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  1. Took my 7yo to 'Daniel's story' at the holocaust museum yesterday. On the wake of this news it has even more of an impact. Seeing MAGA hats inside it made my blood boil.
  2. SkynJay

    Unpopular opinions

    Love that movie too. Not being a comic person I was unaware it was an adaption and could care less. It was wonderful. Late to the party so I will throw in a few of mine. - I love Firefly but cancellation saved it's legacy. It would work better today on a network like FX where it could be trimmed down to 13 episodes per season, but had it been successful it would have been full of complete schlock as they tried to fill out 20+ episodes. -The Original Ghostbusters is slow, unfunny, and boring. Ghostbusters 2 and the remake are both better movies. -Twilight Princess is and underrated Zelda game (I think this is unpopular, the game gets very little love from what I see). -Warcraft 3 was a better multiplayer game than Starcraft.
  3. SkynJay

    Arby's Twitter features "GrimDark" author

    I think Arby's just like the tweet, so the mention was only following that. Sykes is pretty good, though I have only read a couple of his books. He is funny, embraces the DnD influence without pandering to it, and does well in juggling a large cast. He writes some of the more entertaining dialog in the genre; I recall his first book having two characters arguing about what makes something ironic whilst in the middle of a battle in a very entertaining way.. Honestly I think I just forgot about his current series or I would have continued on with it. I think I will check the library tonight. He is also one of the better authors to follow on twitter as he and a small group of fantasy authors humorously taunt each other regularly.
  4. SkynJay

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    Warriors in 5, Cavs in 6. I can see the Celtics surprising me but I still don't think the Rockets have what it takes to make the final step.
  5. SkynJay

    May - Reading 2018 - Have another?

    I am still working my way through Hobb, having just finished Fool's Errand. The series continues to be excellent, as everyone already knows. But I have a conundrum. I can either go on with Golden Fool, which seems like an excellent idea. But luck has given me early access to Foundryside, the newest novel from Robert Jackson Bennett, and I really do like Bennett. I am pretty sure I am going to jump right into Golden Fool, but damn it is tempting. But finishing Tawny Man seems the prudent course.
  6. I think it still is. Independent book stores are actually doing quite well and outside of the niche ones they carry what sells. I promise there is at least one copy of LotR in the local shop in my town at any time.
  7. Yeah, Harry Potter is going no where, and I doubt Discworld will disappear either. Sad to say I still see a full Goodkind shelf every time I go to the book store, he isn't going away soon. But yeah, Bakker? I would be shocked if I saw his latest book at the book store right now. I love Prince of Nothing, and I am only a book behind on UC, but we can wish all we want and he is never going to be more than a cult author. Think Myrvyn Peake at best.
  8. A day later I still can not believe Chub dropped to the Broncos. But i am even more shocked the Bills moved up to grab a Quarterback from Wyoming. I have watched him live once and he passed the eye test...against Mountain West talent. Then i look at his stats and laugh at the Bills. Falling in love with a body type.
  9. SkynJay

    April 2018 Reads

    I finished up Live Traders today. I really like Live Traders, I think I enjoyed it more than the Farseer trilogy. I may have to jump right into Tawny Man, hope the library has them on e-book so I don't have to wait.
  10. SkynJay

    NHL: Offseason (Trades, UFA, Awards & the Draft)

    Yep. That was a beat down. Hoped they could it get it back to Nashville but to be honest I didn't see the series getting to game 6. Avs are a team with a bright future but good god is Nashville good. Think i will root for them the rest of the way.
  11. SkynJay

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    I don't usually hold player grudges. I still think Melo had some major potential and at the time was sad to see him go but at least he played until he was traded. I say that to say this. I loved watching Nurkic, who refused to play and dogged his way out of Denver, be almost no factor in the playoff series as Portland got swept. Small consolation as my Nuggets sit at home, but it gave me some small joy for a bit at least.
  12. SkynJay

    NHL: Offseason (Trades, UFA, Awards & the Draft)

    It was pretty amazing. He wasn't making easy saves the whole time, you were getting great shots on him. I woke up my kid when the Avs took the lead on the breakaway. Weirdly enough I kind of expected a win last night, it just seems to happen so much when a backup get a chance to shine. Keeps us hopeful but I don't see him surviving an onslaught like that two more times. Nashville is just too damn deep, I hate to watch when the MacKinnon line leaves the ice.
  13. SkynJay

    April 2018 Reads

    I started Ship of Destiny today as I continue to work through Hobb. Loved Mad Ship, to think i almost skipped this series and went strait to Tawny Man. Glad i didn't.
  14. SkynJay

    Paste Magazine's Top 50 Fantasy Books of 21st Century

    It is pretty new so it is hard to say its lasting impact. But for a list like this I can see why it was added. It won several awards including a Nebula but is one of those stories with some major crossover appeal...a book club type of book. It seems to have sparked more interest outside of the fandom than your average sci-fi. Like I said I have not read it, but based on the buzz and where it comes from on this book it seems exactly the type of book to end up on a best of list from a publication that doesn't specialize in the genre.
  15. SkynJay

    Paste Magazine's Top 50 Fantasy Books of 21st Century

    I guess this is how I see it. There are only fifty books on the list so it is VERY easy for each of us to add three 'no-brainers' missing from the list (my top two would be Gilman and Hobb). That is inevitable. And of course everyone involved with this list hasn't read every book on it because that is just the way this works; they will rely on reviews and general consensus. At its core it is a click bait article. But it is still far from the worst list I have seen. Including many lists put out by fansites in which I know they read every book on the list yet are blind beyond their preferred sub-genre. So I look at the list and ask 'what should NOT be on the list.' And while I know Darth hates night circus and Mysh hates The Magicians (and I join him in that hatred) they were both hugely popular AND widely well reviewed. I have read thirty books on the list and many of those I haven't I understand their importance (Cloud Atlas and All the Birds in the Sky). Personally I would have only included one from any given series, but I guess it isn't my list. STILL... By my count there are only three or four that obviously don't belong on a list like out of fifty, not a bad ratio. By which I mean almost no case can be made for them. Weeks is the most obvious one, his generic bland fantasy surprises me. Wise Man's Fear was a drastic drop off from the first book (which love or hate Name of the Wind it would be hard to leave it off based on it's impact) and seems to be there purely on popularity of the series. Personally I think Throne of the Cresent Moon was a novel that was oversold and ended up being pretty generic with not much to say. And Storm Front is in the 'popular but does it really stand up to other books like it' category.