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  1. Almost gave it a 10. But 10 is perfect and I have a few minor quibbles. Wish I could do a 9.9.......I hardly took a breath during the whole episode. No, 'jerk me out of the fantasy world' scenes here! Septa has had little mention & I think she did a great job facing her killers. Maester Luwin is fantastic. ALL of the acting was fabulous! (Can say that 'cause Littlefinger only had a few lines....) So - GRRM STILL didn't tell us if Syrio dies!! Ha!!! For the first time - THIS is my favorite episode. GRRM could write all the rest of the show & I'd be thrilled!
  2. I gave episode7 a '9'. Thought it was really good. I will miss Mark Addy!!! 2 things: The king's death and the vows and ending would've packed a lot more emotion if there was even a little appropriate music! I'm so surprised at how little music there is in each episode. Those scenes could be SO dramatic, yet they were so quiet that it didn't quite make it....to me. Love the opening theme and wish they would apply it more. AND, I'm sorry but Aiden(?) is just really flat, to me. Littlefinger is an important role and he's not the part at all. He looks the part, but his lines are almost robotic. LOVE the wall!
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