that I expect anyone but GS to win this thing, but to see the Nuggets flirting with the 1 seed this far into the year has been a joy. I know not a lot of people have seen them play, and one of the national games was a blowout loss to the Rockets, but Denver is no joke. I already loved Joker going into this year but thought he had a pretty real ceiling; I am no longer sure that is the case. He is taking over games late and scoring almost at will. His passing continues to amaze and perhaps most amazing is that his conditioning is allowing him to put up minutes I never though he could. The two bench guards (Beasly and Morris) are going to make a lot of money in the league and Murry will flirt with all-star nods through his career. I want to touch on the conversation above. I can't discount the regular season from a fan's standpoint, I loved the Melo years in Denver. Yes, I want to see a championship but the reality of the NBA has always been that for most teams an exciting regular season and maybe a playoff series win is the ceiling. And when you lose that...man basket ball sucks. So I do get how Cleveland fans could have become frusterated the last few years.
  7. I know yall have a reread going but I have a question now. Who is Bethod's witch and does she in any way fit the bigger picture? Or is she truly a one-off power with her own motivations. I couldn't find any references to her being connected to Bayaz or the Prophet.
  8. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Not sure i can scream too loud at the starters. I would have put AD above George personally. And Olidipo/Walker may have been a debate but that hardly matters now. It will be seeing who is left off the final list thay will be interesting. There will be some really good players in the West who get left off.
  9. SkynJay

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    Teen Titans Go is amazing. The episode where bees are used as currency should have won awards. Darkwing Duck needs more love. And an oddball, i would like to see Bravestarr redone with native writers.
  10. Too late, already started. I am on Best Served Cold. Trying to map all the magi and their disciples in my head.
  11. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Yep. As i type the last post Harding gets three freebies for a 'shot' in which he is facing 270 away from the basket; jumps and heaves.
  12. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Watching this joke of a game. Rockets have 23 free throws in the first half to five for the nuggets. Twice they have jumped sidewise into defenders for three freebies. I have watched almost every minute the nuggets have played this year but I may not finish this one. I repeat, the Rockets are painful to watch and about half of their game plan needs to be legislated out of the nba.
  13. SkynJay

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I am later to the game so no doubt others have already lived my pain here. But I cant catch a mimic to save my life. I caught one in two days for the last quest... going on almost a month this time. On the other hand, going to Hawaii for work in a week. Sure hoping to grab a few Corsola for trading.
  14. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Looking at last year's line up it is a bit sad that the West starting 5 won't even be a competition; slide Lebron into Cousin's spot and it is already done. No need for a fan vote at all. What is crazy to me is how little I expect the reserves to change in the West; I have a hard time seeing McCollum, Luka or Joker taking one of these spots (though I am really hoping to see Joker of course). The East will be shook up quite a bit, though of course trades opened two spots from last year's roster. Kawhi takes one, but I don't have a guess who takes the other. And when it is time to pick reserves in the East it is open for some new blood; I see multiple injuries on last year's roster if nothing else. So if I have to guess on the East's new starter... Simmons? I think the hype machine can push him into that spot. So one actual new starter on two squads once the pieces have been moved around.
  15. SkynJay

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    There is no one I enjoy watching less than James Harden. I hate everything about his game; not sure if I hate his 'gather step' or the way he jumps sideways into defenders worse. Either rule should be changed with fines added as punishment. That said it scares the hell out of me how good he has been playing lately because I am not sure the Nuggets have ever beat the Rockets since he joined them. He absolutely kills them and no matter how much I yell at the refs through the TV I can't take away the fact that he makes every damn shot.