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    I'm a huge medieval fantasy fan. I love playing RPGs, reading fantasy series, and watching fantasy shows and movies. Here is a list of some of my favorite things!

    Fantasy Shows/Movies
    -Robin Hood (2010, kinda not fantasy, but still medieval!)
    -Merlin (2008 TV Series)
    -Legend Of The Seeker
    -Game Of Thrones
    -Black Death

    Video Games
    -Dragon Age series
    -Elder Scrolls series
    -Two Worlds II
    -The Sims Medieval
    -World Of Warcraft
    -The Witcher series

    -Sword Of Truth
    -Wheel Of Time
    -A Song Of Ice and Fire
    -World Of Warcraft novels
    -Shannara series
  1. DragonAge93

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    I really really loved this episode. A lot of epic moments, and the cinematography looks beautiful, especially the introduction of the BwB. And Anguy's pretty beast. Love when they make minor characters memorable. And SANDOR CLEGANE!! Is it next Sunday already? Oh, and I don't see the problem with the Cat/Jon story. She felt bad for him when he was sick, but after that, went back to typical Cat of hating Jon Snow. Cat has to be made more sympathetic, really. Who would care if she was killed at the RW if she was still the spiteful woman she was in the book?
  2. The plot summary for episode 10..... "Tyrion awakens to a changed situation. King Joffrey doles out rewards to his subjects. As Theon stirs his men to action, Luwin offers some final advice. Brienne silences Jaime; Arya receives a gift from Jaqen; Dany goes to a strange place; Jon proves himself to Qhorin." Arya will run in to Jaqen again, where he'll most likely give her the coin and then face change in front of her. And it seems Jon's story will most likely have Qhorin and Jon face off while they are captured, as he'll tell him to kill him in front of the wildlings to prove his loyalty, and egg on the wildlings to encourage Jon to do the same. So Jon's arc WILL end like it does in ACoK, it's just that it was a little different to get there, and I'm alright with it. So since it seems we are getting everything wrapped up like in the book, let us be happy! Although I did find it weird Robb imprisoned Catelyn, whereas in ASoS, he knew she did it for the best. I guess since the Tullys aren't in this season, we'll have to save face with that one. And I was hoping throughout Robb and Talisa's conversation(s) she'd reveal she is actually of House Westerling, and that her name is Jeyne. They can still reveal this, but I hope if they do they do it in episode 10. I LOVED the digging up of the dragonglass and horn. When I saw them digging in the snow I knew it was coming. And with Ghost's absence, we'll probably see him by the end of the season. He's probably close by, just stalking them, as he probably knows the threat Jon faces. And I was also expecting the mention of the chain, especially near the end where they were looking across the bay, I just thought Tyrion would mention it. But hey, Blackwater's gonna be a beast nonetheless! And about Bran and Rickon being revealed already, I can see why they did it, as episode 9 will only be King's Landing, so they probably didn't want to have the non-book readers still clinging to the death of Bran and Rickon, and would rather have the audience know they are safe. Although it would have been a beautiful scene if episode 10 ended with Bran, Rickon, and co. being revealed for the first time since their "deaths", with the camera following their shadowed backs out of the crypts and out into the ruined Winterfell. Would have been a great ending and shocker for the audience.
  3. DragonAge93

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Why are we worrying about Jon's arc? In the summary for episode 10 it says he has to prove himself to Quorin. In the ep. 8 preview, you can see Jon rolling down a hill, which makes me think he'll get away from the Wildlings and meet back up with Quorin. Rattleshirt will chase him down, and before he catches up to Jon and Quorin in episode 10, Quorin will tell him what has to be done, and it'll probably play out as it did in the books. EDIT: After watching the ep. 8 preview again, it seems like Quorin is captured as well, as the Wildlings push Jon down in front of a captured Quorin. Should be interesting to see where it goes.
  4. Really enjoyed this episode. The CGI was great. First with the shadowborn, which was awesomelly creepy, the way it shrieked when it killed him. Drogon looked so damn lifelike it was amazing. And the awesome shot of Ghost we got was great to see, at first I thought it was a polar bear. And man, Dany looked beautiful in this episode.... And it was great to see Jon again after his absense last week. And I loved the scene with Tyrion and Lancel in his little sedan chair. The wildfire was magnificent, it seems we will see it used in Blackwater after all the worrying that was being done over it not being shown in previews. And can't forget Jaqen. So fricking boss at the end....
  5. DragonAge93

    What do you Collect?

    My GoT-related things: -GoT season 1 DVD boxset -2 ASOIAF 4-book boxsets from 2011 -ADwD hardcover -2 GoT 2012 calendars -GoT You Win or You Die shirt (Ned on Iron Throne) -Framed GoT season 1 poster -Will be preordering the GoT RPG this week for PS3 Not a whole lot, though when Dark Horse starts releasing the supposed action figures I'll be adding a bunch of them to my collection.
  6. DragonAge93

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Great episode. Nothing really extraordinary happening, but it's the beginning of the season, and the events coming up should be heart pounding. My favorite scene would have to be Jon Snow and his spying on Craster. May not have been exactly like the book, but it was great and had me with my mouth open. And it was awesome to see the Others/White Walkers again, albeit very briefly. One thing I didn't totally like was how we go from seeing Theon laying with the captain's daughter, and then the next get an additional two sex scenes right after in Littlefinger's brothel. Usually I don't mind the sex, but these first two episodes have had more sex in them than last year's first two episodes. But whatever. And can't forget the great scenes we had with Arya and the Night's Watch recruits. And Yoren is such a badass. Too bad we'll probably get his death next episode....
  7. DragonAge93

    The Game of Thrones TV Adaptation FAQ

    It may not be confirmed, but it would be the wisest thing to do in the case of SoS. I'd rather have it split over two seasons, 1) more episodes and 2) they can get mostly everything from the book into the show without having time restraints.