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  1. How? The title comes from the early 90´s.
  2. This seems to be surprising. Two weeks ago we´ve had one of the worst episodes ever, written by Cogman But tis time, D+D wrote some very good pieces of dalogue between Tyrion and Dany and succesfuly builded up the story towards the greatest battle scene the show has ever seen! Even Arya scenes, while not very rich in content, were directed quite well. I have a huge hopes towards the last two. I still think that some of the changes from the books were incredibly stupid, but at the same time this season gives us so much exciting memories. EDIT: Even that guy whose mission is to tell us every week why the books are better, is suddenly quiet today....
  3. Part of the problem with Stannis characterization is how rushed everything is. Show can´t bring itself to killing Balon let alone Joffrey, but it needs letter for the finale, so Stannis is convinced after only one dead king. It´s also jarring how purpose of Mel´s sacrifice wasn´t really much explained... All in all, while the episode was not very eventful, I actually like it most of all season finales, becouse it still carried magnitude of the previous story. It was nice to have a sequence of Rat King - Walder and Roose - Ramsey. Although, once again he could say his name himself. Next season has a lot of responsibility not to screw up...
  4. I "liked" the RW scenes incredibly, but I can feel what some people can miss, it´s still obvious that TV scope simply can´t do story a complete justice. What kinda irritated me was Talisa and her non-westerosi perspective on the bedding ceremony. it sounds how writers are still trying to connect with audience filled with modern sentiments. Catelyn´s new hostage was pretty hardcore. I loved Walder´s "I can always find a new one." However, Catelyn´s scream sounded a little fake, to be honest. Really interested how will look adaptation from now on.
  5. For me , the finale was good and bad at the same time. I liked direction and actors but just like with the last year, Beniof and Weiss obviously have seen the finale just as means to tie some loose ends as quickly as possible. - Stannis and Melissandre, while well acted, was total cliché IMHO. - Theon and Winterfell: victim of adaptation, anticlimactic, especially becouse sudden transition to burned castle and kinda disappointing death of Luwin. - Dany in Quarth: was lame in the book, even lamer in the TV version for the whole season. - KL, Arya and Jacquen and the ending worked fine.
  6. I really had some problems with the last two or three episodes, but this made up for them million times! Yes, the wildfire scene was result of cheap simplification but it was totally with the spirit of adaptation so far and effective nonetheless. Though, if I understand corectly, this means royal fleet wasn´t destroyed and thus would be actually ready at least siege Dragonstone?
  7. Seeing Theon taking Winterfell and beheading Rodrik was great and depressing. It was like reading one of those ASOIAF books :-). Still, it was a little strange that Rodrik was totally alone as it seemed. Can somebody tell me why this episode was titled as it was? I can´t remember hering the phrase or even seeing the theme. Anyway, while it wasn´t the worst thing ever on TV, I think I simply dislike style of Vanessa Taylor. She seems to be enjoying writing what she sees as witty dialogue of such characters as Tywin/Arya, Talisa/Robb or Dany/Spice king, but sometimes it looks like sort of parody which quite undermines seriousness of established characters. She is really kinda trying to put some new humor here and there and it rarely works to be honest. About the story itself, only Theon part and kidnapping of dragons seemed to me somehow consequential. I liked KL riot but I would prefer character stuff as Sansa/Dontos and such.
  8. This might very likely be already pointed out but I just realized that history of Robert´s rebellion sounds a lot like story of Rape of Lucretia and subsequent fall of the last king of Rome.
  9. Maybe a little stretch but name "Aeron" might be in the case of Drowned man (and brother to his people´s leader) a reference to biblical Aron (don´t know if there are more Aerons in ASOIAF).
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