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  1. I did a big reread several years ago (the first time I had ever read them in order) and one of the things that struck me about Night Watch is that while I always took your point for granted I no longer believe it; Night Watch would be BETTER if you read other books, especially in little jokes and a few throw away cameos. But I absolutely believe it can be read solo; it is a classic cat and mouse story that diverts in interesting ways. Much of Vimes' history is irreverent(his drinking problem is now part of his history, but not front and center to the story) and the supporting Guard cast that matters is introduced within the story itself. Light Fantastic truly is the only book I think needs a lead up to be read. And man, there is a lot of Eric hate on this thread. It is actually the book I reread last, and I think it is pretty entertaining. Not deep, and not high on the Pratchett list, but a nice diversion of a story and honestly about as much Rincewind as I need these days (some of the Rincewind books are a slog).
  2. I am going to be tricked into watching a Suicide Squad movie again aren't I? Because that looks good...but i was stupid excited the last time. I hope it A. keeps the tone of the trailer throughout, and B. has a semi cohesive damn plot.
  3. I really enjoyed the first book despite a few 'mean girl' cliche points that didn't add to the overall story. I thought the trilogy as a whole struggled from there. But as Wert said, Six of Crows was very solid and could easily be read as a stand alone.
  4. I don't think Trump even knew about the letter. I think a staffer came behind him, wrote a generic good luck letter. And stamped his signature on it.
  5. I would say all the kids and Daniel are. Even the Dr Who kid was taunting Hawk during that brawl. Johnny may be the one exception, but at best in a one step forward, two back kind of way.
  6. Ok, I am necroing this thread for selfish reasons. I just finished S2 and I am so torn on if I want to keep going. I have enjoyed it, wackiness and all. But not one character has shown any growth and it is kind of a downer. Does every character continue to just become a worse human, or is there finally some growth in season 3 for someone, anyone?
  7. NBC is saying that Twitter has blocked Trumps account for 12 hours.
  8. I am a huge Lindsay Ellis fan and eagerly picked this one up. I found it... pretty good? But also disappointing. It has some humor, an engaging lead and a great premise. But it got bogged down in the details a bit and ultimately wasn't that memorable. I will read more from her, but it wasn't something that would make any year end lists for me.
  9. I am a simple man, preferring vanilla in most cases. I do have a weakness for Tillamok's Malted Moo though. For my wife losing dairy sucks but as was said up thread, not longer devastating. She actually likes a brand from Target (Archer's Farm) better than most we have tried. Though I occasionally make homemade cinnamon from coconut milk that we both enjoy quite a bit.
  10. I would be curious how much is on tape here. Was he really under the impression she was 15? Or is Borat running in the first indication of that? Is this something real, or a project Veritas(spl?) type of selective editing?
  11. I am in Weld County, and damn don't I know it. Our neighborhood Next Door is currently a Trump fan site. I got caught behind a convey of about a dozen trucks with Trump flags last weekend. The red parts of our state are LOUD. But can they keep pace with the growth of Fort Collins and Aurora? I, optimistically, don't think they can.
  12. This is a stand alone comment that doesn't really say much about the bigger themes. But I have to say, the political commercials in Colorado are INSANE for the Senate race. It really shows how far blue the state has gone. And how toxic Trump is outside the base. If you knew nothing about the candidates you would have thought Gardner was a Democrat. And if not, that he had been fighting for Dem ideas this whole time. He is running on the environment and bi-partisanship when positive. When negative they are trying to nail Hickenlooper for conflict of interests of all things. An ad I saw today was talking about what a good thing it is for Colorado to have both a GOP and Dem senator. I swear Colorado was still considered a swing state just a few years ago.
  13. In ALH Shiver's and Clover discuss having a chat later as well. I just reread it and now working through TWP again trying to figure out what I missed.
  14. I just finished it. First off, a confession. I was starting to think maybe Joe had peaked with The Heroes; I wasn't a fan of Red Country and my first read of Little Hatred was OK, but didn't stick with me. But I LOVED this book all the way through. I have a couple of small quibbles, but they are very slight. This book has caused me to grab my copy of A Little Hatred and I plan on reading them again, back to back. Honestly, he still manages to surprise me at times, and part of that is NOT using his obvious set ups every time (though sometimes he delays them, I still wonder if Bayaz isn't behind the Breakers in some way). My Favorites: Orzo's entire Journey, Vick's chapters, Jabbo is a DELIGHT. I also love that Savrine is never as in charge of the situation as she thinks she is. I really hope Orzo comes out of this in a good place, I am actually starting to like a character in Abercrombie's world. It will take me a while to digest this thread but I already see things I agree with and disagree with. Savine's quickness to accept the treason seems perfectly reasonable to me; she quickly realized she was damned anyway so might was well try to use it to her advantage. On the other hand, I agree a bit more on the logistics of two armies moving across the sea would have been nice; not everyone likes those dry chapters but I have never minded them and they help keep the quibble out of things. One last thing, I would maybe think of Abercrombie's history when looking at Rikke's original vision. I woudl not be suprised if the final lines are not SUPER OBVIOUS buy halfway through book 3...and then just not happen. Because that is often how things work in this world.
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