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  1. With this information we can assume that Brienne is leading Jaime into a trap. Upon being captured he will demand a trial by combat. Given he has only one hand, Lady Stoneherath will grant it. Maybe they've joined up with Thoros at this point. Stonehearth will choose Brienne as her champion and Jaime will fight himself. What that battle leads to only the gods know.

    I don't think Jaime will lose, his arc would be pointless if he's to lose a trial by combat for horrors he did before he was on his redemption arc.

    Brienne might well die. I don't see much use for her anymore other than having a final battle with Jaime. Or Jaime might get her into a position where he would be able to kill her and refrain from doing it, further convincing Stonehearth he is not the man he once was.

    If Jaime somehow wins, Lady Stonehearth and moreso Thoros of Myr will be convinced of his innocence in the sight of the gods, especially since he won with only one hand. Maybe we will get a Victarion/Moqorro situation where Thoros animates Jaime's right hand, somehow making it bound to only fight the good fights.

    Maybe Stonehearth then forces him to go after Sansa/Arya or kill Cersei/Walder Frey/Roose Bolton.

    You know, trial by combat between the two would be a good way to fulfill the Azor Ahai prophecy by having either one of them plunge Oathkeeper through the others heart.