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  1. The thing is, I think Martin was clear that apart of some overarching themes, he really doesn´t consider individual novels separate stories, but collection of mininovels of their own that aren´t even ment to fit together as such. If this is a good way to write saga as this is another matter.
  2. I´ve said it in the past and I´ll say it again. George Martin has became crazy (and fallen) athor akin to George Lucas. And I don´t mean it in any disrespect when I´ll say that nowadays Fantasy subculture shows it´s weakness of connection with "soft" mental problems. Evident not just with Martin but also with Lynch and Rothfuss.
  3. Even in that case, it´s still the similar issue. He has hard time to actually bring the things to climax
  4. Yeah, people are fogetting about this thing very often. It boils to the fact that some things would have to develop and then be explained, while other would have to stay unnaturaly unchanged, neither was exactly easy to implement.
  5. While I don´t care much about this issue, these two are actually written to be quite a good reactions to Euron´s character. One deeply fears him and actually knows him better than anyone else, the other still dislikes him , but secretly wants to be like him. Euron needed to be quicky introduced and established as effectively as possible. He wasn´t given his POV, because a) that´s the tradition with the kings, b) for the same reason Varys or Littlefinger don´t have one. He knows too much about the secret parts of the plot.
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    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Unfortunaly not...
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    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I have no link, but there is some testimony that Martin said his POV characters will never be raped, so I don´t think there is ever going to be chance to something like that happen in the books. Arienne has never wanted to kill Myrcella. They essentially took Sand Snakes + Ellaria and they gave them all Obara´s personality and intentions.
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    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    So? I don´t care what Martin thinks. It is distantly possible, but it sounds to me immensely stupid. This is wishful thinking on the part show apologists who think the events of the show will be made less awful becouse something similar will hapen in the books. Also I don´t know what are you talking about with "piting them against each other". Jeyne isn´t part of any of his megalomaniac plans.
  9. Of course possible "close to being done" is relative. Even when Martin announced publishing date of ADWD he did not have a lot of crucial material written and he DID NOT finish it in time in fact, which was one of the things that resulted in some serious issues with it´s climax. I still wait for clear Not a Blog post, obviously. But that is like a bomb that might blow up any day... Or never.
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    GRRM WoW Twist

    How? The title comes from the early 90´s.
  11. - The character building exists exactly becouse you need to flesh the new setting. I know a lot of people will say these characters don´t matter, but that is seriously limiting the scope of fictious world. And IMHO Kingsmoot is one of the best written, atmospherical chapters in the books. - The very conquest of Meereen really didn´t need to be showed, though the location didn´t pop up from nothing obviously. - I´m not sure I understand this. The whole Dornish section served as slow descend into revealing Doran´s plans that are supposed to lead into FAegon plot, not being about background material. - The Tolkien comparision is somewhat inadequate, becouse, after all, LOTR is one book, he actually left a lot of things unfinished and he was terribly obsessed about his worldbuilding. Of course I understand what are you talking about, but this is actually a different issue. Martin´s indulgance with new plots doesn´t directly tie with indulgance with worldbuilding. In my opinion his problem aren´t distractions (although he himself used that word recently), but sort of creative mental illness of later age (and I don´t mean that disrespectfuly). Just like George Lucas went kinda nuts with editing, Martin´s brain still produces infodumps, but only seldomly is able to organize actual narration.
  12. If we are re taking fantasy literary comparisions "seriously" he also quite reeks by antagonists of On stranger tides, my long-held personal view. As for Sauron identification, it might exist in undertones - his name, his symbol (evil red eye), supposed usage of glass candles (palantirs of this story) and in AWOIAF the ancient Drowned Man (the first Ironborn mentioned) is even called "Sauron", perhaps Martin´s indication of what way these people swing.
  13. Others have already said something about excluding those two fractions, but it starts to be more and more obvious why they were included by Martin in order for him to fulfill his "epic vision". Dorne exists becouse of FAegon storyline. Ironborn exist to make power seat for Euron, his Ersatz -Sauron. Although you can say that both storylines feel tacked when introduced so late, that might be one of Martin´s current problems with structurating the present act.
  14. The thing is, Martin was obviously very proud of his technique to tell the story trough the characters themselves, even if there are larger plots. OTOH, that can be used to justify virtually any delaying of the plot. In a way, I sorta pity him. He obviously still knows how to write the lore and worldbuilding, as is obvious from Fire and blood and such stuff and he is still able to pull off excellent characterization and themes... But he mostly forgot how to tell typical effective narration, as evident by his remarks about characters going into dead ends.
  15. Well, he was supposed to show up after the gap, I think. But generally... Would it have been so much different?
  16. Rhodan

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    As for how the screenwriters were thinking about the logic in this world, this is my "favorite" part of season one: JORAH: Forgive me, Khaleesi, but your ancestor Aegon the Conqueror didn't seize six of the kingdoms because they were his right; he had no right to them. He seized them because he could. DAENERYS: And because he had dragons. JORAH: [somewhat skeptical] Ah well, having a few dragons makes things easier. DAENERYS: You don't believe it. JORAH: Have you ever seen a dragon, Khaleesi? I believe what my eyes and ears report. As for the rest It was 300 years ago; who knows what really happened? Now if you'll pardon me, I'll seek out the merchant captain, see if he has any letters for me.
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    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I am now not going into arguments how show Cersei characterization might have been influenced by Lena Headley´s personality as perceived by screenwriters, but I would argue this is simply difference of "artistic" vison. Martin wants to have his Evil Queen who dislikes anything too feminine and who helped to Joffrey become what he was, while screenwriters wanted more layered character. Which might be sometimes understandable, but one can say this adaptation led into projection of "greyness" where it didn´t belong.
  18. OK, I meant repetion of just that - Targaryen war over succession between male and female relative, which the FAgon´s presence supposedly leads into. Of course I know this didn´t even start in ADWD, which is just another result of series being out of Martin´s control.
  19. I don´t know if this is supposed to be joke or not, since Dance of Dragons refers primarily to FAegon plot (so it kinde began in books, sort of) and he might never get the dragon.
  20. Of course it is going to make one sick if he/she wanted simply more of Martin´s prose...
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    First casting calls for Long Night released

    Starks have a black ancestry! "They killed my ni**a Ned!" was closer to truth than we knew!
  22. Sorry, but assuming that pretty crucial information was given offscreen is assuming s***** storytelling.
  23. Previously linked on Reddit... Server Fandomentals that is famous for it´s critical articles about (among other things) Game of Thrones has recently completed it´s retrospective on Season 1. Becouse of obvious circumstances it can´t be largely negative, but there are still some notes about the original writing. https://www.thefandomentals.com/tag/got-season-1/
  24. Of course, just from the writing perspective, one can ask if Tyrion wouldn´t simply say "heir to Dorne" or something like that.