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  1. I am in Weld County, and damn don't I know it. Our neighborhood Next Door is currently a Trump fan site. I got caught behind a convey of about a dozen trucks with Trump flags last weekend. The red parts of our state are LOUD. But can they keep pace with the growth of Fort Collins and Aurora? I, optimistically, don't think they can.
  2. This is a stand alone comment that doesn't really say much about the bigger themes. But I have to say, the political commercials in Colorado are INSANE for the Senate race. It really shows how far blue the state has gone. And how toxic Trump is outside the base. If you knew nothing about the candidates you would have thought Gardner was a Democrat. And if not, that he had been fighting for Dem ideas this whole time. He is running on the environment and bi-partisanship when positive. When negative they are trying to nail Hickenlooper for conflict of interests of all things. An ad I saw today was talking about what a good thing it is for Colorado to have both a GOP and Dem senator. I swear Colorado was still considered a swing state just a few years ago.
  3. In ALH Shiver's and Clover discuss having a chat later as well. I just reread it and now working through TWP again trying to figure out what I missed.
  4. I just finished it. First off, a confession. I was starting to think maybe Joe had peaked with The Heroes; I wasn't a fan of Red Country and my first read of Little Hatred was OK, but didn't stick with me. But I LOVED this book all the way through. I have a couple of small quibbles, but they are very slight. This book has caused me to grab my copy of A Little Hatred and I plan on reading them again, back to back. Honestly, he still manages to surprise me at times, and part of that is NOT using his obvious set ups every time (though sometimes he delays them, I still wonder if Bayaz isn't behind the Breakers in some way). My Favorites: Orzo's entire Journey, Vick's chapters, Jabbo is a DELIGHT. I also love that Savrine is never as in charge of the situation as she thinks she is. I really hope Orzo comes out of this in a good place, I am actually starting to like a character in Abercrombie's world. It will take me a while to digest this thread but I already see things I agree with and disagree with. Savine's quickness to accept the treason seems perfectly reasonable to me; she quickly realized she was damned anyway so might was well try to use it to her advantage. On the other hand, I agree a bit more on the logistics of two armies moving across the sea would have been nice; not everyone likes those dry chapters but I have never minded them and they help keep the quibble out of things. One last thing, I would maybe think of Abercrombie's history when looking at Rikke's original vision. I woudl not be suprised if the final lines are not SUPER OBVIOUS buy halfway through book 3...and then just not happen. Because that is often how things work in this world.
  5. Was Mystar the man who hit up our threads a few years back and was preaching the goodness of Goodkind? Telling us stories of seeing his paintings and having the man tapping the signature on the corner rather than blurting out 'it was me' as a sign of his humility? I picked up Goodkind in high school when my sister saw a dragon on the cover and thought I would like it. It really was one of the first fantasy series I read, and I read all the way through the original series. It wasn't until I had more fantasy under my belt and went to reread my old favorite that I soured on him. He still had some of the best titles in the game (Faith of the Fallen, Blood of the Fold), and I think WFR is not completely horrible (in fact I kept my paperback out of nostalgia). But over all I got much more lasting love from the threads around here. I wish his family well, and can't ignore that there was a time his books meant something to me.
  6. Before I moved into sales I worked in a local paint store. I got to the point where I could match any color in paint, stucco, or stain and got a good customer base from competitors relying on computers to scan for matches. I still see painters i used to know and still get told that nobody can match colors anymore. Kind of a niche form of famous, but closest I ever came to it
  7. Oh crud, I had no idea. Though probably not shocked.
  8. I am still mad at my single warning post. Though it was at least spectacular, I think it took out an entire page of responses during the Requires Hate dustup! Completely unrelated, I wonder what ever happened to Peterbound?
  9. Oh shit. This ain't over. https://www.alexandrarowland.net/single-post/2020/06/25/On-Scott-Lynch-and-Elizabeth-Bear?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Ok, I am not going to provide receipts but I am going to chime in on the Lawrence situation. First, there is no reason to not involve him in this discussion. Sure, he was not sexually harassing people at cons but he did use a position of power to harass women and that is what is being talked about today. Lawrence was very savvy with his social media early on, something I admired him for. I picked up Prince of Thorns solely due to his presence on this forum. When I started reviewing on a blog he was supportive early; I got a couple of his releases as ARCs way before my profile justified it. But as I became more entrenched in the blogging community I started hearing stories. More than one woman told me they would not review his stuff anymore despite liking some of his works (I am not talking about the hate readers here, that is a different story). My circle of bloggers KNOW that ML in a twitter thread is Mark Lawrence because they know not to use his name. He is well known for searching his name through social media and tweeting out links to bad reviews, directing lots of traffic to smaller blogs not expecting his rabid fans to converge and tell them how wrong they were. His activity on reddit was uncomfortable; taking the 'high ground' as he started threads that his supporters jumped on and amplified. For a long time he just couldn't stay away from any poster who criticized any part of his work. As Wert pointed out, he was notoriously thinned skinned about his first book. But unlike Wert, I never saw the growth. With Prince of Thorns it was always 'it is only one rape,' never quite admitting that yes, there is a rape at the start of the book, let alone that it may bother some readers. But even as Red Sister came out he was still on the defensive, pointed out quite pointedly that it was a book that passes a reverse Betchel Test. I guess what I am saying is... Schawb's accusation didn't come out of nowhere, nor did it surprise just about anyone in the blogging community. Nor, judging by replies, did it surprise that many women authors. Schawb may be a hypocrite for pointing it out, the accusation against here is VERY similar. But that doesn't give Lawrence a free pass. He has weaponized his fans, and he got called out on it. I don't see it sinking him like it appears Cole's actions have. Hell, I don't see it affecting his fan base. But it has happened. And unlike several others, I have never seen the HINT of an apology or recognition of wrongness to his behavior.
  11. I was trying to write something about Shaun King but you said it better than I would have. Is is despised by much of the BLM community, hijacks people's stories to make a splash for his voice to he heard, and is right there with Maher as people who seem designed to be dumb right wing boogeymen.
  12. I'm not sure King can be called a BLM leader. He is loud, and gets tons of press, but he has been very decisive in the community. Many black women have spoken out against his tactics, feeling he exploited their story for his voice more than any cause. Most of the BLM I follow were openly mocking him when the right wing pundits started tying his comments to tje overall movement.
  13. Taken from the US Politics thread. Is it Soda, Pop or Coke? And where exactly is the dividing line. Interestingly, Coke was the trend nationwide for a time, so much so that Coca Cola ran ads almost begging people to use their full name to get 'the real thing.' They feared Coke being the generic name greatly (Under the Influence is a great podcast about advertising if you want the full story). For me we drink Soda. Buy weirdly, if you buy a bottle or can from the vending machine you are at a pop machine to most people. So maybe we are close to the dividing line here in Colorado? My grandpa from Oklahoma is the only one i know who used pop.
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